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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Vighnaharta Shree Siddhivinayak

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'I am Siddhivinayak.'

'Siddhivinayak, situated in Prabhadevi.'

'And this story is based on the true occurances..'

'..of the miracles experienced by my devotees.'

You have become very smart, brother.

I can't help it. After all, I am your brother.

Parvati, both our children have grown up. - Yes.

They both are energetic, smart and intelligent as well.

So let's hold a competition between the two of them.

What competition?

Just watch.

Son Ganesh. Son Kartik.

Come here.

Yes, father. - Listen.

Today I am thinking of testing both of you.

What kind of a test, father? - What kind of a test, mother?

Listen carefully.

Both of you will have to go around the earth thrice.

Whoever completes this first..

..will be declared the winner.

As you wish, father. - As you wish, father.

Ganesh, what happened? What are you thinking, son?

Your brother has set out for the rounds.

You know what will happen if you don't hurry up.

Mother, I am thinking of something.

Son, what are you doing?

Mother, father. I have completed three rounds.

I am the winner of this competition.

How is that, son?

The three worlds reside at the feet of one's parents.

It's written in the Vedas.

On that basis I have circled around the all three worlds..

..and not just the earth.

And the truth is..

..the child's world lies at his parent's feet.

Am I right?

Bless you.

"Lord Ganesh is the most auspicious. He is a messiah."

"He gets rid of the troubles and gets us across. He is so kind."

"He gets rid of the troubles and gets us across. He is so kind."

"Lord Ganesh is the most auspicious. He is a messiah."

"He gets rid of the troubles and gets us across. He is so kind."

"He is the most worshipped in the world."

"He is the most revered."

"Anyone who worships him.."

"..gets enlightened."

"He does away with all the problems in an instant."

"He does away with all the problems in an instant."

"He gets rid of the troubles and gets us across. He is so kind."

"He gets rid of the troubles and gets us across. He is so kind."

"Lord Ganesh is the most auspicious. He is a messiah."

"He gets rid of the troubles and gets us across. He is so kind."

'Those were such pleasant days..'

'..which flew by so quickly.'

'When mother and father used to stay with us..'

'..this house seemed like a home.'

'But now it looks like a deserted house.'

'The love of parents is like the shade in the scorching sun.'

'But regretfully..'

Someone bring back my past.

Good morning, sir. - Yes, Ramanathan.

Sir, Mane has created problems in the Wada factory as well.

And Malhotra wants two days to start the factory.

It's the same darn story.

We faced the same problem in Silvasa two weeks ago.

Now in Wada.

Look, I want a solution to this, okay. A permanent solution.

Sir. Two days later we have our board meeting.

We can find a solution only after that, sir.

Do you think we will find a solution in the board meeting?

Not sure but I think.. I will try my level best, sir.

You are trying your best is not good enough, Mr. Ramanathan.

I suggest that you hire contract labour..

..and keep the work going, okay.

No, sir. It will turn into a disaster.

The union people will retaliate.

Look, I want results okay. I don't want excuses, Ramanathan.

Just do what I say, alright. - Okay, sir.

Yes, Mr. Mane. - Hello, Mr. Mehta.

What is this, Mr. Mehta? You don't have time to talk to me.

I was busy, go ahead.

Busy? Mr. Mehta, all your factories have closed down..

..and the workers are resting at home..

..and you are busy? Strange.

Shall we get down to business?


The real deal is in the five files that I sent to you.

Why? Didn't Mr. Malhotra hand it to you?

I have received your files.

Then why don't you take a decision?

The board of directors will take a decision.

Mr. Mehta, for the past two months.. have been giving me the excuse of the board meeting.

And your legal advisor. What is his name? Sanjay.

He was telling me about the rules and regulations of the board.

I told him, "If you have certain regulations then so do I".

That's why I have staged a strike.

Mr. Mehta, I still have many things to do.

What happened?

Again she did it.

What happened?

Sir, carefully. There are glass pieces. - Yes, I know.

You did it again, didn't you? What is all this?

Again you did this. - Relax.

Why are you hitting her?

Look at what she is doing.

Why do you do this, dear?

Do you enjoy breaking glassware? - No, father.

You are 12 years old now. You are not a small child anymore.

She is spoilt. She likes troubling us.

She is spoilt but what is wrong with you?

Why were you still sleeping? Why aren't you here for the children?

Manav, I returned at one o'clock in the night.

So? Even I came home late at night.

But I was working in the factory and you were in a fashion show.

There is a difference.

Excuse me. That was your invite.

I was representing you.

Just a minute.

Is a fashion show more important than children and home?

You knew that I would be returning late.

Why didn't you come back early?

Why didn't I come back early?

Because I was working in the factory.

Should I leave my work?

Do you have any idea what is happening with me?

Do you have any idea?

No. I have no idea what is happening.

Because you never felt the need.. tell me what is happening in your life.

Why should I tell you?

Children, please.

Have your breakfast and get ready for school? Come on.

Today is Netra's counselling. Who is going?

Look, please don't argue now.

You go for the counselling, alright.

Yes, right. I should do everything.

Radha, clean the floor.

Children, have your breakfast, please.


Just.. get this straight now.

The business is my responsibility.

The children and home are your responsibility.

And you will shoulder it, alright.

Please stop these parties.

No more parties, okay.

Do you know why I party?

Because you don't.

I represent you.

Do you know where I have to go today?

There's a meeting at the minister's place.

Media from all over the world will be present there.

Do you know where I want to see you?

I want to see you at great heights, Manav.

I am doing all this for you.

I want our business to flourish.

This is for you. This is my responsibility.

Your biggest responsibility are the children. First fulfill that.

Please go to their school. Meet their teacher.

Isn't that your responsibility, just mine?

How can I leave my work?

How do I leave my business and go there, you tell me?

Do you know what is happening with me? How many problems I have?

You have any idea, Divya?

You know what? The problem isn't your business.. are the problem.



I am the problem, alright.

But please, can you go and meet her teacher today?

I beg you. Please, I beg you.

Why are you doing this? She is my daughter as well.

Of course I will go.

Thank you. - You are welcome.

Ram Singh, give me the keys. - Yes, sir.

Stay here. - Okay, sir.

Mr. Mirchandani. - Brother Manu, our consignment is cancelled.

But how can you do that? - I can't help it.

It's a consignment worth rupees five crores, sir.

How can you reject it? On what grounds?

Technical grounds. - Technical grounds?


All the technical specifications..

..everything was checked sir. They were all checked in the lab.

What are you saying?

You won't understand.

Sir, you cannot do this. This is not fair.

Manu, I told you the deal is cancelled..

..means cancelled, that's all.

Grandma, how are you?

'Suraj, I am so happy to hear your voice.'

'How is everyone?'

We are very lonely, grandma. - Give it to me.

We cannot concentrate on studies or sports.

And.. and I also failed in mathematics, grandma.

And I lost my ball as well.

'Look, Suraj, don't cry.'

Grandma, come back soon. - 'Yes, son, we will.'

Come back soon along with grandpa.

'Don't cry, Suraj.'

'We have returned to our old house..'

'..for the sake of your happiness and peace.'

What is grandma saying? Tell me.

Come soon, grandma. - 'Fine, son.'

'We will try to come soon. Concentrate on your studies.'

And how is Netra?

Hello. - Hello, Mirchandani.

What happened?

What is wrong? Is there a problem?

No, its nothing.

Tell me if there is something wrong?

No, its fine. I am okay.

So why are you rejecting my entire consignment on technical grounds?

Is that done?

Tell me if there is some other problem.

We can sit down and talk.

Look, Manu, I told you the deal is cancelled means its cancelled.

And I don't want to talk more about it, that's all.

Hey, take a chill pill, man. Take a chill pill.

Why are you tense? It often happens in business.

It's okay.

Why are you getting angry?

Anger only spoils relations.

You know what kind of a problem I am going through.

If you can't help me then at least don't increase my tension.

Anyway, think about what I said and say hi to Sonam. Right.


What is wrong, Ajit? You look worried.

You don't know, Sonam..

..I have been worried for the past three days.

If I tell you, Sonam, then you won't be able to endure it.

What is wrong, Ajit?

If I don't pay 5 crores to the don today..

..then we might not live to see tomorrow.

What is the problem, Ajit?

I have been receiving threats for the past three days.

And on other hand Manav's friendship.

Ajit, I am your wife.

If you hide it from me and suffer alone.. won't solve your problems.

Have faith, we will surely find a way.

What should I do, Sonam? I see darkness everywhere.

I have to cancel Manav's five crore deal at any cost..

..and pay five crores to the don.

