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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: HOW TO PREMIERE A VIDEO: USING YOUR PHONE

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hi guys welcome back to my channel so in

today's video everyone this is actually

a request some of my subscribers

actually asked me on how to premiere a

video so I'm making this for you guys so

the first thing that you have to do

everyone is actually just go to your

google chrome that's it and of course

make sure if you're using your phone

make sure that your screen is actually

set into a desktop site you click that

so mine is a set then you put your

channel here your YouTube channel so you

can open your channel so this is my


everyone English teacher in France so

yes like it's just like the usual way

when you upload your video you click

this one and click upload video then you

schedule it and then you click that to

you know choose a video that you want to

upload alright so in my case so it's

here export so this one this will be the

video that I want to upload so yes guys

this get a bit and you can see here on

the right side on the right side

everyone there's actually Premiere ok so

you just need to click that on the right

side you have that premiere so you just

need to click premiere and when do you

schedule your premiere for example in my

case I'm gonna schedule it today

were 24th the 24th of November it may be

at 1:30 okay or yes 1 p.m. maybe okay

that's it

and I will add this to my playlist which

is a tutorial tutorial ok that's it and

then sorry and then after that you see

it's uploading so as soon as the

uploading is finished you just need to

click premiere ok so we will see but

before that I'm going to put the title

of my video this is OK

okay and

and to copy it here

all right and then I'll put here okay

then I'll just add it here on my up all

right so that's it guys then I can put

my thumbnail for this thumbnail should

be here here's my thumbnail so

everything is set everyone I have made

my title my tags and description so

after that you just have to wait really

until the uploading is 100% complete and

then you just have to click premiere on

the right side because you already

scheduled the premiere you need to click

premiere on the right upper side the

blue box there premiere on Sunday

November 24th or the 24th of November


so that's really it guy so yes guys now

only two minutes remaining before the

the uploading is complete so actually

it's already okay for you to click

premiere okay this one and then it's

gonna be premiered in the scheduled time

and you have yes so that's really it

everyone on how to premiere a video so I

hope you guys like this tutorial of mine

if you like that please hit the like

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