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Here we are at Quartzsite and my god, I'm glad you sat down, you're so tall. Now we're

sort of equal. Yeah [laughing]

Now you have a Campfire In A Can? Yes.

And how do you like your Campfire In A Can? I love it.

Best thing I ever bought. Where do you use it most of the time?

Around the campfire, round the little circle rigs.. we got six rigs now in the desert and

we got the campfires out in the middle of them.

How many Campfire In A Can's do you have there? 4

4 So a lot of people buy em after they see them

eh? Well thats what happened to us, one guy bought

it, and then the next guy bought it the next day, and the third guy bought it the third

day and the fourth guy bought his the fourth day.

So we all got,. 4 of them. So it's obvious you like em!

We love em! [laughing]

They're a good product. That's great.

Whats the best feature about it do you think? Just the fact that you got a fireplace that

you don't have to wood on, you dont have smoke you don't have sparks, you dont have anything

that's dangerous. All you need is an LP gas can and everybody's got one.

That's great.

So you'd have no problem recommending it to people who are watching this on their computer

and maybe thinking about buying it online or anything?

Not at all, in fact, I had a bad valve and you just gave me a brand new valve for free.

So I love it. [laughing]

Well, I guess that's customer service isn't it?

It's the best. Thank you very much for coming by and seeing

us. You're welcome sir. We appreciate it.

Thank you. OK.

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