Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Soy Luna 2 | Juliana announces the contest for solo artists (ep. 42) (Eng. subs)

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Alright, guys. Everyone come. I have something very important to say.

Is it about the competition?

Girls, it's about the new open.

It's something that requires a lot of attention. Because it can change someone's life.

How can it change our lives?

What is she saying?

Do you want to know? Are you ready?

How can it change our lives?

It's a price from Vidia.

And it has something to do with the next open.

For the best performance?

Something like that.

Every performance will be streamed.

And obviously after that they will be uploaded on the site of Vidia.

There will be a ranking of every video.

And the two videos that have the most views and the most likes, will be finalists.

To decide the winner, there will be a duel in the second roller jam of the year.

And the winner will get a very special price.

We have to start come up with the choreography now.

Wait a moment, you can't make duos.

Every performance is for solo artists.

That are the conditions.

What is the price?

Good question.

The winner will record his own album and Vidia will help launch a career as solo artist.

It's the opportunity that I'm looking for. I have to win.

And now, think about who will be participating.

Count on me.

You left this.

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