Suraj, go carefully okay.

And stay with your friends.

And inform your teacher when you are going anywhere. Understood?

Mummy, you have told me four times.

I am bound to understand. - Good boy!

Even if I tell her ten times.. Look, your lace is untied.

Mummy, if you come alone it won't be of much help.

If father could come along too it would have made a difference.

So it's best that you don't come along.

Netra, you don't have to teach me, okay.

Father cannot come, he is busy.

I will come today and he will come the next time, okay.

You do whatever you want.

Wonder when father will get time..'s always business, business and business.


What is this?

"What do we have to do? What do we do?

"What do we have to do? What do we do?

"And what happens."

"What do we have to do? What do we do?

"And what happens."

"A mistake in an instant..."

"A mistake in an instant..."

"..makes you lose your way."

"What do we have to do? What do we do?

"And what happens."

Sir, good morning.

I'm Hema speaking. - Yes, Hema.

My name is Malini Malwankar after marriage, sir.

Yes, Hema.. Sorry, Malini. Tell me.

Once again good morning, sir.

Sir, we just received a call from the Nasik factory.

The strike has just started there, sir.

I know that. What else? - Okay.

Sir, we received a fax from Mr. Mirchandani.

Our consignment has been rejected, sir.

I talked to him this morning.

Sir, our union leader.

I mean the union leader has lost his mind, sir.

Actually he was saying that if you don't fulfill their demands..

..then he will lead a rally to the head office today.

What else can he do, Hema? - Malini, sir.

Okay, Malini, do you have any other good news?

Yes, sir. Tomorrow is my birthday.

I am sorry, sir. Sorry, sorry.

I mean there is another thing.

Someone called from advocate Sanjay's house.

Sanjay is still missing.

Sir, our accounts manager Mr. Deepak..

..he didn't report to work even today, sir.

Are.. are you coming? - Yes, I am coming.

I suggest that you ask Ramanathan to handle all this, okay.

Okay, okay, sir. - And don't disturb me.

Okay. Hello. Hello.

Thank you, sir. Thank you.

"Everyone wants happiness."

"No one likes sorrows."

"Who is going to end up where?"

"Only time will tell."

"No one knows. No one understands."

"When they get to their destination."

"A mistake in an instant..."

"A mistake in an instant..."

"..makes you lose your way."

Down with.. - Mr. Mehta!

Down with.. - Mr. Mehta!

Down with.. - Mr. Mehta!

Down with.. - Mr. Mehta!

Down with.. - Mr. Mehta!

Down with.. - Mr. Mehta!

Morning, sir. - Morning.

Mr. Damle. - Yes, sir.

Go to our Silvasa factory in a day or two.. to the manager and prepare the production report file.

Okay? - Okay, sir.

Mr. Desai. - Yes.

We haven't received the legal papers..

..of 'Neptune', the site at Bhandup.

I am sorry, sir. Papers are ready, sir. I am sorry, sir.

You should have given it to me. - Sorry, sir.

Okay, okay, fine, fine.

Okay, and.. - Sir.

Sir. Sir. Sir. Sir.

Sir, the boss has asked you to.. advocate Sanjay's family.

Okay, okay, I will call them later. - Okay.

Let's meet in the afternoon. - Okay.

Let the boss come. Mrs. Hema.. - Malini, sir.

Okay, okay. Hema Malini.

Hema separate, Malini separate. - I see.

Sir, actually, at the wedding venue, the rice..

Not cooked, sir. Uncooked rice.

My name was written on that.

What? - Malini.

Okay, Malini. - Malwankar.

You've changed your name, so I have to get accustomed to your new name.

It's okay. - I will try.

Yes, sir. - Okay, okay. Where is the boss now?

He left from home.

He must be on his way, sir. - Okay, okay.

Bye, Malwankar.

Yes, sir. Great.

Malini Malwan..

Fine, fine, fine.

Hello. - Hello.

Mr. Mehta, this is Sanjay's father Mr. Rao speaking.

Yes, Mr. Rao. What is wrong? Where is Sanjay?

He has been kidnapped.

What? What are you saying?

How do you know?

Those people called.

They are asking for rupees one crore.

Who are they? - I don't know.

Did you inform the police? - No, no, no.

Mr. Mehta, I don't want to involve the police.

We.. are trying to collect one crore.

We have talked to our family members as well.

Mr. Mehta, can you help us?

Look, I..

Let me call my office and find out..

..and then I will call you, okay. - Yes.

Father. - Yes.

What did he say?

Will he arrange for the money?

Mr. Mehta said he will contact the office and then inform us.

But.. one crore is not an ordinary amount, father.

What do you think? Will he give it?

Dear, we are trying.

If we are lucky it will be done.

Siddhivinayak is our only hope.

Yes, sir. - Deepak, where are you?

Why aren't you coming to the office?

Sir, I was tense that's why I couldn't contact you.

Are you the only one tensed?

Aren't you tense that things are pending because..

..of you in the office?

Yes, sir. But listen to me.

My father's been admitted to the hospital.

Okay, I understand that..

..but that doesn't mean that you don't come to the office.

Your father's been admitted, not you.

But I have to stay with him.

Isn't there anyone else in your family? - Yes, sir.

But there is no one to run around in the hospital.

Please, sir. Try to understand.

By the way, what is wrong with your father?

Sir, he is in a coma. - Coma?

He is that serious?

I am sorry. Why didn't you tell me that before?

Sorry, sir. - Anyway.

Find out my bank position and call me, okay.

And you take care. - Okay, sir.



Mr. Deepak. - Sir.

As you know your father is in a coma.

He is on ventilation.

So in this situation.. long as the ventilators are running your father is alive.

But.. even then we are trying our best.

And you must know that many times..

..patients do come out of coma safely.

Sometimes they don't.

But let's hope for the best.

Hello. - Yes, Manav.

Divya, where are you? - I am at Suraj's school.

What are you doing at Suraj's school?

You had to be at Netra's school.

Manav, relax.

Suraj was insisting..

..and we have to go to Netra's school in the evening.

I am waiting here because the bus got delayed.

Just a second, Suraj wants to talk to you. One second.

Hello, father. - Hi, son.

Father, we are going to see the Gate Way of India..

..the Museum and many more places.

Very good, enjoy yourself.

And listen. The Gate Way of India is normally very crowded.. be careful. - Yes, father.

And, father. The teacher has said..

..that we are going to get a surprise at the picnic.

Okay, father. Our bus has arrived, bye.

Come on, run along. Look after yourself.

Enjoy yourself. - Yes.

Yes, Manav. - Divya, listen.

Please don't forget to go to Netra's school in the evening.

Yes, I will go for sure. Don't worry.


Bye. Bye. Bye.

"Let's go for a picnic forgetting our school."

"Let's check out the world. And see where God is."

"Let's go for a picnic forgetting our school."

"Let's check out the world. And see where God is."

"Now the whole world is in our computer."

"Move the mouse. Click and get what you want."

"We're genius. G for genius."

"We're genius."

"We're genius. G for genius."

"We're genius."

"Life's journey is a fast lane."

"The one who doesn't keep up is a fool."

"Everyone said life is all about walking."

"The one who walks day and night wins."

"The rules that Einstein and Newton made."

"The world has been following them since ages."

"The rules that Einstein and Newton made."

"The world has been following them since ages."

"Now it's time for us kids to do something."

"That's why we prepare day and night."

"We're genius. G for genius."

"We're genius."

"We're genius. G for genius."

"We're genius."

"You also invent something tomorrow."

"So that world looks at you with amazement."

"It is really important to reach for the sky."

"Walk every path in a way that the every distance is bridged."

"How many stars are there in the sky? How many trees on the ground?"

"Count the number of waves in the ocean."

"How many stars are there in the sky? How many trees on the ground?"

"Count the number of waves in the ocean."

"Nature rules."

"If almighty wants even lamp can be lit in a storm."

"We're genius. G for genius."

"We're genius."

"We're genius. G for genius."

"We're genius."

"No matter what. Always honor humanity."

"Servitude, kindness and devotion should be your identity."

"East, west, north, south. All the directions say."

"Kids of today should get name and fame in the future."

"We also wish to earn name and fame."

"Papa says always forge ahead in life."

"We also wish to earn name and fame."

"Papa says always forge ahead in life."

"Fly high with jet speed. Leave the past behind."

"The new generation has gone way beyond the moon."

"We're genius. G for genius."

"We're genius."

"We're genius. G for genius."

"We're genius."

Hello! Good morning, sir. I..

Yes, I know. Hema, tell me.

Sir, I'm Mrs. Malini, sir.

Yes, go ahead.

