Practice English Speaking&Listening with: [SM페셜] 우리집에 엑소가 집들이 온다면? (feat. 대환장파티)

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[MINSEOK's peaceful home]

We're having a housewarming party today~

[But guests have arrived]

[to break (?) that peace?]

[All the members are gathered]

[for a noisier]


[and more hectic]

[housewarming at MINSEOK's!] Here we go!

[He's hard at work preparing for the housewarming] This...


[The first guest has just arrived]

[D.O. appears] Ah this is nice~

[Scurry] It's really nice~

[D.O. calmly looks around]

It's nice. It's a nice place~

[The most harmless duo] [A peaceful party of penguin and fairy] MINSEOK, you're pretty successful~

-You are~ - Is it okay? - Yeah.

Someone's here.

[But that peace does not last long] Is someone here?

[Noise +1] What's with the house~

[The members start to gather..] - What's with the house~ - Living the life, MINSEOK, living the life~

- I'm here! - You here?

[The moment the audio track comes] - Thanks to you guys~ - You really made the cut~

[Here and there] It's big.

[Corner to corner] What's this?

[MINSEOK's house is suddenly full]

What can I help with?

- Help me set the table. - Table?

Where are the dishes? [Looking for the dishes] Where am I supposed to find the dishes?

[Looking for dishes/I've never been to this house before..]

[Looking for dishes] [The kitchen is full of people looking around]

[Looking about the house] The place is nice. [Found the dishes]

Hoo~ It's so hectic~

[They're just getting started]


[Joking around] - What's inside here? - You can open that.

What's this? [Occupying themselves]

[Even calm D.O...]


[Mischievous BAEKHYUN] Now here's today's first order~

One four-flavored pasta~

[Where am I...who am I...?]

[Things will be quiet when we eat, right..?]

- Did you season this? - What's this called?

- It comes seasoned. - This is stir-fried bacon and bean sprouts, right?

- That is so good! - Isn't it beef brisket and bean sprouts?

Did you learn how to make this?

Do you not have any pickles?

[Wa-wait guys..!] [Hectic] Would you talk one at a time!

[That's when a strange (?) object appears] Don't say what this is.

Let's try and guess what this is for! [Suddenly it's time for a quiz]

What is this for?

[Stretching?] You hook a string to this and stretch, right?

[No it's a donut eating game apparatus]

[Pull] Don't pull, don't pull!

Oh you're not supposed to pull this?

When you get on a bus, sometimes the bus is full.

I'm getting off at this stop~

[Everyone bursts into laughter]

[But it turns out to be a curtain strap]

Huh? Don't lie now~ (talks cutely)

Like this.


[Proven dead wrong] I need to have a talk with whoever made this.

[Dead, dead wrong] It doesn't look very nice.

[2000 won more expensive] I think this is more like a bus handle.

[The owner acquiesces] But it does seem more fitting for a bus.

I can just use a finger.

[I don't know anymore] [music.. is my life..]


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