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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Ellen Reads Andy's Personal Diary

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I hope you had a good Halloween.

And if you feel like it didn't happen, believe me, it did.

It happened.


Don't think it hasn't.


And you can't wear your costumes all year.

I mean, you could, but you'd look weird.

So I have some products in the Ellen Shop

that you can wear anytime.

First, we have this really cool-- this is a tie

dyed hoodie.

It's very soft, by the way.

Very comfy.

It's great if you're a deadhead or if you spill a lot of stuff.

And then we have this backpack right here.

This is very similar to the one I wore all three

weeks when I was in college.

And then we also have this journal.

And it says be kind to one another on the front.

And this is actually-- this is a journal I took from-- this is

Andy's journal that I borrowed.

Let's see what he wrote in here.

Dear diary, I have some exciting news to share with you.

Today, I became a man.

Uh oh.


It's personal.


Here's another one.

Dear diary, my mistake.

Actually, today, I became a man.



I'll try this one.

Dear diary, I'm very sad.

I measured it again today.


That's personal.

I can't.

We also sell rulers in the Ellen Shop if you want to--


You can get those items in the Ellen Shop or online.

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