Sir, some union people are shouting slogans near the office.


Let them do what they want to do.

Is there anyone else with them? I mean Mr. Mane?

Mane. Yes. He was there.

Sir, there is some confidential news.

The other group is being led by Mr. Salvi.

And there is a rift between Mane and Salvi, sir.

Oh, Salvi is also there?

You send cold drinks for Salvi's men.

Yes, okay sir. Thank you, sir.


Cold drink for..

Oh, this is the Siddhivinayak temple.

"Lord Ganesh is the most auspicious. He is a messiah."

"Lord Ganesh is the most auspicious. He is a messiah."

"He gets rid of the troubles and gets us across. He is so kind."

"He gets rid of the troubles and gets us across. He is so kind."

"Lord Ganesh is the most auspicious. He is a messiah."

"He gets rid of the troubles and gets us across. He is so kind."

"Lord Ganesh. Hail Lord Ganesh."

"Lord Ganesh. Hail Lord Ganesh."

"Lord Ganesh. Hail Lord Ganesh."

"Lord Ganesh. Hail Lord Ganesh."

Has your car stopped working?

Are you a mechanic?

Yes. I'm a mechanic.

Just check what the problem is.

Open the bonnet. I'll see.

"Lord Ganesh. Hail Lord Ganesh."

"Lord Ganesh. Hail Lord Ganesh."

"Lord Ganesh. Hail Lord Ganesh."

"Lord Ganesh. Hail Lord Ganesh."

What is the problem?

There is no problem. I'm checking it.

How long will it take?

How long does it take to have a cup of tea?

15 minutes?

What if the tea is hot?

Half an hour?

You go and have a cup of hot tea. I'll repair this by then. Okay?

"Lord Ganesh. Hail Lord Ganesh."

I'm going to the temple.

There is the letter 'T' in the temple too. Don't forget.

"Lord Ganesh. Hail Lord Ganesh."

"Lord Ganesh. Hail Lord Ganesh."


I don't want it. Sir, I'm not a flower seller.

Mohammad. My name is Mohammad.

Your factory at Khopoli which is closed down due to a strike..

..I work there.

What is your name you said?

Mohammad. Mohammad Inamdar.

I work in your quality control department.

Is Mr. Pradeep Bedekar your boss?

That's right.

Let's go, sir. Let's pray.

Sir, if you don't mind, please remove your shoes here.

Please. - Yes, why not?

Let it be. I'll speak to someone.

Ravi, please keep watch. He is my boss.

No problem. He will keep watch.

Do you come here often?

Yes, very often.

Today it is 'Vinayaki Chaturthi'.

That's why I've come especially for it.

I come here on every Tuesday..

..'Sankasti Chaturthi' and 'Ganesh Chaturthi'.

Sir, it's been 10 years since I got married..

..I've just had a child.

I believe that it is a boon from Him.

I had made a vow. I've come today to fulfil it.

I'll also pray for our factory to resume work again.


Have you come here for the same purpose, right?

No, actually my car broke down. - Oh?

I had time and when I saw the temple I came here.

Actually I don't normally pass this way.

So strange, sir.

There are so many people in Mumbai who make sure.. come this way on purpose..

..wanting to see Siddhivinayak even if it is from a distance.

People come here from far away places.

Borivali, Kalyan, Thana, Panvel..

I've come here walking barefoot all the way from Panvel.

What did you say?

You have come walking from Panvel?


I can't tell by looking at you.

It is His blessing.

By the way, Mohammad.

You are a Muslim, but you come here to pray?

Sir, this is a place where religion, language and state..

..none of this has any significance.

There is only one religion here.

Only one language is spoken and heard..

..and that is belief..

..complete faith in Lord Ganapati.

Sir, I believe that..

..every hard-working person who comes to Mumbai..

..gets blessed by Him.

He will always bless us.

Mr Shinde. - Yes.

Greetings. - Greetings.

He is my boss. Will you take him inside the temple?

Come, sir. I'll take him in the temple.

Let's go. - Sir, keep this.

Aren't you coming too?

You go. Today I have to fulfill my pledge.

So I'll stand in a queue there.

I'll go. Bye.


"Anyone who comes to this abode.."

"..gets a boon."

"Anyone who comes to this abode.."

"..gets a boon."

"He is the epitome of.."

"..fortune, prosperity and goodness."

"May everyone be happy."

'O Lord, I've been listening to your stories since my childhood.'

'My mother says you are the biggest Saviour in the world.'

'Today I've come to you.'

'Show me the significance of being called the Saviour.'

You look troubled.

Yes, I am. How do you know?

Have you come to this holy place for the first time?

No. I've been visiting this place since my childhood.

My parents are great devotees.

If your parents are Lord Siddhivinayak's devotees..

..then you should not face any problems.

There was a small problem at home and then everything was in ruins.

What happened, son?

There was a rift between my wife and parents.

My old parents were hurt by it and they left my home..

..and they went to their old home.

They got upset and left my home.

Since that day I've been facing great troubles.

What you think is right.

Our parents are a blessing to us.

They are our sanctuary when we face a storm.

A mother's love shelters us from unhappiness.

A father's blessing leads us through the path of life.

What you've just said indicates that..

..your parents' blessings on you are diminishing.

Our parents stop every trouble with their hands.

They don't let it reach their children.

I committed this mistake.

The result is that my home has lost its happiness.

And my business is in trouble.

Son, I'm very happy that you've realised..

..the importance of parents in our lives.

This repentance is enough.

The place where you've come is the greatest court of the world.

Those who have been blessed by the miracles of God are witness to it.

Son, He is the God that toured the entire universe..

..just by touching his parents' feet.

He is the God who gives power and inspiration.

If every person in the world worships their parents..

..then there is no need to go to any temple.

Now you go from here with the understanding of your problem..'ll get the solution to your problem.

He is the Saviour.

If your problem doesn't get solved here..

..then it will not get solved anywhere else in the world.

Only, you must have faith.

Be devoted to Him.

Have patience.

Sir, who are you?

Only God has identity, devotees do not have it.

I only pray at His doors.. sing devotional songs.

I meditate.

Can you see this tree?

It is not an ordinary tree.

It is God's tree. Tree for meditation.

When the temple is closed down at night..

..I sit here and meditate on Lord Siddhivinayak.

It is my experience that.. night you can hear the sound of a mantra from this tree.

A sound of a mantra from the tree?

Yes. 'Om gam Ganapatey namha'

I've experienced it myself.

I've heard this for the first time.

If you feel interested let me tell you one more thing.

It is neither a question nor an answer.

It is an experience. A true experience.

One night I was in deep meditation.

I saw a wonderful scene of heaven.

Narayan! Narayan!

Listen, doorman.

I bow to you, sage. - Why is this door closed now?

Sage, Lord Ganesh is in meditation.

Nobody is allowed to go in.

Is that so? It is so surprising.

The Lord who gets worshipped before all other Gods..

..who is this God that he is worshipping?

Narayan! Narayan!

Narayan! Narayan!

Lord, I apologise.

I've dared to enter without permission because I was curious.

Please tell me, who is the God that Lord Ganesh is worshipping?

So that I can tell the whole world.

Welcome, sage. Look for yourself.

I exist in the whole universe..

..however, whoever thinks of me..

..worships me with true devotion..

..I'm always present on Earth for them.

Especially here. My life is here.

Here millions of my devotees..

..come to pray to me unmindful of sun and shade.

They come to me to get their wishes fulfilled.

Sage, here I sit to meditate on them.

I sit here to ponder over them.

I fulfil their wishes as per their deeds.


Excuse me.


Hello. Wrong number.

'Tomorrow will bring new light into your life.'

Mister, have you seen the mechanic who was working here?

Sir, there was no mechanic here.

So strange. He repaired my car, but he didn't take any money.

Sir, I can think of only one mechanic.

The one who sits at the centre of this temple.

From there he repairs everything.

Be it a four wheeler or the wheel of life.

Bye, sir.

'Today I understand..'

'..why mother and father were so devoted to Siddhivinayak.'


Mr. Mehta. This is Rao speaking.

I hope I've not disturbed you.

No. Please tell me, Mr. Rao. What happened?

Mr Mehta, there was a call from the kidnappers.

They've asked for one crore rupees today itself.

In denominations of Rs. 500 and in a single suitcase.

Mr Mehta. I can gather sixty lakh rupees.

If you help me with forty lakh..

We must save Sanjay at any cost. Please.

You come to my office.

I'll help in any way I can. Okay?


Manav! Son, Manav. Is it you?

Nalu! Come here.

What happened? - Manav has called.

