Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Voice Activated Hot Dog Blaster

Difficulty: 0

Yell what you want.


Aah! Whoa!

Oh, Hello there- -You are a lot shorter in real life.

Weal life? Wheel life?

Thanks Tommy for the shirt, and I think you need a new shirt.

Let me just dig through this pile- large, large, large, Ah kid's medium, perfect.

-I can't believe these survived your house fire. -They were in my car.

What are we making today? I'll give you a hint, it's a giant strawberry.

That's actually not true at all, we found this at a garage sale-

-Wow, that has absolutely nothing to do with the video.

Well, it will, because we're making a voice-activated condiment...


Dispenser. -Dispenser.

There we go. Jinx, you owe me a strawberry vase.

-It's 50 cents.

I really hope none of these broke. They're like 11 dollars each.


Yeah, they're not cheap.

-I'm glad I didn't pay for these.

So the plan is to mount these valves, have a container which is full of a condiment, air pressure is pumped into the tank,

It squirts the condiment through and then out the nozzle.

I- I have no idea what we're doing.

-I never have an idea w- what I'm doing.

You are just... a giant treat.

-You know pliers exist.


Do you hear anything?

-No, that's a good seal! Why does everything you make look like a bomb?


*Laughing* Whaa!


No no no it's on, you just have to set valve. Once you flick that, it's just gonna be ketchup hell.

-Oh no!

Oh dear, we've made a mess. Aah!

Looks like someone died in here! I was like prepared to go back like 20 feet!

Good job Will! -This is really gross.

There's really nothing more to build on camera. I like what... it's gonna be boring.

-They got it. Whatever.

Warped wood is totally fine when you're gonna just end up spraying ketchup

all over the whole thing. -Maybe it'll fix it.

What do you doi- do you need help?

Three mayonnaise, four mayonnaise... I feel bad if we empty them out no one else is gonna be able... Well, what if other people need mayonnaise.

-They can come to the hot dog party. Okay.

-Ketchup, ketchup...

Uh, we're going to the park right now, we put a notice that we're gonna be there at 4 p.m..

I think this is the quickest, about one hour, so hopefully at least a handful of people show up.

Trying to finish putting it together.

We have hot dogs sitting in the crock-pot, Michael is in there struggling with some software.

Oh, How long have you been there?

Five seconds? Five minutes? Yes?!


I look like I'm insane!

Hey kids. This takes your voice, shoots it up to the Google Cloud API where Google engineers...

*Bleep* Was gonna say *Bleep* is that okay?



We send information to the Google Cloud API, and then it gives us what it thinks we said back, and then that's a condiment shoot.

-Ketchup. You gotta be a little more sensual with...

Ambulance...? *Laughing*

Cameraman John, hold on to that hot dog water!

The car behind me is angry but he doesn't understand that we've got a giant tub of hot dog water.

Hello, and welcome to the startup hot dog stand!

We also didn't buy any city permits whatsoever.

-What's a city permit, Will?

That is a good question Michael.


It doesn't look like anyone has any interest in our free hot dogs.

We haven't even put the sign up though, that could be the reason why?

Or maybe, there's just something about US that is scaring everyone away.

-Almost definitely.

We have cute hats...

Hello there, our first customer! What uh, what can I get for you? A hot dog?

-Yeah, a hot dog would be nice.

Alright, slap that boy in. What toppings would you like?

-Ketchup and mustard.

-Oh, jesus

Oh, it's not plugged in!

What kind of toppings would you like?

-Ketchup and mustard?

What kind of toppings would you like? -Ketchup and...

What kind of toppings would you like?

-Ketchup and mustard.

Whu- Michael that's a lot of ketchup!

How do we make it stop?!

[Michael] -That's a spicy meatball!

Where's the mustard?

-The what?? The mustard?

The mustard!

-The what did you want besides this?

[Off camera] -The mustard? What is it-? Why is this-

Ah! -You wanted mustard?!

*Laughing* Look at how the ketchup-!

I kinda wanna see what happens when you say "Relish"!

-That's mayonnaise...

Hello other customer- -Wait you forgot your hot dog!

We're serving another customer at the moment-

No no no no no no, open the bag Michael!

-Put in the whole... Who's going to eat this?!

-She is!!

We're gonna do a hard reset, thank you Michael.

*Whoosh sound*

Ah, man...

[Off camera] -No laser cutting? No, this is all manufactured by hand, because...

How many days was this in the making?

-Two? [Michael] -Yesterday.

-Yesterday and this morning.

Step right up, anyone in the audience step right up.

You fine sir!

What uh- kind of... toppings would you want? You gotta yell it over here.

-Uh, nacho...

-Nacho choco?

That's de- chocolate sauce and mayonnaise.

Wow, why isn't that stopping, Michael?

I hope that servo is chocolate-proof.

[Off camera] -That's too much chocolate.

How do we make it stop?! Why- -Just say "now".

[Off camera] -Now.

[Michael] -Shame. -Stop!

Does it just pressurize and continue for ages?

-Wow, that doesn't sound like a software problem, more of an engineering problem, Will.

Well. I'm gonna be honest,

I don't think really any engineering went into this.


*Laughing* -Oh, it's out!

Hey, I don't want you to touch it because you might get diabetes.


[Michael] -I'm so-

*Laughing* Is it that bad?!

-I don't like mayonnaise.

*Laughing* Where did it all go so wrong?!

-3 out of 10.

Wow, we got 3 points!

-Don't touch me with your glove!


[Off camera] -I have baby wipes in my car?

I don't think baby wipes are gonna help!

Michael, I think we bought too many hot dogs.


Wh- Uh- What?!

"Cause up"?

-"Just cause up"


Yeah!! *Laughing*

Personally I love the... "yin-yang"!

*Machine stuttering*

I don't want to give that to him...!

Screw you Jackson Pollock!

Well, I'd say that's a success.

-Me too, Will!

Good job, Michael. Take a- Oh yeah, we are doin this-


-That's a... good thumbnail, Will...

Go check out Michael's video. You might need parental- parental permission... there's a little bit of swearing.

But we tried to build a machine that tases us when he swears, and I didn't want to swear.

So instead we made it tase me when I read Dr. Seuss- -Yeah, when you read a Dr. Seuss book.

Yeah, Green Eggs and Ham.

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-Really good reviews!

-You're welcome! Or I'm sorry.

Alright, bye again!

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