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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: "Jurassic World" The Disney Song! - TOON SANDWICH

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Wel-come to Jurassic World

What a life-changing venue

Hey, fresh victim, now can you sign and

waive your safety rights?

I can be your tour guide

Watch them tear you asunder

Bury you six feet under once they've

had their last few bites

Jurassic World!

A place thats rich in prehistry

No one to save your ass

From monsters past

Just running fast and screaming

Jurassic World!

The first man-made menagerie

And now youre slamming doors

On raptor claws

Because youre in Jurassic World with me

Help, I'm in Jurassic World with you!

Unbelievable pain

Indescribable terror

Guess we made a few errors

Patching holes in dino genes

- Jurassic World! - Dont you dare go outside

- A hundred species built to kill - Hold your breath or theyll hear you

In defence, we spared no expense

Except on fence

- And hence your life expectancy is nil - Jurassic World!

Every turn a demise

- With new attractions on the hunt - Any moment theyll spear you

You'll be chased everywhere

Without a prayer

And theres no Jurassic World refund

- Jurassic World - Jurassic World

- Thats where youll end - Thats where youll end

- Bloody and torn - You should have gone

To Disneyland

CLick that button

Dont take nuttin

If you became a subscriber

We would be so grateful


And dont click out

Theres so much more to see

Can't see anything now.

I can't either.

Jurassic World nights

Like Jurassic World days

More often than not Will end with you caught

In a dino rampage

The Description of "Jurassic World" The Disney Song! - TOON SANDWICH