Manav! - Yes, Manav has called.

Hello. Hello.


Yes. Manu, what made you remember me?

How are you, mother?

I can't tell you how happy I am. How are you, son?

I'm fine.

When I went to Siddhivinayak temple, I remembered you.

You had gone to the Siddhivinayak temple?

Hello. Hello.


What happened? - Hello. Just see.

Hello. Hello. Son, Manav!


What happened?

The line got cut.


It was the call from my son Manu.

Her son's phone call.

Nalu, have you understood one thing?


Today you completed the fast you observed for Lord Siddhivinayak.

And there was a call from Manu today itself.

That too from the Siddhivinayak temple.

Yes, I know.

It is the blessing of Siddhivinayak.

He gave Manav the inspiration to phone me. Right?


Hail Lord Siddhivinayak.

Aunt, it happened as I had told you.

Ganesha's deeds are miraculous and astounding.

Yes. - Where there is faith. There is power.

Where there is power, you'll find the proof.

This is what we call a miracle!

This is Lord Siddhivinayak's miracle.

I asked for his blessings. He gave me a boon.

O Lord.

I've heard about many such miracles. I've seen them.

These miracles turn humans into Gods.

Impossible is made possible.

Uncle Barve! - Yes.

How did Lord Sinddhi Vinayak get this name?

How Lord Vinayak came to be called Lord Siddhivinayak.. a wonderful story.

One day dirt was created in Lord Vishnu's ears.

Two demons named Madhu and Kaitav were created from this dirt.

Demon Madhu and Kaitav began a war with Lord Vishnu.

Both these demons together were stronger than Lord Vishnu.

So Lord Vishnu went to Lord Shankar for advice.

As per his advice Lord Vishnu chanted Lord Vinayak's Mantra.

And thus Lord Vishnu pleased him.

Then he told Madhu and Kaitav..

..that he was pleased with their fighting skills.

He told them he would grant any boon they wanted.

Both Madhu and Kaitav were very arrogant.

They said to Lord Vishnu 'Who are you to give us a boon!'

'We will grant you a boon instead'.

So Lord Vishnu decided..

..all right, so be it. I'll ask for a boon.

I want the life of both of you.

Though both were demons, they followed principles.

They told Lord Vishnu that he could take their life..

..but that they must be killed where there is no land or water.

So Lord Vishnu put them on his lap.

Where there was no land or water.

He then killed both of them.

Lord Vishnu got the inspiration to kill demons Madhu and Kaitav..

..from chanting the Lord Vinayak Mantra.

Since then Lord Vinayak is called Lord Siddhivinayak.

This incident occurred at Siddhatek in Maharashtra state.

There is an old temple of Lord Ganpati at Siddhatek.

The replica of that temple is the Lord Siddhivinayak temple in Mumbai.

It is believed that the eternal presence of Lord Siddhivinayak.., is a great miracle for Mumbai residents.

And we are going to Mumbai today to visit that Siddhivinayak temple.

Come on, let's go.

What are you waiting for? Let's go.

We have to return to our Ashram after visiting the temple.

Let's go. - Mr. Barve! - Yes?

Do you know something?


Our marriage is exactly 40 years old today.

Bapu! Congratulations!

40 years.

We have always found happiness..

..with whatever we have got in life so far.

Now both of us wish to leave this house..

..and stay with you all at the old-age home.


Barve, we have no one in this world other than you all.

You have a son. He must have a house of his own.

Come on, what will you eat?


Eat vegetables and become strong.

Come on, eat.

Grandma! - Yes. - Wow! Lovely!

We want to eat only the food prepared by you.

Grandma, I want a spoon.

You can have two spoonfuls, child.

Grandma, I only want a spoon.

A spoon, are you kidding?

Come on, eat.

Grandma, you are Captain Cook!

You are the best!

Why? Your mother also prepares tasty food.

My mother! She has no taste at all.

Mother brings readymade packets to prepare food.

I hate that.

You should not say so, child.

Your mother prepares very nice food. Right?

Come on, eat quickly.

What is going on?

Divya! You too join us for lunch.

I don't want to eat.

Mother why do you go into the kitchen?

There are so many servants to do this. You must rest.

Dear, I cooked this because they both like it.

I get bored sitting at home. So I go into the kitchen.

Mother, grandma prepares better food than you. Taste it.

I don't want to taste it.

I'm telling you, mother, you must take rest.

You've put so much oil. The children will fall sick.

Divya, what are you saying?

Why are you unnecessarily getting angry at her?

Father, I'm not talking to you.

I'm only saying that you both should just take rest and worship.

This is your time to rest.

The children are getting spoilt.

You are already suffering from asthma..

..if something happens then we'll face trouble.

You don't understand.

What is she saying?

Nalu! Grandma.



Nalu! - Yes.

Is she okay, uncle?

I'm fine. Nothing is wrong with me.

She must've thought about Manu.

And whenever she thinks of Manav, she becomes lost in memories.

I'll prepare food for all of you. I hope you'll eat.

Yes. We'll think of it as God's offering.

We were so busy talking that I forgot to give you the offering.


Take it. I'll be back.

Have it.

Here. - Hail Lord Ganesh.

What happened, uncle?


Nothing at all.

No, Bapu these are not tears of joy.

You are hiding something from me.

Tell me, uncle.

Barve, what can I hide from you?

You know everything. - Uncle!

We came here from Manav's house six month's back..

..thinking that we'll keep that relationship alive from afar.

But only one side..

..can't keep the relationship alive, right?


It can't be kept alive.

Forget it.

Now I think I should donate my house..

..and all my property to the old age home.


And we'll stay in the old age home with all of you.

And then, you too stay here, my friend.

Yes, Bapu.

Let's start a new life.

Yes, Bapu.

A new life.

Hail, Lord Siddhivinayak.

"Looking after your parents makes every reverence worthwhile."

"Looking after your parents makes every reverence worthwhile."

"There is no one greater than these two."

"Lord Ganesh gives us this message."

"Lord Ganesh gives us this message."

"He gets rid of the troubles and gets us across. He is so kind."

"He gets rid of the troubles and gets us across. He is so kind."

Down with - Mr. Mehta.

Down with - Mr. Mehta.

Our demands - Must be met.

Down with - Mr. Mehta.

Down with - Mr. Mehta.

Down with - Mr. Mehta.

Down with - Mr. Mehta.

Our demands - Must be met.

Down with - Mr. Mehta.

Our demands - Must be met.

Let's see. - Sir, Mr. Mehta has arrived.

This is the offering of Lord Siddhivinayak.

"Lord Ganesh. Hail Lord Ganesh."

"Lord Ganesh. Hail Lord Ganesh."

Come to my office to talk about whatever you want to talk about.

Please come upstairs.

"Lord Ganesh. Hail Lord Ganesh."

"Lord Ganesh. Hail Lord Ganesh."

When? Were you all asleep?

Sir, Mr. Mehta has arrived.

Hold it.

You go ahead, I'll come later.

Okay. Let's go.

Stupid people.

Listen to me carefully.

All of you go to your village.

If I happen to see you here, you will be in trouble.

Good morning, sir.

Good morning.

Good morning, sir.

Good morning. Good morning, sir.

Good morning, sir.

JP, what about Mr. Mane. Why isn't he here?

I don't know. In the morning he was saying that..

..he'll teach Mr. Mehta a lesson.

But as soon as Mr. Mehta arrived..

..he asked us to go ahead to meet Mr. Mehta.

JP, you know what the situation is in Silvassa.

You know about Wada. You about Dahanu.

I know about Khopoli.

Mr. Mane is the leader of all these six factories.

But he is not here when the final decision will be taken today.

I think we should take the decision ourselves.

Yes. The decision must be taken today.

I want the Khopoli factory to start as soon as possible.

Even if only half of our demands are met.

What do all of you think about it?

I think that in the absence of Mr. Mane, you should take charge.

We all are with you.

Yes, Mr. Salvi. We are with you.

Then I accept the new proposal sent to me by Mr. Ramnathan.

Almost all the conditions sound fine.

They are paying 50 percent arrears in cash.

50 percent will be added to the Provident fund.

What do you all think?

We accept. - We accept.

Then it's okay.

Hello, Mr. Salvi. How are you?

I'm fine. - Hello, Mr. Kulkarni.

Please sit down.

Thank you.

Is everything fine?



Madam, Miss Bina has arrived.

She is sitting in the hall. What should I do?

Send her here.

Send her here? Okay.

Madam is sitting over there.


Bina! Oh my God!

How are you?


You have changed so much!

What have you done? So simple!

Have you retired?

No. When life changes, one has to change with it.

