Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Action Bronson Raves About Dublin’s Dining Scene

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Action, how are you, my friend?

-I'm amazing. Couldn't feel better.

I could, but let me not complain.

-You are coming to us live from a gym.

You've dropped some weight. You've shaved your head.

You're feeling good? -Yeah.

Well, let me excuse you a second.

This is a fitness institute.

-[ Laughs ]

-And, yeah, I dropped a little bit of weight, man.

I was a disgusting, despicable animal.

And now I'm feeling a lot better about myself.

-Can I get a picture for my kids?

-Yeah, of course, hold on. Let's take a picture.

Pardon me, hold on. -Oh, my gosh.

Will you stay 6 feet away

from whoever you're taking a picture with?

-I'm going to. Go ahead.

-All right. [ Laughs ]

Action, you cannot be safe when you're in a gymnasium,

or a fitness institution.

-We've all been tested. -All right, good.

You gotta wipe everything down.

-Everything is all good. Trust me.

That was the first time I've actually talked to anybody

in six months.

-And that guy did not --

Is that the normal demographic of your stealthy fan base?

He looked a little bit older.

-Listen, I touch many hearts.

[ Both laugh ]

-You know, usually --

Usually when you come on the show,

we eat some food together.

We've had octopus, some baked ziti.

You were kind enough to send me some of your new ice cream.

This is ice cream you made

with the good people at Morgenstern's, yeah?

-That's right. My guy Nick Morgenstern.

That right there is -- Well, I'm putting out

a new album called "Only for Dolphins."

And I'm sure trying to hit every single sense

of the human accessibility --

flavor, sight...

ear, touch, uh...


[ Both laugh ] -Wait. Was --

Was the third one "hear"? -Yeah, hear.

[ Both laugh ]

So I'm just trying to touch everybody's heart

with different aspects, and that right there is

a charred guava marshmallow tres leches.

Which is inspired by my indigenous Colombian Queen

whom I'm in love with very much,

who we brought a beautiful baby boy into this world with.

-That's fantastic. How old is your baby boy?

-He just turned 8 months.

-8 months. How's he doing?

-He's great. Last month, it was too early,

but now I can literally play him Turkish prog rock

because he can fully understand the progressions

at this point in the juncture of life.

Last month, no.

-7 months is too early for Turkish prog rock.

-Way too early. -But then 8 months, fine.

-Well, he showed me signs. He showed me signs

that he wanted -- he needed this in his life.

-[ Laughs ] It should be noted that

"For Dolphin Only" is also gonna be the name

of your new album, yeah? -Yeah.

Well, you can say it "For Dolphin Only,"

"Only for Dolphins," "Dolphins Only For."

It's really however you feel, because --

-Thank you. -Yeah, 'cause you're a dolphin,

and I know you understand it, and this is for people

who understand it as well as amphibians and reptiles

and different types of species. It's for all species, really.

-When is your album gonna be out?

-I'm hoping the beginning of September.

I don't even know when that is,

'cause I don't even know what the hell today is.

It's been a blur. This has been a mess.

So, I just know it's a day.

-Hey, this new season of "[Bleep] That's Delicious"...

-Oh, yeah. of the nice things

about watching it is remembering a time where you could travel

and eat food and be social.

And one of the places that I think maybe has

a bad reputation for food that is maybe not deserved,

according to you, is Dublin. You had a great time in Dublin.

-Man, what a hidden gem Dublin is.

That is a phenomenal place.

And very eclectic, surprisingly.

We found the best of probably everything

that there is to find in Dublin.

Man, Jamaican, Irish, Scottish mixtures.

Crazy, just -- Mexican food.

Classic, you know, Irish cuisine and just a mixture of everything

in one place with some progressive wine bars

and tremendous gastronomy situations in these little old,

like, hollowed-out train stations.

It's just very cool-looking.

And then right across the way,

you could get the best pint in town,

have a nice conversation with some older men

who use Instagram... [ Both laugh ]

...that refuse to follow you.

I'll be like, "Yo, come on, follow us, man.

Why are you not following us?" "No, I don't want to."

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