Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Dune (1984): Working in the Heat

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When we were Juárez in the desert in high summer

and it was not so much problem for us

we decided to work very early in the morning

from about 5am

until about 1:30pm, and we'd call it a day

but that's mainly because the actors were wearing rubber suits

and they were falling down like nine pins

so it was very unbearable for them for that

period of about two weeks in Juárez in the high summer.

Some images I've never forget, one was

working with Max von Sydow on a sound stage at Churubusco Studios

and we are all dressed in these rubber suits

which were very uncomfortable

designed by Bob Ringwood who is known for

using a lot of leather, he did the Batman stuff

among many others, but it looked great

and I remember Max standing there talking to Jürgen

and I looked down and his hands there was just sweat sort of dripping off

all of his fingers, I mean it was out of frame but it was just this...

I thought to myself, that's amazing because Max is very imposing,

he is like six six or somthing you know fantastic voice, and wonderful presence,

and here he was, you know, working, concentrating

and yet under great, you know,

under great stress, I said, he's a trooper, you know, way to go Max.

The Description of Dune (1984): Working in the Heat