Tell me, how is Manav?

How are your children?

Everybody is fine.

Everybody is fine.

Really? You are hiding something. Tell me.

Beena, nothing is going right.

Manav's business is in a complete loss.

I get complaints about children.

I get irritated with these things.

Nothing is going right.

Forget it.

And what about mother and father? I don't see them around too.

They have gone to their old house. - Why?

I told you, when there are problems..

..the smoke rises from all sides.

But there must be some reason.

We had a small tiff, they got upset..

..and went to their old house.

Silly girl! Parents, elders, are like children..

..we have to handle them with great care, Divya.

And if they are at home, only then the house prospers.

Do you understand?

I know, Beena.

But I did try my best.

What can I do if they went away?

Well, tell me about yourself.

No. No matter how modern the world becomes ..

.. heaven lies beneath the feet of parents.

This was true before and it is today too.

I feel as if mother and father were the guards..

..of the happiness of this family.

Now the guards have gone, so sorrows have started..

..knocking at your door.

Nothing happens in the world without God's grace..

..and parents' blessings.

But you never believed in God.

Then how did such a big change occur in you?

I was very lonely after Sunil's death.

It was so difficult to raise Geeta. I can't tell you!

But I had to go to office daily.

On my way to work I pass Prabhadevi..

..I used to see the temple of Siddhivinayak..

..I thought, "Oh, my God! These people stand in such a long queue.."

"..and for so many hours!"

What is this God and what is the truth of Siddhivinayak?

I was really astonished. Everyday!

I used to laugh at these people.

But, Divya, one day my misfortune mocked me.

What do you mean?

One day I was at work and my maid called all of a sudden.. tell me that Geeta was seriously unwell and..

..I needed to get home immediately. When I reached home..

..the situation was so serious that she had to be taken to the hospital.

I got her examined by many doctors.

Some said she lacked vitamins..

..while others said she lacked protein.

One hospital said, it was depression.

There was no treatment.. hope, Divya.

I was already shattered after Sunil's death.

But now if Geeta was also snatched away from me?

I was shocked at my fate.

I wandered hither-thither.

One day I was on my way to work thinking about all this..

..when all of a sudden my car stopped in front..

..of the temple of Siddhivinayak.. at the traffic signal.

Then? - A voice echoed in my ears.

"My child, come to my temple. Bow your head."

"Your daughter will recover."

As if wings of lightning were attached at my feet..

..I left my car behind and ran.

I went inside the temple.

I burst into tears before the idol there..

..letting go of the frustration that was within me since months.

And I told God, "I have passed your temple for such a long time."

"I have never come to pay homage to you till date."

"I never worshipped you, I never prayed to you.."

"..but today for my daughter's long life.."

"..I am bowing and begging to you."

Someone told me that if you fast..

..for five Tuesdays, God grants you what you desire.

I started observing the fast of five Tuesdays.

Then? Did you get any blessings?

Two Tuesdays. That's it.

Geeta recovered after two Tuesdays.

My prayers found the cure which medicines,

.. hospitals and doctors were unable to, Divya.

Since then my life completely changed, Divya.

Now I have understood how you have changed so much.

It is really a miracle.

Since then I have become an ardent devotee of Lord Siddhivinayak.

I bow my head before Him everyday before I go to work.

My Geeta's life is a boon of Lord Siddhivinayak.

How is Geeta now?

She is absolutely hale and hearty.

As if she got a new life.

Lord Ganesh is very powerful. Ask my heart.

And listen, I had taken a vow when Geeta had recovered..

..that I will distribute Lord Siddhivinayak's idol..

..and offering at 21 houses.

And your house is the first house.

It contains the offering and Lord Ganesh's idol too.

Listen to me. Pray to Lord Ganesh. Wholeheartedly.

You will get rid of all your sorrows.

They say where Lord Ganesh resides, there is only happiness.

Really. - Really Bina.

If I had heard this from someone else..

..then I would never have believed it.

But I believe when you are saying it.

You will have to believe me and promise me too.

You will placate your parents and bring them back. Okay?

Lord Ganesh always blesses the person..

..who respects his parents.

Whether you worship your parents or Lord Ganesh..

..the merit is equal.

Okay, listen, I have to go now.

Actually you are right, Bina. You are right.

I have made a mistake.

I have really hurt my parents.

I will try to amend my mistake. - Good.

Okay, Geeta must be waiting for me. Bye.

I too have to get to my childrens' counselling session.

But listen, thank you.

Your belief has opened my eyes. Really.

Bye. - All the best.

Hello. - Hello.

Mr. Salvi, how are you? - I am fine, sir.

Please sit. Sit down. - Thank you.

Mr. Salvi, Mr. Ramanathan must have spoken to you.

I will come to the point directly. I agree to all your demands.

But I have some demands too.

Yes, sir. Tell me.

Look, Mr. Salvi, I am telling you what I had told Mr. Mane.

All my factories should start immediately. - All right, sir.

From tomorrow we will begin the work in all the factories.

No. They should begin from today and right now.

Right now?

I will get 50% percent of your dues released today itself..

..and I will get the rest of 50% deposited in the PF account.

Is that okay?

All right, sir. I agree, sir.

All right. Now what you tell Mane, how you explain this to him..

..that is your problem.

We support you, sir.

I will give the orders to everyone right now.

All right. So we will sign the agreement right now.

Is that fine? - It is fine.

We agree. - All right.

Please sign it.

Sign it. - Sir.

Thank you very much. - Thank you, sir.

Thank you very-very much.

As you all have come, please have lunch and go. Okay?

Sure. - Okay.

Is it fine now? - Of course.

'The problem which couldn't be solved in 6 months..'

'..has been solved within 2 minutes.'

'What is this miracle!'

Yes, Manav? - Hi, dear. How are you?

You are sounding very excited.

The matter is such. - What's the matter?

All my work which was pending since the last six months..

..has been completed today.

What do you mean? - I had visited Siddhivinayak temple today..

..and you know what?

All our six factories have reopened..

..the workers have rejoined, I am very excited.

Manav, you won't believe.

Beena had come just now and she has given..

..Lord Siddhivinayak's offering, you know.

I have just installed the idol given by her..

..and you are giving me such great news that the strike is over?

Oh, God! I can't believe this!

I can't believe it too.

Hey, I have a lot of work. I am going.

I will call you later. Okay? - Okay.

Bye. - Bye.

Lord Vighnaharta, you have opened the doors of your mercy..

..and showered happiness on our house.

Now what, Malini?

Great, sir. It's great. You remembered my name perfectly, sir.

By the way, you can call me Maalu too, sir.

No. Malini is fine. Okay?

Now tell me what work you have.

Sir, you have not eaten anything since morning.

Please have something, sir. Today for breakfast..

I had visited the temple, I have had the offering there. Okay?

I am not hungry. - No, sir, but please have a little.

Please. Please. Don't say this, sir.

Please. Please have a bite, sir.

I have brought 'Thalipeeth' (Maharastrian snack) for you, sir.

What? - 'Thalipeeth'.

'Thali'? What? - 'Thalipeeth', sir.

Sir, don't you know what 'Thalipeeth' is?

Oh, God!

Sir, it is a popular Maharastrian snack.

It is prepared by flattening it with hands, sir.

You have to add the flour into a plate.

That is not called 'Thalipeeth'.

It is a different 'Thalipeeth'. You have to prepare it like this.

Please have it, sir.

Have you prepared it?

No, sir, my mister has prepared it.

Mister means your husband? - Yes, sir.

It has only been eight or ten days since your wedding..

..and you are already making him work?

Not me, sir, I didn't give him work.

This is his work.

You mean to say he is a..

He is an Acharya (cook). - What?

He is a cook.

Does he work at some hotel or restaurant? - At Grand Maratha.

Wow! Then he is a chef.

Yes. He is very safe, sir. Please eat.

Sir, please eat it. It tastes delectable when it is piping hot.

Actually it is very simple, sir.

First add hot water to flour and then knead it like this.

Then take a small piece and flatten it like this..

..and then put it on the pan. Then pour hot water from the sides.

Can I have some more please? - It gives a gushing sound.

Can I take one more? It's very good.

Sir, please. Please have it, sir.

It's delicious.

How did you like it, sir? - It's delectable.

Thank you, sir. Thank you!

Thanks a lot, sir.

May I come in, sir? - Yes. Come in.

Madam, your husband is here.

Oh! My husband is here?

Sir, may I go? Sir, please. - No, send him inside.


Let me meet him. - Yes, sir.

Guess who it is.

Good morning, Mr. Mehta.

Oh, Malini, you were supposed to call me. What are you doing?

