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- (bride) ...I am today. - Tearing up.

- Anything with dogs. - (Fry) I'll never forget him.

- Cartoon or real, it's gonna make me cry. (sniffles)

♪ (industrial music) ♪

- (FBE) All right, so today, we're going to do a challenge.

- Oh dear. - (FBE) A challenge

that we have not yet done with the college kids before.

- Kind of scaring me. What challenge is it?

- (FBE) This is going to be a Try Not to Cry Challenge.

- Oh, I'm gonna be good at this. I'm not a crier.

I'm not sensitive like that. - I'm a man, so I only cry

at romantic comedies, sunsets,

anyone that's ever mean to me in the comments.

- I cry at yogurt commercials. - We cry at everything.

- Let's get ready. Good thing I wore waterproof mascara.

- I know. - (FBE) So after each one,

whether or not it not made you cry, we're gonna have you rate them

on a scale of one to five based on how emotional you thought they were.

- Okay. If you show me some soldiers coming home, bro,

I swear to god...

- You're gonna get a lot of fives from me,

'cause I just get emotional over everything.

- (FBE) We have one more thing for you just in case.

- Are you gonna put tissues right... Honestly, I feel like the pressure

to cry is on, so I'm not gonna cry.

- This is traumatizing, 'cause I know it's gonna be pouring down.

- I'm already crying. That's so nice of you guys.

- "Wife gives husband kidney"?!

- (man) Carter Kieboom for the...

- (woman) I think that's a little special insert.

- (man) Brent Phillips. Looks like a baseball card.

- (woman) What does it say on the back?

- Okay, it's already really cute. - (woman) Who's on it?

- (man chuckles) That's so cool. - (woman) Is it an up-and-coming?

- (woman) Who is it? - (man) Yeah, it looks like it.

- See, I'm ready for this one

'cause I've seen it. - (man) Ay, look, it's me.

- Aww. - (woman) What's it say on the back?

- (man) "Steve's had a lot on his plate.

With his health issues, he has been striking out a lot."

- Oh my gosh.

- (woman giggles) Baseball pun.

- (giggles) They're so cute together.

- (Steve) "He was not sure how he was going to wind up.

His wife, Heather, thinks he is a great catch."

- I love the puns. So cute.

- (Steve) "So she's excited to go to bat for him.

Now Steve will be a rookie recipient at Vanderbilt Trans..."

- Aww. No, please! Please! No, stop.

- (Steve) "Now Steve will be a rookie recipient

at Vanderbilt Trans..." - That's true love.

- Aw. See, already I start to cry. It's so cute.

- (Heather, tearfully) Found out today while I was at work

that I'm a match. (cries)

- He's so happy. - (sympathetically) Mm.

- That's really touching. - Aw.

Now they really can't get divorced. You have my kidney.

- (Steve) You saving my life? - (Heather) Yes. We're a match.

- Damn. I'm already tearing up a little bit.

- (Heather) I love you. - See, but this doesn't make me sad.

This is cute. This is love. This is happiness. This is family.

This is all of the good things in the world.

- (Heather) I love you. - Aww. That's so sweet.

I mean, don't you have to be the right match

and everything for that? That's so lucky.

- I feel it back here.

It's not coming out, but I feel it.

My brother had to get a kidney transplant,

and I was doing everything, all my research, trying to find out

if I was even able to give up a kidney for him,

so it's, like, I understand this on such a personal level

and it hits home.

- (FBE) So, scale of one to five,

how much emotional does that make you?

- I'll give it a solid three. - A four.

- A three. - Yeah. I'll give it a three, too.

- Obviously five. It's really sweet. - I would give this a three.

- That was a four. If it was, like, "I have to give my heart up

for you," I'd be like, oh, damn.

- I give that a four. I give-- Like, that's deep.

- When I first watched it, it was a four.

But right now for me, it was a two. - That's a four.

That is a very emotional video.

