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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 이해하면 무서운 이야기 모음 #6 | 이무이 | 달걀몬 | 무서운 이야기 | 오싹툰 | 凄まじい話 | horror story

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the last day of the year

After my part-time job, I took the subway.

It was a little late, so not many people were there.

I closed my eyes for a moment.

Then, a man spoke to me.

Are you 22 years old?

Surprised, I nodded in amazement.

He asked, 'Are you 41 years old?'

To the person next to me.

Then he nodded with a look of surprise, too.

He asked the next person how old he was.

Everyone nodded with astonishment.

He asked the last woman.

Are you 36 years old?

Yes, that's right. But in three minutes, I'll be 37.

When he reached the age of the last man, everyone applauded.

Then a middle-aged man asked him a question.

Can you guess the exact age of another person?

Then he said, weeping.

What I see is life, not age.

There was a car accident while a man and a woman were driving on the road.

The two cars were all smashed up, but the two were fine.

The woman who got out of the car with a hard time,

You're a man. Oh, you're so handsome.

Look at the car.

The car was smashed, but I guess we were destined to meet like this.

God must have made us meet.

Why don't you two enjoy the rest of your life from now on?!"

A man who has never been in a relationship in his life is happy with what a woman says.

He said, 'Is it?'

A woman pulls something out of the passenger seat of her car.

She said to the man,

One miracle happened.

My car is a mess, but this wine isn't broken?

God must have given us a toast.

When she handed the wine to the man, the man nodded,

He drank half the wine and gave it to the woman.

The woman gave the wine to the man again without receiving it.

What are you doing without drinking wine?

Ah, the police will be here soon.

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The first story

The man said, "You're going to be 37 in three minutes."

It means three minutes before January 1st.

He's the last person to get everyone's age.

He cried, "What I see is life, not age."

It means that people will die soon.

That means everyone on the subway is killed in an accident in three minutes.

Second story

The woman tried to get the man to drink wine

I'm taking a shower in the bathroom.

A scream was heard from the kitchen.

Surprised, I'm wearing a towel.

I had to hurry out to the kitchen.

In the living room, there's a masked man.

The bodies of parents and younger sister, all covered in blood, lay in the living room

As soon as the masked man saw me,

He ran out of the window.

I looked at the wide open window.

I sat down trembling.

My husband was on his way home in a fit of annoyance.

Because my husband worked overtime at the company again.

By the way, there was a paper box in front of my house.

He was angry that the trash was lying in front of the house.

In a fit of anger, I hit a paper box with my car and went home.

When I went home, my wife was alone in the house.

The wife asked her husband.

Huh? Why did you come here alone?

I was late for school today.

Because I was late, I had to clean the art room after class.

It took longer than I thought to clean up by myself.

After cleaning,the sun had already set and the surroundings were dark.

I wanted to go home quickly so I prepared to go home.

But I saw a picture that I had never seen before hanging on before.

The picture was a portrait of a very beautiful woman.

Especially, the blue eyes are big and beautiful.

I felt as if I were looking at me.

Somehow I got scared and hurried home.

When I went to school the next day, there was a big commotion.

The painting in the art room was stolen.

I was the last person to see the painting.

My art teacher asked me many questions.

You said there was a painting when you were cleaning?

Sure, but is the picture expensive?

The painting is called Sleeping Beauty.

The painting depicts an acquaintance of his daughter sleeping.

It's not an expensive painting,

The painter and daughter passed away a long time ago.


In the end, the painting was not found.

Strange as it may be, there seems to be no sign of a thief.

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The first story

While I was washing my family after I killed them,

a situation in which the thief

The thief knew the fact and ran away.

Second story

My wife asked me why I came alone.

That means it's strange that the husband came home alone.

That means his child was in the box in front of the car waiting for his father to come.

The man drove past the box without knowing it.

Third story

The name of the picture is Sleeping Beauty.

A baby was born in a maternity clinic.

The nurse checked the baby's condition that night and the child was already dead.

The hospital is trying to cover up the facts.

The hospital took the child of a single mother instead of a dead one.

When she gave birth, she was unconscious.

She hasn't seen the child she had.

And because he chose a child whose gender and appearance are very similar,

The case was never discovered.

The next day, the mother cried when she saw the child.

This is not my child!

Can I really be young with this machine?

Yes, this machine that we developed.

You create a young body that was at its best in your cell.

Put the current memory into your body.

Only the body can rejuvenate as you remember.

I see. I hope you'd.

Then the old man lay on the bed, and the sheets were covered.

After a few hours,

When does it start?

You've been waiting for a long time.

Thank you. It's a success.

But how do you deal with my old body now?

We'll dispose of it. Customer

Then the man moved the bed to the incinerator.

Someone in front of me seems to have succeeded in rejuvenating.

It's finally my turn. Tremble.

Thank you.

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The first story

Because the mother killed the child.

The mother said she wasn't her own child.

Second story

Clones only have the same memories.

a very different being from oneself

A young man is an old man's clone.

A popular star received a call from an anti-fan.

Your family will be in danger in three days.

a call saying

The star thought little of it

In the end, anxious, the star brought a big dog.

He trained the dog. Bite in dangerous situations.

Licking with the tongue in a safe situation

And three days later, a power outage suddenly occurred.

The star called the dog and gave the order.

I felt a licking tongue in my hand.

The star was relieved.

The lights went on, and I checked.

My wife was stabbed to death.

The man was angry and tried to kill the dog. But I thought it was a mistake.

After his wife's funeral, he was talking to his little son.

Another deliberate blackout occurred.

He called the dog, hiding his anxiety.

I felt a licking tongue in my hand again.

When I turned on the light, my son was as dead as his wife.

The angry star killed the dog.

The star retired from his star position and lived in seclusion at home.

A few days later, the anti-fan called.

Antipan spoke in a quiet voice.

You trained the dog? But can only dogs lick with their tongues?

There was a woman named Sawazaki.

She was very fat.

One day, she happened to know the Diet phone number.

a fat figure weighing 70 kilograms

She made up her mind, 'Let's make a phone call, that's ridiculous.'


I heard a man's voice.

Oh, I called because I said I could lose weight.

What's your name?

My name is Sawazaki.

How much do you weigh?

I weigh 70 kilograms.

How many kilograms do you need to lose?

Ten kilos.

10kg? Is that enough?

Oh, it's really possible, right? Well, then, 20 kilos!

All right.

I looked down at my body after the phone was cut off.

Her body is still limp, thick arms, and legs.

It hasn't changed at all.

Like a fool

She fell asleep feeling sad.

The next morning.

Sawazaki with both limbs cut off from under the bed was found

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the first story

He trained the dog. a bite in a dangerous situation

licking with the tongue in a safe situation.

But the training didn't work.

What does it mean to say, 'Can only dogs lick with their tongues?'

The unsub knows how the star trained the dog,

The criminal licked him with his tongue.

The star, who didn't know the truth, was relieved to think that the current situation was safe.

Second story

the man who said he was giving her a diet.

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