Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Bread Machine Unboxing {what do I do with this thing?!}

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- Something really exciting came in the mail.

I got my very first bread machine.

So I guess after homeschooling for a decade,

I'm officially a homeschool mom, maybe.

'Cause I finally got a bread machine in the mail.

This was a bread machine that we had featured over

on Free Homeschool Deals last week

and it was 50% off on Amazon and I thought, my goodness.

Getting a decent-sized bread machine,

I believe it's supposed to do up to two-pound loaf

and it was $47, so I let myself do it.

I have never had one, I've never even used a bread machine.

But of course I've heard stories about it

so I'm gonna do an unboxing here

and we'll see what I got.

So packing paper of course.

(papers crunching)

Oh this is something I ordered with my bread machine

and I read really good reviews on it.

It's called The Bread Lover's Bread Machine Cookbook.

And of course for my viewers who are doing

Trim Healthy Mama along with me,

there's not gonna be too terribly much that I can do.

But I might be able to make homemade Ezekiel bread

in this bread machine so that would be fabulous

and we'll just learn and find out together.

So I got this, I think it was $12,

supposed to have over 300 recipes.

And my mad scientist goal is to also train children

in how to make bread because they can just make us

a loaf a day or two, or three.

And then this, I'm not too sure what I needed.

Again, brand new for me.

But (thuds)

lovely Amazon told me


I would need this yeast.

So along with my bread machine, I got the book

and the yeast and thought that would be a good start.

So this is

quick rise yeast for bread machines and traditional baking.

Again, I'm clueless, I have no idea

but maybe that'll work for us.

Bubble wrap, kids will love that.

And then, hey Zyon, since I have the baby on me,

can you help me, come over here.

Oh and Zyon's got his SKrafty shirt on,

SKrafty i Homeschool in Minecraft, we're big SKrafty fans.

Go ahead and pick that up and set it on the table for me.

This will be a box the little kids can play in.

Let's see (papers crunching)

what is in here.




So, (paper crunching)

Okay, thank you Lord for scissors.

Zyon I may just have to have you pull it out for me again.

It's called a Breadman 2lb Horizontal Bread Maker.

Oh, pull, pull, pull, I'll try to be helpful.

Okay, set that on the table so they can see the picture.


Okay, pictures of bread on here look lovely.

It says, makes spread from scratch in one easy step.

Well, I like that.

13-hour display time, oh delay timer

lets you wake up to fresh bread, that would be great.

Crust color selection, looks like

we can choose from light, medium, and dark.

Audible beep for fruit and nut add-ins.

Three horizontal loaf sizes, so we can do a pound,

a pound and a half, or two pound.

Eight functions, basic rapid cycle, whole wheat,

sweet, French, quick bread, dough, and bake only.

One-hour keep warm recipes included.

Well, for $47, I am thrilled.

This a bread machine that was a closer

to a hundred besides that markdown.

Now in the description below, there will be a link

to the book and the yeast and the bread machine,

and anything else I think might be important.

And let me know if you, here's the little instruction guide,

Breadman instruction manual and recipe guide.

If you already make bread and you are so experienced

at this or believe me, anyone who's opened a box

and at least plugged a bread machine in

has more experience than I do.

So please chat it up in the comments

and tell me what I should do.

So that's some styrofoam, whew.

Okay Zyon, you're my hefty lifter.

Just put it, you don't have, just put the whole bag

on the table, sweetie and I'll open the bag.

Thank you.

(plastic crunching)




My $47 of fun continues.

So, here's what it looks like coming out of its wrapper.

Inside, Jaden, you wanna show them

what the inside looks like.



We got some little loaf attachments for in there and,

I bet this week we will fire this puppy up

and get it figured out.


that is our Breadman unboxing and I see up here.

It looks like, if I, you can get this Jaden,

it has basic, fast bake, French, whole wheat,

sweet, quick bread, dough, and bake only,

program button, has a start and stop switch,

that's where I choose the crust color, and I imagine

that's where I'll choose my loaf size, and a timer.

So we are gonna have a whole lot of fun with this.

And again, this is the, what was it called,

Breadman 2lb Horizontal Bread Maker.

Whew, so educate me in the comments below.

Let me know what I should do, what I need next.

All I have so far is this, little thing of yeast

and I don't think I can get too far with that.

And also let me know if you've made Ezekiel bread homemade,

and how that has worked in the bread machine.

Because obviously doing Trim Healthy Mama,

I eat a lot of Ezekiel bread and my husband likes it also.

So that would be super if somehow it works with this

and if not, the kids will have fun

making their own bread also.

So, talk to us in the comments.


(calm music)

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