- Three? 'Cause it wasn't full on crying,

but it was really heart touching. - (bride) I want you to be safe

and to try your hardest and to be... - Oh, weddings!

No, they always get me. - Oh, I watched this one.

- Oh! I watched this this morning and the little kid starts crying.

- (bride) Don't cry, baby. - Oh, stop!

- (bride) Don't cry, baby. - (groom and audience laugh)

- Aww, the little boy.

- (bride) I know that you and I will butt heads.

- (boy crying) - Oh my god, he's crying so hard.

- Hopefully he's excited about them getting married

and not upset about it, though.

- Aww, baby. Oh my gosh. That is so cute!

- (bride) ...with all my heart, that as you become a grown man,

you will understand my message... - And now I have allergies. (laughs)

- (bride) ...all my heart, that as you become...

- Oh my god. I can't-- I don't even like kids!

Like, this is getting to me, and I don't even like children!

- (bride) You have helped shape me into the woman

that I am today... - Tearing up.

- (bride) And I may not have given you the gift of life...

- He failed the Try Not to Cry Challenge.

- (bride) But life surely gave me the gift of you.

- Aww, is she becoming his stepmom?

That's cute. - (fawning) Oh.

- Aww. That is so cute! - That was good.

- The only reason I'm not crying is 'cause I watched this

this morning and cried. (laughs) - I'm sorry for tearing up. (laughs)

This is why I don't watch those Facebook videos in public.

- I would say three again. - It's a good three.

It was really, really sentimental. - Touching, yeah.

- That was more adorable than emotional. I'd give that a two.

- Probably just a three. It was cute but it's not super emotional

- It was sweet, but, I mean, it was a one.

Am I dead? Like... (laughs). Should I have cried at that?

- When I first saw it, it was a five. I cried.

But now that I'm seeing it again, I'm kind of used to it,

so I'm gonna say a three. - Three. It made me more happy

than it did make me super emotional to the point where I would cry.

- I think it was a one. - Three, 'cause I think

it was really cute more than anything.

- Five! Like... I'm not crying, but I was tearing up.

Seems really sweet, you know?

It seems like that should be the norm.

- If you marry someone, and they have a child,

and you are that dedicated to that child

who is not even your blood, like, 10 out of 10.

Five. That was a five for me.

♪ (heartwarming music) ♪ (speaking Hindi)

- Oh jeez.

- Aww.

- Man, this would make a great Lifetime movie.

- Aww.

(ambulance sirens blaring)

- Mom came back?

Or is she getting adopted?

- Dude, things with children always get me, man.

- Aww.

- Aww, that's like my mom. (chuckles)

- Oh my gosh.

Am I actually gonna cry? This is so cute.

- (chuckles) Wow, okay.

- Oh my gosh. This is so [bleep] relevant. Holy shit.

- I just wanna let you know, I'm wiping my eyelash, not crying.

- (laughs) That's totally my mom and I.

- I told you this would make me more mad than sad.

I'm sad, but I am, like, angry sad.

- Yes. You go.

- Oh my god. Why am I crying?

- (chuckles)

Vicks' [bleep] doing it right. I teared up hard during that video.

- Usually the mom stuff gets me, but...

I mean, that one didn't really get me.

- I love when companies do stuff like that,

because then I'm, like, yes, then I will solely buy

all Vicks' products. I want to endorse that kind of message.

- That one was good. I'm on the brink, guys.

- I'm on the brink. - (chuckles) Tears are coming.

We used to work a lot with foster kids and stuff,

so that was... - Yeah, that one was good.

That one touched a little closer to home.

- (FBE) So according to information for the people who made the video,

the mom in this commercial, who is transgender,

is actually not an actor. It's really her,

and she's legally unable to adopt her daughter due to laws in India.

- That makes it all even more heartbreaking.

- It makes me so mad. It's, like, everyone is entitled

to basic human rights, basic human and civil rights.

That's the law. A God-given law that that's how it should be.

