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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 3 common conversation mistakes

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James Rainwood special occasion here

thomas the turtle your tutor so Thomas

is a tutoring turtle tutor main teacher

we have mystery professor with a slide

is make common man because he's kind of

dirty as a snake and now we have Thomas

turtle tutor look for him we're going to

be doing some lessons on workbook you'll

probably see Thomas turtle the tutor on

the workbook lessons okay anyway Thomas

turtle is going to introduce to you some

very common English mistakes because

that's what a tutor does

they look at mistakes that people make

and they try and help you after you've

learned a lesson now in this particular

case we're going to look at one will be

a pronunciation mistake in English we

have stuff stuff to stop is this and we

have staff okay what's the difference

students generally know when they see

what the difference is but the

pronunciation is difficult and sometimes

they get confused or maybe you don't

even know what the word is so let's go

to the board okay stop in English art

general things when you have like books

and pens and things on a table someone

may say to you who stuff is this and in

this case they mean whose things do

these belong to or you say this is my

stuff usually we don't use stuff for one

person because you can't say this is my

stuff it doesn't make any sense

really so what we say is stuff is for

many things or a few this is my stuff

this makes sense not singular

okay so stuff is for general things that

you have and it doesn't matter what they

are they can be paper or book or pen

their stuff it's a nice catchphrase or

covers everything another thing for

stuff is to when you push something hard

into another thing it's not organized so

if I'm trying to stop this in here and

you can see it's not alright I'm just

going to push so stuff it in it's not

organized okay so that's another thing

sometimes stuff is for noun general

things sometimes stuff is for a verb to

push one thing into another thing and

not an organized

way using force okay staff I'm sorry let

me finish this low stuff if you do the

pronunciation kind of rhymes with tough

and Bluff tough isn't kind of strong

hard to break and Bluff when you're

pretending bluffing so if I say I'm

going to kill you right now right

through Ingvild even oh no no I'm just

bluffing I'm not going to do it my bluff

is I don't have a gun that's number one

and you're watching a video film five

months ago you're cool you're okay so

I'm bluffing usually use it in poker

people will Bluff they will pretend to

have cards that they do not have to

trick you that's bluff and tough means

hard to break this pen is tough strong

so stuff top Bluff repeat again stuff

tough blood repeat and that's the

difference with stuff and pushing the

verb staff staff okay

staff this is people who work in an

office when you go to the office there's

a secretary hello good morning welcome

to Ingrid how may I help you

and then there are people working the

office technically they usually help

some higher official like the President

or another higher person in the office

that's called the staff who is your

staff okay now staff isn't just for that

it's also for offering assistance when

you go to a store like McDonald's or a


there's restaurant stuff they come up hi

can I help you what would you like today

they are serving you or offering you

assistance office and offer two O's and

s so the staff usually works with the

offer offer and assistance the last

thing stuff which doesn't usually come

up or staff is this one when somebody's

walking and they have that stick that's

a pimp walk by the way but they usually

older people have one you know an older

person kind of bent over I know an old

way to say this is staff is walking

staff okay so and here we have staff

laughs math

okay so let's say it again ready to you

for repeat okay

so staff laughs math that's the episode

so the big difference when people have

problems is is usually the pronunciation

ah and uh so stuff tough Bluff uh staff

la math ah cool next mistake

Thomas turtle tutor going to help us

with will and would a second will Thomas

turtle will and would of course you've

done grammar us you say James I know

this already why are you telling me it's

not that you know it it's the mistake

you make with it generally when students

are thinking about something they know

will not happen but they wish it would

okay so should put wish up here they

wish it would they generally use will by

accident things they say if I won a

million dollars I would buy a no so my

mistake that's what you should say they

would say I will buy a car and then as a

teacher I have to say do you have a

million dollars say no teacher I don't

well how will you buy a car little

teacher what do you mean it's usually

forgetting this will there's a lesson on

oppa please check it out and it explains

the OPA for what will does one of the

things it does is makes a promise I will

help you I'm promising to do this

another thing is the future I will go to

the store in five minutes so when you're

saying this we're talking about actual

things we believe we can do well would

does have a sense its type two will it's

usually uses a conditional and in

conditionals we're saying if this then

this and if this doesn't happen this

will not happen so it's got more of an

imaginary field there's no promise to it

we're saying it's based on or will only

happen if something else happens we use

it for the imaginary to say I can

imagine it happening if these conditions

are right so if I if these conditions

are right I can imagine this happening

what if I saved a dollar a day I would


a million dollars in a million days I

can imagine this it's not a fact it's

not I'm not going to do it

so students often get it wrong try not

to so if somebody says to you I know you

don't like your wife what would you do

to make yourself happy if you say I will

kill her

you'll hear oh wow and the police will

arrest your us I said a bad word they

will arrest your bottom okay but if you

said I would kill her to make myself

happier then we go oh that's not very

nice but you won't go to jail boys and

girls that's the important part

okay so keep that in mind if it's

imaginary and it's not real not actual

you don't plan on doing it you're not

making a promise use wood okay so I said

okay too many times I'm changing my word

finally thank you students all over the

world one day I like to walk to my

boss's office and get corrected in

English because I heard the students say

this so many times I thought it was

English until I had to think about and

go I'm confused now I'm gonna fix you so

you never do this to me again all of you

never again okay you cannot use near -

you may say I hear near - all the time

teacher or I've heard near - for my

whole life that's because you're not

educated there's no such thing it's when

people take two different things and put

them together and think they both need

clothes so we'll just say it these two

things are this close to and near easily

confused to correct near - I understand

why students do it because you got near

and close - they almost mean the same

thing about distances so hey why don't

we make soup what English yay put them


I know cannot do it son it's wrong by

the way I want to thank Ray for that

that's my new thing

son okay son let's go to the board close

to means not exact right approximate so

it's got and we usually use it for

quantity close to 15 people came to my

house maybe 12 maybe 20 I'm not sure but

it was close to this approximate

okay next here's one we use for usually

used for relationships more than near if

I'm close to someone it means I like

them a lot and we have a very

emotionally tight relationship or strong

relationship so if I say he's close to

his mother he really loves her because

they're close not close to his mother

they don't like each other

cool so close to someone he's

emotionally strong bond next the easy

one distance this is close to my house

America is close to Canada check on a

map and if you still can't find it you

need to get another map all right near

in this case near and close to our same

that's why I understand why students

make this mistake because it's near time

for me to end this class it's coming up

in a second but near close you know near

five o'clock means close to five o'clock

you can change it or it's near my place

close to my place they're similar here

and distance but one thing near can do

close to con 2 is move it's a verb it

has a verb use as a day drew nearer

right means come closer blue side closer

he neared the the ceiling getting close

movement so near means movement

this one doesn't okay so now you know

the basic meanings for this and you know

never to say near to again I know you

had near to perfect English but you

don't son okay close to an ear that I

know it's good quick review and then

we'll be done

this video has been brought to you about

the staff of England we like to put

stuff in there that you can learn from

ok stuff remember things stack people

who help or assist you next we would

like to help you further we can imagine

doing so and we will if you come to the

site imagine promise

so we promise to help you finally close

to a near close to five million people

have seen this video by the time you see

it will be nearer to let's see I use the

verb form uh-huh actually comparative

form nearer to maybe ten billion like

the population of the world we can only

wish people anyway thank you very much

this has been a production with

James and Thomas the turtle the new to

the tutoring turtle and please go to


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