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Paradisethats how people used to call this land.

And it really was like that.

I can still hear the sound of the mountain winds groaning,

people talking and birds singing.

I can still remember the smell of those trees and flowers.

- Anna!

When I was a child I kept having strange dreams and was overcome

with premonitions of something mysterious and formidable.

- Come here, dont be afraid!

- Niko!

The river flowed through dark rocks

and then we were attacked by a savage enemy.

People fled to the forest as their ancestors did

when the Golden Horde invaded.

- Together with our military units, we have been ordered

to fall back to the remote areas of the Carpathians.

Some of you will head to villages and towns for registration purposes.

Our leadership will provide you with new documents.

You will become our eyes and ears.

Together we shall continue our fight against the evil empire,

waiting for the right moment to inflict a decisive blow.

Remember, the most important thing is to save our peoples lives!

Best of luck to all of you

and may God bless you all!

Rebel units gladly accepted those fleeing

and provided them with shelter, weapons and clothing.

Thats how I found myself among the rebels.

- Anna?

- Niko... Niko!

- Let me have a look at you.

So much time has passed.

- Its so good to see you here.

My family were killed...

- What are you going to do?

- Im not sure... where to go...

- Come along with us!

- Come quick! Its a raid!

- Commander! Allow her to come along with us!

- Shes wanted... - We all are!

- Lets retreat up the river!

- They got away... eh...

- Hold still!

- The bandits are trying to trick us! I know all their moves...

- They retreated up the river... Follow me!

- How are you?

- Lets stop and rest here.

- Guys, get up. Theyre already here.

Commander, please... give us the order...

We have to go... Were going to die!

- Who are we... to follow a girls orders?

- Crawl!

- Well done.

- Well capture the others alive.

- Anna, how did you know?

- I have dreams since I was a child...

Its a gift from God...

- When she was a kid she fell down a well. I witnessed that myself.

Back then the people said that it was a sign.

- Gods blessings have never been more welcome.

- “After it starts snowing, Well sacrifice our lives."

They wont let us live here.”

- Mother Nature seems angry with us.

Its snowing, and we arent ready yet.

We have to dig.

High up in the mountains we were building a bunker.

The commander knew the location of caches of tools,

candles and oil for lamps were hidden.

We even had a radio set.

But our food stocks were running low and that really worried us.

We were preparing for a long, cold winter.

Nobody knew if we were going to make it to the next day.

The enemy could locate us at any minute.

We felt we were doomed.

- Who are these people? They bury themselves alive.

Well have to pursue them in the mountains when spring comes.

We should have captured them back there.

The position in the meadows was more favorable for us...

Comrade Major!

- Bring the equipment, Aliphanov.

Weve got a snitch with a radio transmitter... and wait.

After they arrive... Hell press the button. And were there!

Lets move. Well get them all alive.

The hunt for the rebels was non-stop, 24/7.

- Stop! Lets split up.

Alifanov, take your men and move to the left side of the shed.

The rest of you, follow me! Lets move!

People were forced to inform on each other by the NKVD.

Betraying your friends became normal, and nobody trusted anybody.

- Now Ive got you, you carrion!

Look into my eyes, bitch!

- Capture them alive!

- Commander, theres somebody there.

- Password!

Hold your fire! Its commander Hrim.

- Our bunker was overrun... and so were many others

Our fate is in your hands for the rest of winter.

- Hrim, my friend, Ive prepared everything.

Our bunker is ready for winter. Well make it through this winter.

- There are more of us now.

- I know you thought there would be only 4 people.

Keep cooking once a day, we have to make it through winter.

- Yes.

I cooked meals and did the laundry

while the men had other things on their mind.

- ...We are waging a war against a party

that want us as their slaves

and whose policies could lead to the destruction of mankind...

- Thats all we have. Theres no more.

- At last we can go outside.

Some of you were probably thinking that wed be stuck here forever.

At that moment my soul was full of life

but then I sensed a sharp knife piercing my heart forever.

- Thats it. Youll remain in the bunker alone.

The commander and his guards have already left...

Weve reestablished contact with other surviving units.

- But you have a wife.

Lets suppose shes alive?

If she comes back, Ill say good-bye to you.

Even... if we have a baby.

- Off we go then!

- “…’cos Im yours and youre mine.”

- Wake up!

- Anna! Grab your things quickly! Weve been betrayed!

- Get my bag! - Ok.

- Anna, hurry up!

- Hes armed! Run for your life!

- Capture them alive!

- Stop!

- We need her alive!

- Will she make it?

- Should she?

- Give her the injection.

- Shes beautiful... But she wont live.

- Remember?

- Dont be afraid. Is it your first time?

- Its over, bitch!

Look into my eyes!

- Can she talk at all?

- Its not her.

- Shes a nice girl. Ok, bring the next one in!

- Mama...

- My child. Run to the forest. Theyll be back.

- Why do you run from me?

Ill get you anyway.

- Wheres your friend Dovbush?

Did he run away to save his ass,

leaving you behind?

- Ok, have some rest. Well continue tomorrow.

- Youre still young. You need to live.

- Soldier, follow me!

- Anna, were here to rescue you!

- Get her!

- We are leaving! They are not here.

Follow me!

- Anna. Let me help you.

- Take me far away from here. To the mountains.

I dont want to see anyone.

I dont want to hear their voices.

- If youd stayed by my side... everything wouldve been different.

Maybe even better.

But he is Dovbush... And who am I?

Ok, lets move.

- Here we are.

- The girl got away. Disappeared into thin air.

Its unreal!

But the pain in my hand sure is real.

- Guys, prepare for action!

- We let Dovbush get away back then.

Now, the girl has gotten away as well.

Alone in the forest...


She wont make it. She will die!

