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Alina Dadelus

The Wife's secret

Episode 37

Morning, mom

- Morning -Morning -Morning

How is your sleep yesterday?

Quite well

Your laundry room is quite comfortable to sleep in


Laundry room?

I was busy last night

So you're just gonna slept there for that one time

I will take you to your room after breakfast

Nice room, like a four star hotel

You can sleep here for tonight

Just tonight?

Brother Minglang said, I can stay as much as I want

What the hell do you want?

I protected him

Let me be clear, Lis have lots of rules

It's not like anyone on the street can stay

I think you should leave early

Otherwise, I'll make you leave

Brother Minglang, you came!

- You -Whoops! Mistake

Let me make be clear, I don't have much skills

But I was born with an eye which can see through people

I can recognize a bitch when I see one

Li Minglang has already married

Don't think you can step in them while his wife is not here

I am so relived to hear that from you

So let's make a deal

I won't step in, neither will you, okay?



Go to your office and walk around

Cheer up a little, okay?

I know you're sad

But company needs you

Can you put Lily and Yunduo aside for a while

And take care your company, will you?

My brother is there, don't worry

You don't understand

He is one I'm worried about

You don't see it, lately

Your brother is so unstable

At first, he told me to give him my share

So he will have power in front of directors on board

So I did it

Then he told me

To change the legal person's name to his name

I don't understand

What is he thinking?

He changed. I don't know this new him


It's not that serious, are you thinking too much?

No, it's not

Mom have seen so many things

How can he hide his thoughts from me?

He always think, we love you more than him

He is jealous of you

He is running the company with this mood

How can I not worry?

I have been to his company

He managed it well

Everything is in perfect order

Brother worked very hard

I'm worried but his business

I'm worried but him, you know

I think all he wants is to win

To be honest

What if the company needs to make some big decisions

He will definitely put his own benefit upon the company

It's very dangerous

People will take advantage of him

I'm afraid he will go a wrong path

Mom, I know. He is just want to make a career

But we know it, Tianyi is not like Li- Jiang

Maybe he did that to return to Li- Jiang

It's good he has a dream

But I think he is being too paranoid, you know?

Plus, he married to an evil woman

That's even worse

Mom, I'll protect you and dad

I won't let anyone do anything to harm you

My biological son is so not like that one

What biological son?


I have made a deal with your father

We will keep it from you forever

But, now I think

I should tell you


Li Tian is not me and your father's biological son

We adopted him


Li Tian is your father's friend Zhao Jun's son

Zhao Jun and your father started their business together

But he failed

And got sick

Before he died, he asked us to take care of Li Tian

At that time, I'm carrying you in me

I thought, one more kids

That won't make much difference

So I adopted him

Thought you brothers will take care of each other

And you will make a career together

So we kept it as a secret

Didn't tell you two about it

Does he know it?

No, we didn't tell him

To be honest, in our heart,

You two are the same

But when Li Tian is 5 years old

Your dad went out for business

Lis Corp just went on the right tack

I was so busy

Working day and night

Didn't have time to look after you two

Li Tian happened to get a high fever

But I don't have time to look after him

He didn't get treatment on time

So that high fever

Disabled him

After your dad came back, he scolded me

Said I can do nothing right

I felt so ashamed

I told your dad

I will treat him well for his whole life

I won't let him suffer from anything

I will make him happy

We even treated him better than you

But even though

He still thinks we love you more

He got so jealous

Every time when I think about that

It hurt me a lot

Minglang, what?

I told you he is not your biological brother all of a sudden

Did it upset you?


No matter what

He is always my brother

No matter he is your biological son or not


I think we shouldn't think about it anymore

I think brother is always feels insecure

He did all of that

Just because he want to prove himself

Even so, Minglang

Just for save

In the company

You should keep an eye on Li Tian

See if he has some tricks

After all, Lis Corp

Is like a baby of me and your parents

You should cherish it

I know. I will

- Morning -Morning, president Li

Come here, this is Huangrong

My new secretary, she will handle my letters from now

- Okay, president Li - Okay, bye

- Appreciate your comments -okay

Let's go

Secretary? How can he do that?

