Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Ellen Gives a Backstage Tour

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Hi, everybody.


Look at all those smiling faces.

Thank you so much.


Welcome to day three of my comeback season.


Oh, it's nice to see all your smiling faces

on those monitors.

And if you don't laugh at my jokes,

I'm just going to assume that the screen has frozen.


As you can see, there are a few other differences

in the studio.

I'm doing my monologues from now.

And tWitch's booth is a little bit closer to me,

but not close enough that we would get in trouble.

This is only our third show in the studio since March,

because we haven't been here at all.

I thought I should take a quick walk around and make

sure everything's where I left it.

So walk with me, won't you.

Come this way.

Oh, walking music.

I like it.

I'm just going to water my wall here, my green wall, because--




I don't feel.


OK, nice and green and plastic?

I think they were trying to scare me there.


All right.

Oh, I'm going to check on the lighting guy.

Dickie, are you still there?

I'm still here, Ellen.

OK, yeah, he hasn't come down for the entire quarantine.


OK, good talking to you, Dickie.


He just had that one line.


OK, something else I have to do?

I brought mop Mary back from at my house.

I was yeah.

Mop Mary was at the house with me when we were shooting there.

I won't need her at home anymore.

All right, she was with me the whole time.

When the cameras weren't rolling,

I would just talk to her.

And I used her.

I'd clean the bathroom a few times,

but anyway, I'm just going to put her back now, OK?

So I like the walking music.

This is great.

You should get walking music get home.


OK, I'm going to put mop Mary back

where I have a dustpan Zenor and Andy, the toilet brush.


OK, thanks.

Hi, Mary.


Hi, Ellen.


Good to see you again.

Nice to see you.

All right, yeah, we have this dustpan Zenor

and the toilet brush, Andy.

OK, these are prop jokes.


OK, oh, good, all of my instruments.

That's great.

I didn't want to harp on it, but I

want to make sure they were all still here.


still in tune.

OK, make sure there's my giant checks right here.

They're all ready to go.

I got to start using Venmo, I think.

Oh, my fan mail is here.



Oh, past due electric, past due water, treasury, notice.

You know what, my mistake, these aren't fan mail.


Oh, the TCL TV is here.

This is my stand by audience.

They're waiting to see if--


Oh, hey, tWitch.

Hi, Ellen.

How are you?

I'm great.

How are you?

You just warming up?

Yeah, just getting ready--

Getting ready to go?

--to do my thing.

Is that how you do it?

Yeah, so I was kind thinking like--

Oh, is that what you're doing today?

I'm thinking I'm probably going to go out and do some of this.


I think I've got to it.

I think you'll do it.

All right, incorporate that in there.

OK, cool.

I think we need music.



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