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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Final Fantasy VII Remake Graphics Comparison / Scene Comparisons (Original FF7 vs 2020 Trailer)

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the best of the best like Sephiroth

tell me is it really you

are we on schedule please mr. president I am asking you to reconsider

no begging director to restate the stench of the directors cowardice fills

the room yet again Marco supersaturation confirmed engaging material culling to

reduce temperature at am director you have a meeting shortly Jones stop your

timing is impeccable atrocious oh dear oh dear

a man of my refined tastes running out of butter

welcome to the honeybee and true beauty is an expression of the heart a thing

without shades - which notions of gender don't apply

perfection not a word not even one no but you're so pretty

today's right to be seen pathetic which one of you said that

you got a mouth on you

we having a wonderful town kicking the hornet's nest you know when I

a second day is just the fearless so what the hell is a fascinating question

didn't talk I am that what you see before you

nothing a touching reunion

very very good and thus is the hypothesis proven

correct I can only hope you will continue not to disappoint come on

avalanche H t-tau anybody fuck up

we're here to rescue Aaron remember we don't need more attention than what

we're going to get yeah

I know these people and I know they're never gonna let Eric go she's the last

living ancient on a planet II think about what that means to Chenault

scientists this is the source of everything


this General Electric Power Company isn't the real enemy

promise you there's a much bigger threat I just want to do everything in my power

to help all of you and the planet


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