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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 24 HOUR BOX FORT PRISON ESCAPE ROOM!! ?? Digging A Secret UNDERGROUND Tunnel

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previously on Pappa Jake yeah right here Greek coordinates are g9 by a 17 we're

gonna go we gotta go really close well we made it out of this

place this evil place where Evans dead zone is and whoever this man is let's

head home we'll figure it out when we get there now we're safe

boss you read me come in yeah during the back of my truck I'm bringing them in

now perfect they don't suspect a thing now I have them both trapped and they

will never escape

Oh am i what is this place what happened

Logan is that you Logan we got where are we I don't know what happened how do we

get here hello Wow

do you have any idea how we got here no idea yeah something must have happened

the man must have gotten us he's locked us up here both of us now hold on

there's a door here it's not budging we gotta figure out a way to get out of

here we can't stay locked up you're always be

able to find a way out I don't know let's leave lips sealed shut

there's very little items in here ooop of food like any food you have any food

little bit this doesn't look good there's a punching bag where are you

show yourself is there anything on your side they can pick these cups do you see

anything a pin sharp object anything is this

space food you have anything in there all right stubby something in here so

think I can use something on me I didn't bring anything come on there's gonna be

something something it's always something wait wait

Logan I've got something looks like it's a pin from the clothing

tank they must have just gotten these prison suits and left it on oh this is

perfect I'll be able to use this here we go oh

there we go there we go all right now I just got to pick this

lock hold on yep done this many times to the right got it

perfect all right now let's pick the other one

do you know how to pick a lock yeah all right it's too hard to explain I'm gonna

get you out of there I'm gonna have to open this door somehow it's gotta be a

way to get in there I mean if I can get outside if you figure out a way to

unlock it so anything outside here looks like there's a control panel emergency

fire system and no guards look if this is some sort of prison there's got to be

guards here we've got to draw one out and I've got to use his keycard to open

up this door we just got to get him out but if we can set off some sort of alarm

we can get him out of here from what I'm seeing there's an emergency fire alarm

system here that sprays water if I can somehow get that set off and spraying

towards that control panel it'll set every alarm off in this building and

that'll bring a guard towards us if he opens up this cell door to inspect us I

should be able to take him out I see a way to do that that's a good question

but first things first I need to figure out a way to hack into

that I guess that's first off to that control panel I need to hack into that

sprinkler system looks like one of the guards left his

iPad here now this thing is gonna be triple encrypted now there's no way

getting into this no Logan Paulette has here's terminal access but without the

proper passwords I'm not getting in if you're saying you could hack into the

iPad you can set off the sprinkler system exactly and if I can do that

itself every alarm in this building I just can't get into this street cryptid

come on come on can't get in here I keep getting access to nine

I brought my hacking USB they didn't search you for hacking USB they didn't

search my socks oh this could be perfect alright take it out we really don't do

that don't do that if you miss that's our only way out of here you can't get

any closer because you're tied to the wall there's gotta be a way for you to

get this over to me without risking losing it

there's gotta be some way we can get this over here something huh

something in here maybe is something I can extend to the bars looks like he's

trying to eat some only food oh I'm gonna squish him I'm with a suspicion

what I think you use the cockroach to transfer it the USB we use our food to

lure him oh that's so crazy it might just work okay

wait there's a little hole here I'm gonna pick them up and put them through

there you lure em towards you with the food it's a cockroach

oh jeez Jim your friend oh all right just get it back over here put some food

here it's a big chunk should lure him back all right putting towards the hole

that's gross all right I got the USB now time to hack this water sprinkler all

right time to put the USB in a hurry it's in okay have sussing data protocols

calculating hashes compiling the scripts and tracing the password

come on come on and decryptor there we go

boxes granted I backed into it all right looks like the hacking worked but before

I spray that calls himself the alarm I need a weapon to take out the guard Jake

what are you gonna use I don't know there's gotta be something in here

there's a rock but they'll see me holding it and he's simply fast

something like a projectile a slingshot I've gotta make a slingshot there's some

wire here maybe I can use this this thing looks very elastic II I should be

able to use this as a slingshot all right wrap it around like this now all I

need to do is pull it back and release oh that's gonna work out well this

should knock out the guard easily all right now time to use the sprinkler

system to set up the alarm I'll leave this over here all right

let's see if I can move this water sprinkler all right you should be able

to move it left and right there we go I've got control of it okay all right

squirted it towards myself all right just gotta get it centered

there we go in position and fire whoa it's working whoa we've got it a little

more a little more perfect oh man everyone in this building's gonna be

hearing it I hired Logan the alarms going are you

sleeping come on you got a prison way copy all right the guys gonna be here

any second I've got my slingshot ready when he opens that door when you take

him out let's grab his keycard and then get you

out of that all right get ready to be coming any second now get this ready

here goes nothing oh no here he is three two

be taking this perfect alright now to get his key card okay look I know I'm

gonna get you out of there all right looking all right Logan time to get you

out of there should be able to just place this here and Oh sounds like it

opens Oh Oh all right time to get you out of there buddy

hold still if just look you're out follow me we're not much time before

more guard show up I was able to get his last year Oh perfect

he dropped a cryo grenade check this out these things are deadly oh you might

needed to blast through this door here doesn't look like there's any other way

out and I fried the fuse box when I fell squirted water on it so there's no

hacking into this door the only way out is with this baby are you gonna wanna

stand back all right she's armed ready studying the fuse now in three two why I

was a bit of a rocky ride he was crazy thank you oh that's it a number on the

door all right I'll see you next room oh hold on hold on what's that

it's a hover laser device see those balls hovering you step one foot in this

room and they shoot a high-powered beam of lasers at you they're hovering so

that there's no way to knock them out what if we take them out with the

blaster it might work but not being able to set a foot in that room means you're

gonna have to take the shot from here you want me to take the shot give the

best shot here but we only have three shots with this so you can't miss come

on you can do this three two one oh no you missed the first shot Logan you only

have two more you can't miss three two one oh nice you got one of them all

right there's one left you can do this man okay we got this all

right three two one pull nice we did it you got it man huh all right

now we can step foot in this room chief there's no way out of here what oh no no

no this isn't good something start filling the walls solid

wait right there well it's hollow something behind it but

Jake how are we gonna get in there it's gonna be a way we already use the cryo

mine but wait the laser modulator from the hover laser I should be able to

detach it should just clip out like so this is a high-powered laser device

whoo-hoo now with this we should be able to cut

through walls stand back to make it a little hot

it is perfect she doesn't have a lot of battery left in it can we show you

around the hole there God here we go Wow Oh holds cable off got it

perfect what is that missing I think I know what this is this is molding this

is covering up an old supply shaft we filled in these old things once I use

the bump ground system but there's underground supply shafts under this

place I've seen these before we can dig through this we can dig down into a

secret tunnel and use that to escape it seems some sort of shovel but looks like

we have to start digging

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