Myself Shrikant. Myself Shrikant from Trichur, Kadyawadi.

Welcome, Mr. Shrikant, please have a seat. - Yes, I'll sit.

I am sorry, I couldn't attend your wedding. Congratulations!

Okay, sir. It's okay. It's fine.

I must say your thalicheap.. what is it?

It is 'Thalipeeth', sir. - It is fantastic. It is superb. Really!

This 'Thalipeeth' is a hit, sir.

'Thalipeeth' is perfectly fit.

You like it, sir? - Of course. It's wonderful. Really.

Sir, then you will definitely like one more dish.

This dish is one of favourite of mine, it is our traditional dish.

I have prepared it for my sweetheart, Malini.

But you can taste it, sir.

Look, actually I am not hungry. It's okay.

Sir, actually that is 'Thalipeeth'..

..and this is 'Bamboobutta' (traditional dish).

Sir, just taste this 'Bamboobutta'.

Tell him to taste it. Urge him to taste it.

Sir, please eat it. - Sir, please have it.

Sir, it is very tasty. It is so delectable that you won't get up.

Please eat it, sir. Please eat it.

Sir, I am telling you, after tasting this.. will lick your fingers for three hours.

It is the inner part of the bamboo. - Internal part of the bamboo?

Please taste it, sir.

It's a 'Bamboobutta'.

Eat it, sir. - It is a very tasteful dish.

Please eat it. Eat it, sir. Eat it.

This is wonderful. Really good. - Oh, yeah.

Shankar. - Yes, sir?

Keep this bag in the car.

Okay, sir.

Ajit, I can understand the pressure you are going through.

If it doesn't upset you, then can I say something. - Sure.

Why don't we visit the Siddhivinayak temple on the way?

What's the benefit of doing that?

Let's go there first.

You need to have faith in Lord Siddhivinayak.

Look, you never know, the problem might be solved too.

Lord Ganesh - Let's go.

"Lord Ganesh is the most auspicious. He is a messiah."

"He gets rid of the troubles and gets us across. He is so kind."

"He gets rid of the troubles and gets us across. He is so kind."

"Lord Ganesh is the most auspicious. He is a messiah."

"Lord Ganesh is the most auspicious. He is a messiah."

"He gets rid of the troubles and gets us across. He is so kind."

'Underworld don Chota Salim shot dead in police encounter..'

' near Lokhandwala Complex at 3.00 p.m.'


I can't believe this.

Sonu, let's go.

"Lord Ganesh is the most auspicious. He is a messiah."

"Lord Ganesh is the most auspicious. He is a messiah."

"He gets rid of the troubles and gets us across. He is so kind."

"He gets rid of the troubles and gets us across. He is so kind."

Listen, now we won't have to pay the money, right? - No.

Then you should call Manav.

Manav?! I feel ashamed to call him.

But we will have to inform him.

I will do one thing. I will call my office..

..and ask them to send out an email. - All right.

Hail Lord Siddhivinayak. - Hail Lord Siddhivinayak.

Hail Lord Siddhivinayak.

Let's go.

Oh, sister-in-law, everything will be fine. - She is right.

Believe me, nothing will happen to Mr. Sanjay.

Sister-in-law, don't worry. We will take care of it. Okay?

Father, don't worry. - Thank you, son.

Sanjay will be back with us soon. Okay? - Yes.

Sister-in-law, I will be right back.


Who is calling? Call later.

We are busy right now. Yes? Navalkar, tell me.

What? What's the matter? What happened? What's wrong?

What happened? Yes? Really? When? How?

No, no. Not at home.

Sanjana and I are at Mr. Mehta's office.

Yes, yes. Come here.

Father! Father, what happened?

Hail Lord Siddhivinayak!

Papa, what happened?

Dear! - What happened, father?


But what happened, father?

Dear, Sanjay is coming.

Here, to the office. - What?!

Thank God! It's a miracle.

Thank you. Thank you very much. - Oh, papa!

Let's give this good news to Mr. Mehta first. - Yes. Right.

Come on. Come on. - Please come.

Hail Lord Siddhivinayak.

Mr. Mehta!

Hail Lord Ganesh.

Mr. Mehta, I have heard from Sanjay.

It is such a big surprise.

You please sit. Sit down. Sit down.

What's the matter?

Yes, sir. That's why I.. - Yes, tell me, uncle.

That's why I came to meet you first.

You arranged for the ransom amount so quickly.

We will never forget this favour.

I have just fulfilled my duty.

Sanjay is like my friend.

Anyway, where is he?

A friend of ours is a judge..

..he is coming here with him.

It's a miracle.

You are right. It is a miracle.

But how did he reach there?

Only he can tell you that after reaching here.

They are coming. - Sir.

Sir, Mr. Sanjay has come.

Look. He has already arrived. Call him quickly. Fast. - Okay, sir.

My son!

Pal, hug me too.

'So we have filed the affidavit today..

..and we will get the next date soon. - All right.'

'Sir, Mr. Jain has sent me.'

'He wanted to know when the next hearing is.'

'As he is going out of town for a few days..'

' he was asking what has to be done.'

'All right, I will discuss and inform him.'

'All right, you speak with sir.'

'Come on! Come on! Get in!'

'Come on!' - 'Who are you all? And where are you taking me?'

'Don't hit me. Don't beat me.'

'Look, please don't hit me.'

'Sanju baba, you were talking a lot in the court, right?'

'Now talk over the phone.'

'Come on, talk to your family members. Come on.'

'Look, I.. - Come on, hurry up.'

'I want water. I want water.'

'What are you waiting for? Give him water. - Take water.'

'He couldn't even say he wants water.'

'Sanju baba? Sanju baba?'

'Hey, Sanju baba? Sanju baba?'

'He won't wake up now.'

'I had mixed drugs into the water. - What have you done?'

'He won't wake up for four hours now.'

'Sanju baba? Hey, you..'

'Sanju baba?'

'He won't speak now. - Hey, get up. Sanju!'

'Sanju baba! - Come on, talk.'

'Hey, wake up.'

'He has fainted.'

'Let it be.'

'We will wait till we reach Nagpur.'

'Why did you stop the car?'

'I need a break. I'm extremely tired.'

'I have driven the car the whole night.'

'Please let me sleep for two hours.'

'You too go to sleep. I am tired.'

'We don't have enough water.'

'Hey! - Yes?'

'We have to reach the Nagpur gate soon.'

'It is near from here. Come on, drive the car. Come on.'

'I said that I need a break. You go to sleep and let me sleep too.'

'I am feeling very sleepy.'

'Let it be. Let him sleep. Come on.'

'Yes, come on. - Come on.'

'Let's call his father. - Yes, come on. Let's go.'

'Come on, let's go.'

'I am really worried.'

'But I have a lot of faith in You.'

'Lord, please protect my husband.'

"Lord Ganesh. Hail Lord Ganesh."

"Lord Ganesh. Hail Lord Ganesh."

"Lord Ganesh. Hail Lord Ganesh."

"Lord Ganesh. Hail Lord Ganesh."

'Hello, it's me speaking. - What is he saying?'

'Listen to me.'

'Send Rs. 1 crore in bundles of..'

'..Rs. 500 notes in a bag.'

'We will call at 8 p.m. sharp.'

'But who are you?'

'Sanjay's kidnappers.'

'Please sit, sir.'

"Lord Ganesh. Hail Lord Ganesh."

"Lord Ganesh. Hail Lord Ganesh."

'Tell me, sir. Where do you want to go?'

'Will I get some water to drink? - Sure, sir. Take it.'

'Why are you drinking it so quickly, sir? Relax.'

'Brother, I am in great trouble.'

'I don't even know where I am.'

'You are in Nagpur, sir.'

'Tell me where do you want to go.'

'Where will you take me?'

'I don't have any money and neither do I have a mobile phone.'

'Please take me to some phone booth. I will call my home.'

'And if you have Rs. 50 then please lend it to me.'

'I will return the money as soon as I get home.'

'Oh, sure, sir. Don't worry. Come on.'

'Sir, I can see a telephone booth here. Shall I stop the auto?'

'Yes, stop it.'

'Yes, sir, go to the telephone booth.'

'Can I have some money?'

'Sure, sir.'

'Judge? Hey, I know him. He is my father's friend.'

'Brother, you have brought me to the right place.'

'I don't know who you are and what your name is.'

'But you are God for me.'

'Never mind. Come on, let's go and meet him.'

'Come on. - Let's go.'

What a co-incidence it is!

Call it co-incidence or Sanjay's good fortune.

That rickshaw driver dropped him directly to my house.

I have given him some medicines.

