Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Opal Ocean - POZIBLE New Album Campaign

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I think we finally, found the sound we were looking for.

We have an awesome album in the making.

But...what really is possible with two guitars?

So we're doing this crowdfunding campaign

To make this project possible.

We have the songs, we have everything else.

We just need to make it happen!

This is it!

This is the big album we've been wanting,

It might even be a double disk at this rate!

This new album is going to be really exciting.

We've pushed the boundaries and pushed ourselves a lot!

Not just technically but also just our compositions,

The way we write, the way we kind of communicate.

We really want to push everything so we can get it...

To the best level!

Now we're thinking of putting some decent amount of time

In the studio

Really working on all the awesome things.

And we've already spent a lot of time at home,

In our home studio,

Getting the songs to an awesome point.

Now it's just getting the production to that next level.

You know, to put this in perspective,

Propably just 10% of the music

That we already have created

Is going to make it on the final album.

The bar is very high!

Recording an album is something relatively expensive.

We're looking at $1,000 at least per day.

$1,000 A DAY!

Just for the studio.

Studio time with engineer.

Not including mixing, mastering, production...

Just studio!

Busking is not what it used to be, you know.

We're not able to just go on the streets,

And, you know, raise $30,000 for six months.

We've kind of hit a bit of a road block

Because now all the money that we make

Goes so we can keep touring

And keep getting out to you guys.

So the problem we're finding is that,

We want to keep playing shows,

We want to keep that momentum.

But the cash flow isn't what it used to be fore busking.

So with this campaign, if you get involved,

We're going to be able to give you an awesome album,

But also a whole bunch of unique things!

Yeah T-shirts,


And we're going to be releasing the tabs

For "Mexicana" and "J.A.M."

One of the reward is actually going to be

My personal guitar.

This is a guitar I've used not just in the viral video

And busking for the last four years.

But it's actually been in studio with us

To record "LOST FABLES" and "Mexicana"!

Even if you guys don't have the money to support us,

Honestly, that's OK.

Because we understand not everyone

Is in the position to help.

What's important here is just

Spreading the message!

So even sharing the video if you don't have the money

Honestly, that helps!

So, let's make this happen!

And I really hope we can see

Some of you guys on tour

And get to share some of your stories,

To share some of our stories.

But thank you again for tuning in.

Hopefully we will see you on the road!

Cheers Guys!!

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