And so many countries just take it away,

and it's a [bleep] shame.

- I don't think it's right at all.


It's really sad that our world is like that.

(tearfully) It doesn't matter what her life was before,

or what her life is like now.

She wants a child, and this child needs a home.

- That's a four. - That was a solid five.

- Fives for sure. - That was a five.

- Five, yeah. - If I could give it a 15,

I would give it a 15. - It's a four,

'cause it's really touching. - Two as, personally,

I didn't get emotional. - That just really puts things

into perspective for me personally. Five.

- I think I would give that a four.

- That was a little bit of the medical.

It was a little bit of the children, a little bit of the family.

I'll give it a four. - Three, 'cause I get emotional

about that stuff to where I hate how ignorant people are.

- Definitely a five. I appreciate everything my mom does for me

when I'm sick, when I'm healthy, every day, that's something

that touches me personally, because I do have

such a great relationship with my mom.

- (Farnsworth) It seems Seymour died at the ripe old age of 15.

- 15? - Ah, not this one.

This one got me. - NO!

God, not Seymour. - It's the monologue

where Seymour's waiting outside of the pizza shop for Fry,

but he never comes back!

- (Fry) I had Seymour till he was three.

That's when I knew him, and that's when I loved him.

- Anything with dogs. - (Fry) I'll never forget him.

- Cartoon or real, it's gonna make me cry. (sniffles)

- (Fry) But he forgot me a long, long time ago.

- Oh my gosh. - No, he didn't!

He was waiting for you!

- ♪ ...takes forever ♪ (dog whines)

- Oh no. - Oh no.

- ♪ I'll wait for you

- No, is he waiting for him? - The song too!

Like, [bleep] you, Futurama!

- How do you leave a cute little puppy outside?

- Oh my god, he's just slowly dying.

- The saddest freaking moment on television.

- ♪ ...will wait for you ♪ - (sighs)

- I'm actually, like... (laughs)

- ♪ I will... ♪

- If you wanted to make me cry, you should've shown me

Brian's death on Family Guy.

- Cartoons don't really make me sad. Humans make me sad.

- I'm good now, because I've seen this so many times,

but I'll have you know, when I first watched this,

I legit cried.

- When I first saw that episode, I was in tears.

You literally see everything, and everything aging with him,

and it's like, he's still waiting there for Fry.

That was the worst.

- That was the worst one you showed me, honestly. (chuckles)

Woo! There's a little something in there.

I'm just gonna suck it back in.

- (FBE) So lastly, where does this one rank

on the emotional scale? - That's a four.

- That was a two. - A two, 'cause it was sad,

but it wasn't, like... not like the last video.

- That was a five too, for different reasons entirely.

- Five! He died waiting for Fry, and he'll never know,

and it's really emotional. - A one, because of the fact that...

I don't know. It was just, like, aww, cute cartoon puppy.

- That's a frickin' five. When I first saw that, that like...

I was thinking about that for a week.

- Two, because it's an animated dog.

- Three, because it was a cartoon, but obviously, it's a dog,

so I'm not gonna downgrade it.

- It was a one. I felt for the dog, but also, I knew it was a cartoon.

- That's a five. For me, in my heart,

I remember watching that episode for the first time,

and that was a 10 the first time I watched that!

I just wanna hug my dog. It was like, "I love you.

I'll never leave you."

- (FBE) So, you cried. - Yeah.

I'm generally an emotional person.

- The funny thing is, I expected to cry,

but I expected to cry a lot more. - Yeah.

- I put myself through it, but I watch these videos all the time.

- (FBE) So, you didn't cry.

- I think someone took my tear ducts out overnight.

- Hopefully I'm not dead inside, and I'm not the only one

who didn't tear up or anything. - I'll try to take it on again,

but I don't know. Now I'm all sad.

We had some good times, we had some bad times,

but we got through it together.

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- (sniffles) Bye, guys.

- (somberly) Hey, guys. Ethan here from FBE.

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