I was trying your phone.

But both the landline number and cell phone were busy.

When I called the airport, I found out..

..that there is a flight for Mumbai within 20 minutes.

We checked in and reached here.


Don't say a word. Don't say anything.

Navalkar, this has been like Sanjay's rebirth.

My daughter was chanting Lord Siddhivinayak's name..

..round-the-clock without eating anything.

It is God's miracle.

Mr. Mehta, we will go home now. - Sure.

You have gone through a lot. Please. - All right.

Mr. Mehta, thank you once again.

Thanks for what? What have I done?

You are right. It's God who does everything, sir. - Right.

Thank you. Thank you.

Come on, dear Sanjana. Let's go, son. Come on.

Let's go. Hail Lord Siddhivinayak.

'Lord Siddhivinayak, your miracles are great.'

'No one knows when, where and in which form you help.'

Sir, please come. Please. Please.

Sir. - Yes? - We have received an email from Mirchandani.

He has re-issued our order of Rs. 5 crores.

Really? - Yes, sir.

Oh, my God!

That's very good news. That's excellent news!

Sir! - Sir!

We have received one more good news over the phone..

..that work has been started in all our six factories.

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Finally! This problem had me so stressed out.

Thank God!

Sir, these are the reports of Nekchand and MM. Sir!

Have you checked these reports? - Yes, sir.

Okay. I am going to add two more points in them. - Okay.

Get them printed after that. Okay? - Okay.

Sir, thank you.

I'll mail that to you. - Oh, yeah. Let's go.

Hello? - Is sir there?

Yeah. One second. One second. Sir!

Yes? - Sir, Mr. Deepak has come and he wants to meet you.

Yes, send him in. - Okay, sir.

Yeah. - Okay, sir.

Deepak, come in. Come. Come.

Have a seat.

Thank you, sir.

Deepak, what brought you here? Is everything alright?

Yes, sir. You were very angry this morning..

..and I was also very tensed so I was unable to tell you anything.

Perhaps if I have offended you while talking..

..then please forgive me, sir.

Don't be silly. Actually it is my mistake. I..

I am sorry, okay?

No, sir.

First tell me how is your father?

He is fine now, sir. He has come out of coma.

And there is no danger to his life now..

..that's why I could get out of there, sir.

That's very good news.

But what medicine did the doctor use that..

Sir, it wasn't medicines but blessings.

Sir, I had become impatient after I received your call..

..and father was surviving only with the help of ventilators.

'Shree Gajanand, hail Lord Ganesh Siddhivinayak Morya.'

'Shree Gajanand, hail Lord Ganesh Siddhivinayak Morya.'

"Shree Gajanand, hail Lord Ganesh Siddhivinayak Morya."

"Lord Ganesh. Hail Lord Ganesh."

"Lord Ganesh. Hail Lord Ganesh."

'Give me the file.'

"Lord Ganesh. Hail Lord Ganesh."

"Lord Ganesh. Hail Lord Ganesh."

"Lord Ganesh. Hail Lord Ganesh."

"Lord Ganesh. Hail Lord Ganesh."

"Lord Ganesh. Hail Lord Ganesh."

"Lord Ganesh. Hail Lord Ganesh."

"Lord Ganesh. Hail Lord Ganesh."

'Doctor! Doctor!'

'Come, doctor.'

'What's the matter, Mr. Deepak?'

'Oh my God.'

'It's.. it's unbelievable, Mr. Deepak.'

'What happened, sir?'

'What am I seeing?'

'Do you know what does this mean?'

'Your father is responding to our treatment. - Oh! Sir..'

'Didn't I tell you? Will power.'

'Sometimes the will power works too. - Yes, sir.'

'Sir, another doctor had come for the check-up just before you did.'

'What?! - Yes, sir. I wonder what he did.'

'He checked father and went away after stroking his body.'

'That machine has started showing the figures since then, sir.'

'Impossible! How is it possible, Mr. Deepak? - But, sir..'

'No one is allowed to come here without my permission.'

'Sir, I am telling the truth.'

'I was right here when he checked him.'

'Are you sure? - Yes, sir.'

'Okay, how did that doctor look like?'

'At least you can tell me his name.'

'I didn't ask his name.'

'But he had a fair complexion, a French cut beard.'

'Yes. He was wearing glasses.'

'He had a pleasant personality.'

'As if he was a great ascetic.'

'Fair complexion? - Yes.'

'A French cut beard? - Yes.'

'I don't understand anything.'

'Mr. Deepak, there is no..'

'..such doctor here who matches that description.'

'What! - Well, I think it is a miracle.'

'And I have to say this in spite of being a doctor.'

I could come because my mother has stayed back there.

Relax. Go home to your family.

And let me know if you need any monetary aid.

No, sir. Lord Ganesh has done away with that worry too.

How did you solely manage everything?

Father had a by-pass surgery 20 days ago.

And its cost was supposed to be around Rs. 1.5 lakh.

We applied to the Siddhivinayak Trust.

Sir, this Trust provides people with a lot of medical aid.

And sir, the Trust will have a hospital of its own very soon. Yes.

We also have certain responsibility towards..

..a Trust that is doing such a noble deed, isn't it?

Yes, sir.

I think we should make a donation.

Do one thing. Come here tomorrow morning.

Write a cheque of Rs. 11 lakhs to donate to them.

And you personally go and give it to them. - Okay sir.

My family and I will be visiting Siddhivinayak tomorrow.

See you, sir. - Carry on.

Okay sir. Thank you.

'Oh Lord Ganesh, I am getting to see your miracles at every step.'

Yes madam? - Call her mother.

You have been called.

Hi - Hello.

Please be seated.

How is my daughter doing? - Very good.

Ms. Divya, Netra is my favourite student.

Isn't it, Netra?

But she is extremely naughty as well.

But there is a right time for mischief too.

Alright. Sit outside for a while.

I want to speak to your mother. - Yes ma'am.

Ms. Divya, it would have been better if Netra's..

..father had also come today.

I know. But.. - Okay. Tell me.

How is Netra's behaviour at home?

She is really quiet these days.

And she shows a bit of an attitude at times as well.

I really don't know why? - Is that so?

Since when has this behaviour started?

Maybe since the past few months.


Ms. Divya, one more thing.

While leading a hectic lifestyle in a metropolitan city.. inadvertently happens when parents are tied up with their.. and business affairs.

But in this situation, the environment could be better..

..if you look beyond the nuclear family..

..and have elders or grandparents living with you.

Yes. - Okay, Ms. Divya. We will continue this.

And we'll meet after four weeks.

Right, ma'am. Thanks very much.


Today let me prepare something spicy for you.

Just like grandma makes. Spicy stuff.

We will throw away all the readymade packets. Alright.

From today, you and me will cook together.

So sweet, mother. - My baby.

Hereafter there will be no meetings.

Both of us will have lots of fun.


Sir, work on Mr. Mirchandani's project..

..of Rs. 5 crores has been started.

Sir, work has started on the rejected..

..pieces in the Khopoli factory.

Sir, work is on in all factories in Nasik, Dahanu and Silvassa.

Sir, we have deposited the Rs. 40 lakhs that we had withdrawn..

..for advocate Sanjay, in the workers' PF accounts.

Sir, I have sent the annual reports of Neptune..

..and MM industries for printing, sir.

Sir, you were so tensed since morning, isn't it?

But today everything has been wrapped up.

Sir, so many good things have happened today.

Sir, shall I repeat it? Shall I?

No. No. - Then why aren't you happy today, sir?

Because something is still pending.

Do you know?

It's my parents' 40th wedding anniversary today.

Oh yes.

And I am here.

I'm going to meet them right away.

This is what was pending. - Yes sir.

Yes. Yes. Speaking.

What! Where?

Is everything okay?

Yes. Yes. We are just coming. We'll be there right away.

Hello Manav. - Hello.

Yes. What happened? Manav, where are you now? - But..

Manav, Suraj's bus has met with an accident.

Please get there quickly. - What! Where?

Near Panvel Garden.

I have come to Netra's school. I will get there with Netra.

I'm heading there right away.

Yes, please. - Mother, what happened?

Will you take us to Panvel?

'God, please save my son.'

'Save Suraj at any cost.'

'Adorations to Lord Ganesh.'

'Adorations to Lord Ganesh.'

Suraj. - My son.

Are you okay?

Yes. Yes, mother.

I never even realized what happened.

Rohit was telling me Superman's story.

Then all of a sudden, I heard some sound.

I thought Superman must have jumped.

Bye, Suraj. See you. - Bye. - Bye.

Come on.

Are all your friends alright? - Yes.

