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this is what happens when you have protected foam chemicals come in this is

a powder can you guys find a cure for coronavirus they have so many different

products people just combine them do you have estimate of how many ducks were hurt?

I always start tours at that picture of Harry Conklin. There's Harry Conklin founder

of Conklin Company. Harry was a civil engineer in his garage manufactured a

lubricant for automobile industry so that's how it all started. As of right

now roofing is about 65% of the business and agriculture is about 25% of the

business and that last 10% is everything else these are raw materials mostly this

is actually material was actually the fire retardant in our in our coatings

our coatings are usually british coatings in this factory we produce all

our liquids in this factory ok so something making right now yeah can we

see it this is what's used as fabric reinforcement on our roofing so what you

do is you have a metal roof and metal roof has all kinds of seams and you go

and you lay the coating down and then you roll the fabric into it and then put

more coating over the top and you get a watertight seal on that that stretches

with the roof so ideally what's a roof for? To prevent leaks you don't want stuff

inside to get wet so on metal roofing this is what takes care of it this is 2

and 1/2 inch one flex two what is what are bigger rolls for a complete fabric

system so we do have systems where you go and you you apply resin to the whole

surface and then just spray that over and you then you roll that into it so

you sprays first you do the fabric and then again you know like a single has a

scrim inside of it this is kind of the scrim inside of so like they manufacture

that at a factory they put liquid down and lay the scrim in there then they put

more like this is gonna be so what kind of spray system you put is a similar to

TPO then at the end it has about the same mule thickness but it's gonna be

bonded to itself a lot better there's no heat welding like TPO is heat welded to

each other where this is manufactured with on the

rules liquid resin and it bought material system similar to TPO or

know it would know it would be a total different raw material this is the hail

strikes on unprotected foam all right and this is what happens when you have

protected foam and that's probably benchmark on there is my guess but as

you can see it dents it but it doesn't crack so it diff displaces that that hit

is it certified what kind of certification does it have?

Is it class four? What does HAG say about this like third-party testing

third-party testing we have UL on our Puma product and our benchmark product

we have UL Hail 4 and we have F M Hale rating also so these are actually

certified by third-party testing so this is just a foam insulation installation

by itself it's very impressive and so what this machine does is it measures

how much strength it takes to pull it and also how much does it stretch so

these are adhesion tests and we'll do two adhesion test dry and then there's two

more on there that will soak them for a week and we'll pull adhesion again. This

is the fertilizer stuff we're getting to here so we manufacture starter

fertilizer our record for one day one guy two tanks one hundred and three

thousand gallons one guy manufactured back and forth 5,000 gallons a pop you

notice all the paint all the raw materials come in in individual pipes in

there if you looked at that other tank it actually all came down water resin

came down one pipe fertilizer is very generates a lot of heat and energy

and if we were to just throw the raw materials in and not take the heat away

they'd actually just blow right out of the tank would explode like a bomb but

it would eject itself it wouldn't be pretty

so they come in individually they're mixed and then after they are drawn out

during the mixing process out through the bottom and through a heat exchanger

which removes the heat and our pump back in coal and what that does is allows us

to take that batch and adjust so much heat to it and make it in about 40

minutes what actually drove the business was a product called wax wax was an

agronomic product that went out the surfaces so if you sprayed something on

the leaves it would wet out the leaf and actually suck into the leaf through the

through the stomas or the pores in the leaf or it would also help push it

through the roots it was Conklin's kind of claim to fame they would actually you

couldn't do this now but they would have a tank and they would put a duck in it

and the duck would swim around and then they'd put a couple of drops of wax into

the tank and it would wet the ducts feathers out because the Ducks swimming

around and the Ducks start sinking and he'd sink and sink until the duck

basically his head was just sticking out and then they grabbed him out and the

Ducks trying to you know get away and it wasn't pretty

do you have estimate of how many ducks was hurt? No. There were no ducks hurt in the making of this

those ducks weren't hurt. So you have Benchmark, Puma, and Rapid Roof

rapid rapid roof was first brought out the first generation about seventy eight

seven difference. What's the difference between the three? different resin

different resin different resin different residual is better bet yes

that's that's the way the best one actually dries quicker so is it from an

applicator standpoint so and that's it it'll cure out yeah it'll cure all

better then there's Benchmark and then Rapid Roof. So Rapid Roof is not that rapid.

is not right now there is not any more but 78

it was chemicals chemicals come in this is a powder this is 66 I don't even know

what that is I think it's calcium carbonate. I think it's calcium carbonate so anyway comes

in raw material QA or the receiver receives it in and then QA goes and

takes a sample brings a sample up here does testing on it is this what we

expected it to be if it is good to go. How often it doesn't match your quality

standards most of the time it matches but not 100% I would say one out of 100

one out of 200 maybe. So you can ship it back yep and so what you say we reject it and

we say it's yours take it back we had an issue one time with a extremely virulent

wild mold that would just grow like you wouldn't believe and we actually had to

tweak our preservative package to kill that mold so the mold couldn't grow on

it it was a one-off deal they had an issue we fixed it can you guys find a

cure for coronavirus no are you just working on this no nope this is a metal

roof this is our what we would spray on bare metal which metal is prepped

sprayed with in case and then you put the benchmark base coat on the seam and

then you put the spun flecks like we we had shown before and right on that seam

because that seam goes right through here so you can visualize it mm-hmm

and so this forms your barrier for leakage and then they topcoat the end

of this so this shows each of the pieces of process this is a sample of the spun

flecks right here and then these are caulked screw heads so that's a metal

system sample we manufacture those but what they do is they take the ISO board

glue the ISO board down not glue the ISO board they fasten it with fasteners and

then fully adhere this down and weld the seams you can see the screws that's

going into ISO board and then glued on the skylights are all brand-new

all the skylights up here can you weld this yeah this is well that's all heat

all the seams are welded seams. TPO and PVC are welded on

the seams yep and then EPDM is it glue yep out of the tape yep maybe like this

might be like caulking or it might be even a colored coating sometimes people

get that for trim or like a wall they'll just do like an accent color on a wall

but who knows what actually that's fertilizer up there so they have so many

different products people just combine them unfortunately that's it for this

video we cannot share any more private information because it gets very

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