It's not a game

All of a sudden

Why you're interesting in company's positions

It's okay

Just take her down

I just can't believe

Such a big company

How can she get in here that easy?

President Qian

Minglang came, sit

It's okay

You came to see me as long as you are back

Is there something?

Right, I want to know about our financial situation

Financial situation?

Right, so I can see how is our company's operational status

That's the most effective way, right?

You're right

Here, Minglang, here it is

Okay, thank you

How about this? I'll study it in my office

Okay, sure, please

- Minglang,here -Mom

Hurry, mom made you some soup

Drink it

Thank you mom


Right, mom

I made an appointment with president Chai and Qian

to talk about our company's business

Right, you uncle Qian called few days ago

Said he want to visit your father

How about I go and call him

To invite him here in our home

So you can talk

Okay, that's good

It will ease the atmosphere

Okay, I'll do that

Don't forget to drink it before its cold

I know

Dachuan is still in bed

We need to bother you two more with the business

Don't worry

They two brothers are working very hard

Especially Li Tian

He has many thoughts about our business

Look, Tianyi Corp is a new company

Now their business is quite good

While Minglang is out

Li Tian has done a lot for Li- Jiang

I have seen all the operating reports of all departments

I find out, seen from our operating status

and our production capacity

we shouldn't take too much orders by now

Minglang, I disagree

Lis and Jiangs have just emerged

We should go full speed

All the business has risks

We should take the risks

With all my respect,

Minglang, you didn't show up for a while

Because your personal issues

I think you lack information of the market

Am I right?

So you think our company's business strategy

is too conservative?


Mr. Qian

With all my experience

I would not jump into this conclusion so easily

I don't know where is your thinking came from?

I think president Li's immediate business strategy is right

In my opinion

Our finance processes should be more transparent

What do you mean?

Mr. Chai, we are both share holder of our company

We both want our company prosper

Are you saying that

The finance process under my control is not trust worthy?

No, no, I didn't think that way

You got me wrong

I'm not, listen, I was there

When our company was established

I have never done anything bad for our company

Okay, okay

We are all for the same things

Don't be angry

We trust you

Yes. If there's any opinion about work, just tell me

Don't ruin our friendship

How about this

I will thing about what you said today

We appreciate you came to see my father today

Sister-in- law, I will leave first

Okay, free always to sit.

Aunt Ding, see the guest off

- I will... - Mr. Chai, please wait

Mom, I want to talk about Mr. Chai alone

- Okay, I will let you talk -Okay

Mr. Chai, I heard you say that

You want our finance process to be more transparent?

I didn't get it. Can you fill me in more details?

Minglang, the reason I didn't go to see you

Is because I don't have any evidence in hand

And I don't report it behind anyone's back

So I didn't say much earlier

I understand, it's okay

Feel free to tell me anything

Here's the thing, while you're out

I have no idea of our capital flows

Most of that was taken care by president Qian

After Li Tian signed

It's so weird, if there's nothing

Why they keep it from me?

So I send my man to investigate it

When they paid for some orders

There're some funds- out which were not suppose to happen

They transferred it into some little company's account

Which I have never heard of

But I have seen the recent finance report

It seems everything is just right

They're expanding our business

I'm not against that

But Minglang

Some of it will get themselves into troubles

From what I know

A big part of our capital has became Tianyi's

How about this

Please keep an eye on them

If there's something came up

- Report it to me immediately -Okay

I know your hands are tied

After all, he is your brother

Now you don't have much power in Li- Jiang

Minglang is against the clothing processing production plan

we have made before?

Yes, some managers is with Minglang

Especially president Chai

He is watching our company's finance flows

President Qian, I really appreciate your support

I haven't found a chance to thank you President Qian, I really appreciate your support

I haven't found a chance to thank you

Don't thank me

I'm doing this for Li- Jiang

To be honest

Sometimes, we need to seize opportunity

We could have more development space

So I think, if Li-Jiang is too afraid of risks

Tianyi will take it

Good, bold

It's a pity that Tianyi is a new company

We don't have enough capital

If I can borrow it from Li-Jiang

I can prove our plan is right

So this can also expand Li- Jiang's development space in future

What do you think?

