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(bells ringing)

- Hi guys, My name is Srikrishna,

and today I'm gonna be climbing Seven Hills,

which in total is 3550 steps.

It's a challenge for me cause I've never done this before.

Guys we're gonna visit some temples and some

ancient places on the way.

Guys this is a huge challenge for me, so wish me luck.

So let's go check it out.

(lively drum beats)

This is the first temple on the way

It's stone sculptures are amazing.

(upbeat percussion)

(birds chirping)

Here is a riddle.

What goes up and down and doesn't move?

Yup, it's the stairs. You get it?

Guys, this is the beginning and I climbed 30 steps so far,

and we still have a long way.

(lively drum beats)

(birds chirping)

guys look at this amazing stone art!

This is maybe like 2000 years ago.

(upbeat percussion)

(birds chirping)

guys right now it has been 100 steps

(upbeat percussion)

(birds chirping)

guys I'm just relaxing for a bit

cause it's been a lot of steps.

Guys there are even three year old babies doing this.

(upbeat percussion)

(birds chirping)

guys this is step 600 and I'm not sweating that much

cause there's this nice cool breeze coming through.

That's cool.

(upbeat percussion)

(birds chirping)

Guys, look how many steps we've covered.

We've covered 750 steps, and right now

I'm still not sweating because there's still

more breeze coming cause we're getting higher eventually.

(funky beat)

(birds chirping)

guys I'm just having a little break

cause it's already been a lot of steps

(funky beat)

(birds chirping)

Guys look where we are!

We officially passed 1000 steps, so let's keep going.

(birds chirping)

Guys steps are getting steeper and steeper,

so let's keep going.

(sluggish percussion)

(birds chirping)


Guys we passed one third of the way.

It's a lot guys. Right now I'm sweating a lot.

(funky beat)

(birds chirping)

Guys my legs are hurting so much!

This is so steep.

Guys, a fire ant just bit me I'm so--

It hurts so much.

Ah that hurts. Hurts so much.

Yah, there are a lot of ants here.

Especially fire ants.

It hurts so much, but we just have to keep going.

- [Man] Yes yes, that's the life.

One should keep going, huh?

And it doesn't hurt, huh?.

- Yes it does

- No it doesn't

It pains a little bit.

Hurt is different and pain is different.

You say hurt because it is related to the heart.

Your heart is not being affected due to walking or climbing.

It pains! Pain is different and hurt is different.

Remember that.

Come on, let's go!

(upbeat percussion)

Guys the fire ant bite still hurts,

but the good news is that we passed half way!

Right here.

(upbeat percussion)

(birds chirping)

Guys this is way harder than I thought

it's too extreme.

(upbeat percussion)

Guys we just passed 2000 steps,

and I'm just celebrating with some lemon soda.

(upbeat percussion)

(birds chirping)

(shouts in foreign language)

guys this is a Gali Gopuram; this is very important.

It goes so high you can see it

from 100 miles from it's range.

And this is a symbol for God.

And let's keep on moving.

Look at this amazing stone art!

(upbeat percussion)

(birds chirping)

(upbeat percussion)

Guys so from here in the next two kilometers

We're just gonna be walking until the next set of stairs.

Guys, I don't know if you can see this,

but there's an ancient well right there.

It's 2000 years old.

(upbeat percussion)

(noisy crowd)

So guys, this is a famous pit stop for pilgrims,

like tea and coffee over here.

(upbeat percussion)

(birds chirping)

Guys 1400 more left! Let's go.

(sluggish percussion )

(birds chirping)

Guys so far this has been an awesome walk.

I really recommend this.

It's very scenic.

(upbeat percussion)

(noisy crowd)

Guys look at this really thick forest.

(birds chirping)

So guys, on the walk, I just found a deer park,

and you get to feed them!

So guys, I'm attempting to feed the deer.

At first I was scared to hand feed

because I thought they would bite off my fingers.

But they were really friendly and careful.

I guess they are used to this.

(upbeat percussion)

So guys we just passed 2850,

and I'm really excited to finish this

Cause this is huge!

It's like thirteen kilometers.

It's a lot.

(upbeat percussion)

So guys this is the famous Hanuman Temple here.

The Hanuman is huge here, it's just like,

we're ganna go explore a little bit.

Guys look how much coconuts I found!

Let's go try one.

Guys I got the coconut, and if you didn't know

I really love coconut water.

(upbeat percussion)

(birds chirping)

So guys if you didn't know this takes

three to six hours just to do this.

(upbeat percussion)

(birds chirping)

Guys did you know that sometimes people

can spot cheetahs in this forest?

(birds chirping)

(upbeat percussion)

You guys I'm very tired, it's getting dark,

and there's still a long way to go.

(upbeat percussion)

Guys look at that beautiful sitting area!

(upbeat percussion)

I have got to walk four kilometers on the road.

(upbeat percussion)

Guys look at the view.

So guys, if you see those lights over there,

that's where we're gonna walk,

and we have to go to a temple.

(car honks)

(bright percussion)

So guys this is the last set of stairs right here,

and we have to go on our knees.

So guys this is the steep part, and let's do it.

(bright percussion)

Guys it's getting really dark,

and we're on the final steps of stairs.

I know it's kind of blurry cause it's so dark,

so here we go, it's right there.

Let's climb it.

(bright percussion)

Do you know what's the good thing with climbing stairs?

Well, you will reach new heights.

You get it?

(bright percussion)

Guys I'm so close in being done!

Only 400 more steps left.

Wish me luck!

Guys, this is the final stretch of stairs.

The whole thing is going to take me five hours.

Some people say you can do it in three hours,

but let me explain why it's taking longer for me.

First, did you realize I'm a 9 year old?

This is quite a "step-up" from my usual walking you see.

Guys, see this. We only have 100 more steps left!

I'm really excited! So let's go.

Oh, did I mention I'm doing this climb barefoot?

I made a mistake of climbing too fast in the beginning,

and so I had to slow down in the second half.

But I think I will pull through.

And oh, if you noticed I noticed I took

a little bit too much time feeding the deers.

(Bright percussion)

(bells clanging)

Guys we're finally done!

After all this, did you know what we did?

We climbed 3550 steps, and we hiked for five kilometers.

I'm so happy!

Guys this is a great personal achievement.

Thanks for watching.

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