- Ok, Comrade Major.

Well get Dovbush, my people are working on it.

And after Dovbush well get Hrim, sooner or later.

And well execute them both!

With Dovbush and Hrim gone, the remaining shrews will disperse.

- Im afraid, what should I do?

I got used to living among the wild animals... they were no threat to me.

As I had lost my human scent and acquired the smell of the forest,

the animals considered me one of them.

Back then, I thought that nobody would notice my death

and that nobody would be surprised.

Hundreds of thousands of people had already lost their lives

or disappeared without a trace.

And nobody would ever hear of them again.

- Listen, love, Ive seen quite a lot at the front.

Killing a man is easy for me, a piece of cake!

And Ive never believed in God...

However, it must be some kind of divine providence.

I shot you point-blank more than once! And youre alive!

Forgive me.

- Can you pray?

- Say a prayer for me.

- I hope well find her alive. What do you think?

- Well see.

- Anna... Are you there?

Are you alive?

- Open the roof.

- Look, shes gone totally crazy.

- Wheres Dovbush?

Wheres Dovbush?!!!

- Dovbush is in prison,

his water was spiked with anaesthetic.

Theyve had him for three months.

- Come with us. Lets go...

- Well, hello there, take a seat.

Take a seat.

- Do you want some sausage? - Come on, have a bite.

- Ok.

Is everything alright? Have a drink and a snack.

- Come on.

Lets talk like men. No need to be afraid.

Eat, dont rush.

- Lets talk. Tell us, where is Hrim?

- Ok, guys.

Ill help you capture Hrim.

- Comrade Major!

Hold still, you bandit!!!

- Stop! Dont move! Hold your fire!

- Let him get away.

Hes our agent now.

When they see our photos, they will kill him.

- Hes hiding somewhere in the forest.

But to tell you the truth, Orel, my friend, I think Dovbush is a traitor.

- And heres a proof. - Dovbush?... This photo proves nothing.

Dovbush had a family,

but his family ties were cut for safety reasons.

I knew his wife would come back to him sooner or later,

so I promised myself that I would leave him.

- I was asked to bring it to your attention that you wife is back.

- Shes alive.

Thank goodness.

But Im dead. Long dead.

Winter came again.

Commander Hrim and his wife came to our bunker

crazy іn love and doomed.

- We'll survive if God's will

- Why are you doing this, you have no heart, stop tormenting him.

- I want to kill myself to end this suffering.

But my soul belongs to God.

Ive promised myself that Ill leave him if his wife comes back.

Theres nothing I can do.

- Were safe here, but we need to act fast.

I can leave tomorrow if you wish.

- Your task is to establish contact with Khmara.

- Ok...

But please remember!

If I dont return before the 15th... You have to leave the bunker.

- You must return. Thats an order!

- Wait!

Please dont go.

Youll be betrayed.

- I have always listened to you, Anna. But not this time.

- Will I ever see you again?

- Listen, Anna.

Come with me.

Our life is there. You have to live...

What are we fighting for? Who are we fighting for?

This is the end.

- What did they offer you?

An official pardon? Money?

- Wait. - Do what you have to do.

- Do you remember him?

- Sargent, come here! I said, come here, Sargent!!!

Take it away. Get out of here. Go to hell!!!

You see? You see, dont you?!! Im f**king asking you...

Chasing you through the mountains? Yes, it was me!!!

- Ouch! Do you remember my hand?

- He spat at me!

Major, what the f**k, Hold him!

Did that hurt? It must have!

It f**king hurt me too!!!

Sit down!

Why are you spreading your legs like a woman who wants to get f**ked?

Sit like a man. I said, sit like a man!

- You wont die, bitch! You wont die!

Take that!!! Get out!!!

- Oh, yes. Get nervous.

Wheres Hrim?

- Just say the word, and well get him!

- Will you talk?

Where are the bandits?

- Do you remember now? - Where? Wheres Hrim?

- This is the last time Ill ask you, which forest is he in?

In which forest is the bunker?

- If I dont return before the 15th... Youll have to leave the bunker.

- Ill... Ill tell you.

- Girl, have you gone completely mad?

- Well, were ready.

- Who do you think that is?

- Someone we used to trust the most.

- Surrender, think about your son!

- Its not my baby.

- Who brought you here? - Your friend, Dovbush.

- How do you do, my friend?

- Like a dead bird in a golden cage. I envy you.

- ...Fire... I... dont... want... to be taken prisoner.

Im ordering you... Shoot!

Finish... Thats an order

- Im afraid, what should I do?

- Dont be afraid, just step forward.

- At 16:45

Grenades were thrown inside the bunker.

Anna Popovych, born in 1925,

Managed to survive yet again.

- Give me the file.

- Bring Popovych in!!! - Move out!

Come up here!

- You should have at least said hello to your wife.

Do you hear me?

- Who said that was his wife? We call this something else, you know.

- Keep your mouth shut!

- Sign the papers!

Youll... be praying for death every day for the rest of your life.

Every day!!!

- Had I listened to you, they wouldnt have taken me alive.

- Are you going to eat her alive?

- Hey! Where are you?

Whats this? Can you tell me?

- Youre one lucky girl.

- Youre an interesting story, Anna, no one would believe it.

- Face the wall!

- Look straight! - Why are you standing motionless?!

- Move!

Prisoners never received packages from the outside world.

I knew perfectly well that this present had come from my fiercest enemy.

I was sentenced to 10 years in a forced-labor camp.

I wore those boots every day of my sentence

and even returned home wearing them.

In our lifetime

theres a small child living inside each of us.

Someday that child will invite you on a journey.

Dont hesitate and dont be afraid, just go...

I write you letters every night and day,

but I cant send them to you.

Dovbush is alivein my memory and in my dreams..

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