Of course

You're a family, of course you'll do the right thing for Li-Jiang

I'll back you up

Here, president Qian, to you

For Li- Jiang's better future! Cheers!

Minglang, what's that?

I want to ask you about something


Those few days when I was in Yunshan

You transferred Li- Jiang's money to Tianyi

Why you didn't tell me?

I don't know what they told you

I have my reason to do that

You think I wouldn't find out?

I want to know what did you find out?

I want to know if you find out the reason

why I transferred Li-Jiang's capital out

You want to borrow Li-Jiang's capital

So you can expand your Tianyi


After the merge, dad kicked me out

He didn't care my feelings at all

He didn't see those hard work I have done for Lis Corp

This time, I just borrowed some fund

to develop my Tianyi

It's reasonable

The reason dad did that is to let you prove your capability

So you will know how hard it is to make a career

When you prove it

He will hand over the whole Li- Jiang to you

Thank you, but don't bother

I will make Tianyi prosper

Prove myself to him

I can do this

Brother, why are you so stubborn?

What do you really want?

I want justice

I feel people don't treat me as an equal

All of you!

Including mom

She has never treated me like one of you Lis

She only see you Li Minglang as her son!

You can't say mom like that

Mom treat us as equal

Besides, no matter it's Li-Jiang or Tianyi

It's all Lis' property

Aren't they?

Lis' property?

Brother, I don't know this matters so much to you

No matter what you do

The only think I asked

Is do not hurt mom and dad's heart The only think I asked

Is do not hurt mom and dad's heart

Never do anything to harm our

relationship as brothers, okay?

I always know your dad will wake up some day


Do you think I should stop thinking like that?

Mom, what're you talking?

Dad will wake up

Mom, I want to discuss something with you

What's that? Say it

I want to let brother run our company

Why is that? You can't

Mom, do you know why brother's so paranoid?

He always think your dad and I love you more

We don't treat you as equal

Do you?


We see you both as our biological sons

So why he is still unsatisfied with us?

He is a man

disabled since he was young

He just want people see him as a man

But you didn't

You always say you love him

But in fact you're pity him

It's a huge insult to him

You said you did that for his good

But it's just your excuses

In fact, you just want to leave Li- Jiang to me

No, we're not

But people all see you like that

The other people would think that way

Let alone him

Since we are young

He always want your trust, you recognition

But you put all your expectations on me

Did he really think that way?

He shouldn't be


I'm serious

Let him run our company

Let him feel he is one dispensable part of our family

Let him feel your love for him is equal

with your love for me

Brother can do better than me in business

As long as you give him your trust and support

He will run Li- Jiang well

What about you?

Me? Don't worry about me

I have my own plan

After I take back Lily and Yunduo back

I want to open a design company

It's also Lily's dream

I believe, we have the intelligence

to run a great design company

Besides, if brother managed it well

We share holders will also get benefit from that

Minglang, I have to say it

My son is the best in the world

Don't worry

Your mom is not a miser

You are ready to give it out

Why wouldn't I?

Thank you, mom

But, I'm still worry about Li Tian and you

You are gonna give up everything you have and start over

It will be very hard


You're my biological son

There's nothing wrong if I do love you more


He is also your son

He will never let you down

You said it yourself

He can managed Tianyi well

Why I couldn't?

Didn't you just say I'm the best?

My son can always cheer me up

After I take care of these things

I will go back to Yunshan



Hurry, take Lily back

Don't worry

This time, I will make up for her

All I'm expecting now

It to get us all together again

- Send this report to my office -Okay

- Minglang -Brother

What brought you here

To see you


What are you gonna charge me this time?


Just visit your company

It's just a little company

How can this compare with yours?

Why it can't ?

I think it's quite good, organized

Your workers all have their own work to do

They can work well even you're no longer in here

What do you mean?

I want you to be Li- Jiang's general manager

You're probably wondering why I am doing this

The reason is very simple

After I heard you said

Mom and dad didn't treat you equally

I understand that

But I want to say that you're wrong about that

They treat us the same, love us equally

Can you stand for them?

