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Donald Trump prepares a fiscal bomb against mexico a border tax and

a reduction in charges to companies in the usa would return

automatically less competitive to Mexico causing more damage than a

renegotiation or exit agreement of the free trade agreement with

america north of 4 the whole story news friends increase my name

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channel is free this is the note of the day of the donor or may affect

economically to mexico and with serious consequences and you can do it without

move a single comma to the treaty of free North American trade from its

campaign of the New York businessman promised to lower taxes on

corporate to bring investments back to the American union for another

part follows the plan to apply a new tax on Mexican products that

enter your territory all this can be done with a reform

fiscal that I will present to your secretary of the treasure

steven mnuchin and without violating any rule of the commercial agreement between mexico

united states and canada on the subject of free trade agreement follows many

things in it the fiscal plan is much more serious not

You need to put Canada in the play has to approve the congress that has

Republican majority water says valeria moi director of the economic observatory

mexico how are we going how can you answer Mexico before this would have to come down

taxes but their weak finances public can suffer even more in the

fiscal aspect the government has few bullets to answer donald trump the

Secretary of Foreign Affairs Luis videgaray said that you could review the

tax policy of the country in case of let us make changes what is a

fact is that Mexico has to be open to that in case there is a

tax reform that puts Mexico in disadvantage as a country we have to be

open to doing the same, he added secretary of finance- in a

radio interview on the 24th of February the government of the president

enrique peña grandson made a reform fiscal that went into effect and was very

criticized by the private sector is applied the supposed tax reform and what

What he did was reduce the capacity of money development and less possibility

of investment to improve the plant productive national if we take into account

that the 10 about mexico income is 35% them

they have a competitive advantage that happened As of 2014, the

supposed tax reform what he did reduce development capacity less

money less investment possibilities to improve the productive plant

national arnulfo gómez argues Anahuac university will be a disadvantage

huge for mexico because companies they will see a more suitable environment for

your business valeria moi from mexico how are we going said

that the most natural response government would also lower taxes

because of its weak public finances, will allow it in 2016 spending

public in Mexico was greater than we expect the amount of 611 thousand 934

million pesos to the provisions of the program due to more contributions to

pemex to the federal commission electricity more federal participations adjusted to

sorry states and municipalities that they left more tributary collection

according to the finance report public and public debt of the

secretariat of finance in December 2016 on the other hand the public debt

up to 50% of the gross domestic product that coupled with weak growth is reason

to lower the credit rating of the government something that is imminent by

several analysts if donald trump takes off forward your tax reform the truth

gentlemen the fate of the free treaty trade will be the least important for

mexico is going to hit us donald trump prosecutors if you continue if

continues with his intention to crumble the economy of mexico and if also

our politicians want to do what crumble the economy of Mexico

they are also going to finally achieve news friends at the moment subscribe

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