Practice English Speaking&Listening with: League of Legends - AD Lux Double Top Edition

Difficulty: 0

Hey! What's up GG (guys and girls)? CouilleBleu's back today to play...

And now, you're going to learn how to play her as the best AD carry in the game.

For runes, I took every runes I could to maximise my Armor Penetration power and the rest are Attack Speed runes to...


Attack faster DUH!

For masteries, I took everything necessary to increase my Attack Damage.

Since you're an AD now, you don't have to go mid as an AP or bot as a support.

So here I am going top with my buttfucking friend Murdered to get the First Blood OH YEAH!

I also go top with my other BFF Krazy to whoop some asses.

When I'm top with someone and my lane is pushed, I hide in the brush to make the enemies think I'm gone.

And then, the cocky one will initiate and I come back to whoop his ass!

Use your skills to CC that fuckabish, don't worry about that Tryndamere because he's not a man before level 6 and you'll get kills, no problem!

Anyone wants to be farmed, so use your Light Binding when the enemy is about to kill a minion and enjoy your threesome.

When you're being pushed, don't come out from your lane.

Instead, come out from the jungle with your BFF to surprise the enemy and, once again, enjoy your threesome.

When your ally is in danger, you're the best champion to save him since you can lay a balloon on the floor

and no one will dare to come near it.

And since your ally didn't back off, you'll have to save him again.

Just follow the enemy with your BFF to scare him and wait for your skills to refresh so you can have a foursome.

People think that Double Top equals trolling, so let's head bot.

The ''meta'' says that a support and an AD range should go to bot lane.

And what does a support do? Hide in the brush.

I take advantage of that and use my Light Binding to trap the support.

Also, notice how the enemy Varus thinks that I'm a support and don't bother attacking me?

Well TOO BAD because my BFF and I switched roles : I'm the AD and he's the support!

That's how great AD lux really is.

You know, with your Kamehameha, you can kill any enemies at low health if they're out of your normal range.

To be precise, you can kill any fuckabish running away.

A fake ninja.

Or a certain someone that stops being a man after 5 seconds.

The downside of AD lux is that you can't finish off an enemy to save your teammate.

Or even scratch the enemies.

(Stupid moron crying with Amumu)

Hrmm Hrmm...Moving on.

A real AD lux will always stay in the back even if it's to save his ally.

If he dies, well TOO BAD all you can to is whoop the enemies' asses to revenge his death.

If no one is at your range, Flash in and use your teammates as a shield to protect you from harm.

In teamfights, she's the best OH YEAH!

You can trap that Fiddlestick and not be hurt by his ultimate.

And then, once again, stay in the back and have a sixsome with Gankplank.

And then, have a fivesome with Anivia since Riven apparently died from pleasure.

What to see another teamfight? No problem!

Oh My Shit! Look at that damage, OH YEAH!

With AD Lux, you don't need to use your skills to save your ally from dying...

and have another fivesome with Anivia.

Woohoo I got a Triple Kill OH YEAH!

I'm the best AD carry in the game.

That's right. No one can compete with the damage I deal to the enemies.

Not even you, Ashe!

Woohoo, another Triple Kill OH YEAH!

Fiddlestick running away? No problem!

You can use all your skills to look for him and when you find him, whoop him with your Auto Attacks.

That's it for today, people! I will now leave you with this last teamfight where I pretty much...

Do lot of damage, but still don't get a single kill.


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