You said so much pretty words

It's just your own wishful thinking

You think I would keep it from mom?

She knew it, and she is agree with me

Brother, I really hope you can undo your knot

You're really doing this?

I have already submit the proposal to the board of directors

There's many people in Li- Jiang admire your work

I think it should be no problem

The hawk is coming

Be careful

You can't catch me!

- Be careful -Your left

Run? Where are you gonna run?

I'm coming

I'm coming

I got you!

I got you!

With the help of the seven dwarfs

Prince Charming saved Snow white

Then, he take her back to their castle

And live a happy life

Teacher, you're Snow White


Because you're beautiful

Teacher, let us be the dwarfs

And help you to find your prince charming, okay?

No, cause I'm that prince

You don't need to find me

Shanwa, you're not even taller than teacher

I will be taller than her in the future

Taller than all of you

Teacher, where can we find your prince?

I told ya, I'm the prince

Teacher, when I be taller, I'll save you

When you grow taller, so will teacher Lily


When are gonna to leave for Yunshan?


Probably just these two days

Go then

You can rest in here anyway

Leave and come back early

Be careful when you're out

No matter what, you've solved the

problem between you brothers

Now, I feel relieved

We are all expecting you come back early

So we can reunited soon


Please take care of my mom and dad for me

Don't worry, while I am here

Aunt will have a good appetite and good sleep

Look at her, sweet girl, I like her

Let's go, I'll make you something nice

- Don't tell them, let's go -Move

Hi, brother

I want to ask you about a person


A Girl, named Jiang Lily

Is she living in your village?

You're looking for Jiang Lily?


Who are you?

I'm her husband

Her husband?

How can you prove it?

Let me introduce myself

- I'm the village head -Nice to meet you

Teacher Lily is one of our volunteer teacher here

She helped us a lot

Let's go, I'll take you to see her

- Thank you -Take it

Let's go, let me help

It's okay. I got this

Teacher Lily is such a nice girl

He is such a lucky man

What do you people from the city eat?

Such a vigorous and handsome man

Look at teacher Lily

Like a fairy

Village head, did Lily had a good life here?

Teacher Lily is such a kind girl

Beautiful and kind

No matter which of us has something

She will come to help

Carry with a kid and still teaching in the school

Our kids here are so naughty

It's hard to deal with them

A girl came from the city

Go a long way her to work as a volunteer teacher

It's not easy

Brother, I have gone through that

I know there must be some little problems between you two

Every couple does that

We are men

We should learn to make our wife happy

It's not bow to them, it's happiness

Otherwise, why you two married for?

- Am I right? -Right

Let's go

Village head, is he your relative?

I'm not that lucky

He is teacher Lily's husband

Hello, everyone

Look at him!

He even looks like a good man

You don't say

- Teacher Lily didn't say she is married -Right

This is our school

Lily teaches here

You wait here

I'll go and find teacher Lily


Teacher Lily

Someone is looking for you

Why you again

Didn't I tell you, don't come back

Don't mess around

I'm not, teacher Lily hates him

She told me to drive him away, ask her

He is teacher Lily's husband

You can ask her

Teacher Lily, you're married?

He is my husband

This way

Sorry, you two talk

Don't mess with everything

Enough, let's go

Let's go, leave

All of you, back to work

Go, go

Leave, go back to your work

He is Yunxuan, our headmaster

We knew each other long times ago

Teacher Lily

He is your prince, right?



I'm sorry for all that

Minglang, I'm good

I feel happy with those kids

I mean those things happened at home

My dad is very sick

It's all over my mind

I don't know how to take care of lots of things


I didn't blame you

I know you were under lots of pressure

Company needs you

It's so hard for you

It's not

As long as you're by my side, it's not hard

I didn't protect you well

I let you run away to here and suffered

I'm not suffered here

People here are kind to me

And Yunduo likes here

She is getting better now

On the contrary

I think I'm not a good wife

I didn't take good care of you

When you need me the most

I'm not there

I'm the one should be sorry


Lily, come back with me

You're still blaming me?

I'm not

I just feel that

You're not happy when we are together

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