There you go. - Look. Here comes our Superman.

Suraj, dear, how are you? - I am fine.

Are you hurt? - No.

Thank God!

All the kids are fine. Only the driver has been hurt.

He has been taken to the hospital.

Oh. - He is good.

Hey! You got me scared.

Come on. Go sit in the car with your brother. - Okay.

Manav, I am.. I am sorry.

What are you apologizing for?

For whatever has been happening all this while.

I didn't realize that we were drifting apart from each other..

..because of being engrossed in the chaos of everyday life.

Today I told you that the problem is not your business.

You are the problem.

I am very sorry.

In fact, I think that's our problem.

We completely forgot to listen to and understand each other.

I will try my best to ensure that whatever has happened till.. doesn't happen from tomorrow.

And why wait until tomorrow to start a new beginning?

I'll try to make sure it doesn't happen from now on.

I'm sorry.

You know what?

As a matter of fact, I too had been peeved since the past few days.

I'm sorry too. Really. Really.

Come on. Now shall we leave?

Come on.

Come on.

Thank God! Suraj is fine.

I now realize how kind God has been to us.

All our ways have opened up ever since..

..we turned towards God, isn't it? - Yes.

Come on. Let's go to Siddhivinayak temple.

To thank the Almighty.

We will definitely visit the temple to thank God..

..for being so kind to us and..

..for having blessed our family immensely.

We'll go to the Siddhivinayak temple first.

Then we'll bring mother and father home.

Okay? - Yes. Let's go, mother.

Let us bring grandma and grandpa home.

And play a lot of games along with them.

And we'll have fun with grandma and grandpa.

I'll beat you in every game.

Go away, jerk.

You both are up to mischief again.

Praise Lord Ganesh.

Adorations to Lord Ganesh. - Let's go.

Did you see that, Barve?

Famous movie stars, politicians and businessmen..

..come and bow down here. - Yes.

Praise Lord Ganesh.

He's here to answer everyone's prayers.

He answers everyone's prayers. - Yes.

Everyone experiences it too.

That is why millions come here walking barefoot.

All people are alike in the eyes of God.

'Lord Ganesh, bestow your grace on my children.'

'Lord, save them from every problem.' - I feel that between devotees..

..who offer expensive gifts..

..and devotees who can't afford to offer even a flower.

God pays more attention.. the poor devotees.

Uncle, you are right.

Just like a mother pays more attention.. the handicapped child than to the healthy child.

So true. - Barve, if you keep talking like this..

..then He'll certainly pay attention to us. - Why is that?

Because we'll miss our train.

Right. Let us go. - Let us go.

We'll miss our train. - Come on. - Let us go.

Let us go.

Nallu, what are you thinking?

What are you asking for? - Nothing.

We will be starting a new life from tomorrow.

We'll give away whatever we have to the Ashram as charity. - Alright.

I was asking Lord Ganesh for his blessings.

For yourself? - Why would I ask for myself?

I was asking Him to bless Manav and the kids.

Yes. You are right.

When parents bow down and lift their hands in reverence.. is only for their children.

For the betterment of their children.

No matter how the kids turn out to be.

Let us go. - Yes. Let us go.

Everyone has moved on. Come on.

Come on. Offer your prayers now.

'Lord, our life is dedicated to you from today.'

'Oh Lord Ganesh, you are now witness to our deeds every moment.'

'Not just in the temple..'

'..but also in our house.. in our life.'

'Stay in our hearts, Lord.'

'We just need one more favour from you.'

'Bring father and mother back home for good, Lord.'

'Our family is incomplete without them.'

"Lord Ganesh. Hail Lord Ganesh."

Hello Mr. Mehta. - Hello.

Did you offer your prayers?

Yes. Do you know me?

You must have met mother and father.

Mother and father?

Mother and father are here?

They came to offer their prayers.

Around 15 minutes ago.

They have left for the Dadar station.

They have gone to Dadar station? - Yes.

Manav, shall we go to the station?

Let us bring mother and father home today.

"Lord Ganesh. Hail Lord Ganesh."

"Lord Ganesh. Hail Lord Ganesh."

Let us go.

Thank you.

Let's go.

"Lord Ganesh. Hail Lord Ganesh."

Come on. Hurry up.

Come on.

Here. Give me your hand.

Come on. Careful. Come.

Mother. - Suraj.

Go bring him and come near the train.

"Lord Ganesh. Hail Lord Ganesh."

Oh no! Son. Get up. Get up.

Stand up. Stand up.

Well done. - Suraj, what happened?

So Mr. Barve, our visit was excellent, wasn't it?

Excellent, indeed.

All thanks to Mr. Barve. - No.

It's all due to Him. Not me. - Yes.

Mother. Mother. Father.

All thanks to Lord Ganesh. - Let us do one thing.

What? - Let us come back here after 15 days.

Yes. We will come again. - Yes. For sure. - With pleasure.

Mother. Father.

Mother. Mother.

We can come anytime to offer our prayers to the Almighty. - Mother.

Yes. We can come anytime.

Uncle, we'll come here every fourth day of the lunar month.

For sure. We'll come here every fourth day of the lunar month.

Mother. Father.

Mother. Father.

Listen. Is that Manu's voice? - Mother.

Manu's voice? Come on. How can Manu come here? - Yes.

Mother. Father.

Mother. - Yes. That's Manu's voice for sure.

Yes. Perhaps..

Perhaps, that's Manu's voice. - No. I am certain this is Manu's voice.

Let's go. - Yes. Come on. Let's go.

Look, wait. The train has started moving.

Wait. - Yes. But..

What do we do now?


"Lord Ganesh. Hail Lord Ganesh."

"Lord Ganesh. Hail Lord Ganesh."

How come the train has stopped after crossing half the platform?

The train has stopped. Yes. Let's go. - Let's go.

Yes. Let's go. - Aunt, listen to me.

Uncle, listen to me. - No. let's go, Nallu.

Wait a minute. Uncle.

Uncle, be careful. Aunt, be careful. - Divya.


Come on. Come on. - Hold on. Hold on.

Careful. Careful.

Mother. Father.

Manav. - Manav.


Come, my son. - Father!

Come, my son.

Manav. - Mother.

Divya. - God bless you.

God bless you, dear.

May God bless you.

Father, we are here to take you home.

No, dear. No. No.

Father, I know that I have made lots of mistakes.

But wouldn't you have forgiven your daughter..

..if she was here in my place?

But Divya, we have thought of something else.

We are about to lead a new life from tomorrow.

The Ashram needs us and we need the Ashram in the true sense.

No father.

I, Manav, our family, our kids need you more.

Let us go home.

The house is incomplete without you, father.

Father, ever since you have left, Manav has lost his smile.

And mother. - Divya..

Who will feed 'Undhiyo' (Gujrati dish) to my kids if you aren't there?

No. No dear. - Please come home.

- Grandma. Grandpa.

No, dear. No.

Mother. - Whoa, look who's here!


Divya, look.

Grandma. Grandpa.


Son, your leg..


Divya, it's a miracle!

Wonderful! Oh Lord! Lord Ganesh!

Hail Lord Ganesh! - Hail Lord Ganesh!

Manu, you know what..

..the fasts she had vowed to observe..

..for 21 Mondays for Lord Ganesh has been completed today.

And this miracle has taken place today.

We will surely come home with you. Nallu, we'll go. - Yes. We'll go.

We'll come home.

Dear, we are coming home. - Come.

'Lord, You kept showing Yourself to me in different manifestations.'

'But I couldn't recognise You.'

'You have recognised Me right.'

'That was Me.'

'It was Me who met you in different manifestations.. '

'.. at different places.'

'A devotee who serves his parents devotedly.. '

'..I fulfill all his wishes without him even asking.'

'No pilgrimage. No place of pilgrimage.'

'Neither veneration, nor fasting.'

'Serving your parents is like making an offering to Me.'

"Lord Ganesh. Hail Lord Ganesh."

"Lord Ganesh. Hail Lord Ganesh."

"Lord Ganesh. Hail Lord Ganesh."

"Lord Ganesh. Hail Lord Ganesh."

"Lord Ganesh. Hail Lord Ganesh."

"Lord Ganesh. Hail Lord Ganesh."

"Lord Ganesh. Hail Lord Ganesh."

"Lord Ganesh. Hail Lord Ganesh."

"Lord Ganesh. Hail Lord Ganesh."

"Lord Ganesh. Hail Lord Ganesh."

"Lord Ganesh. Hail Lord Ganesh."

"Lord Ganesh. Hail Lord Ganesh."

"Lord Ganesh. Hail Lord Ganesh."

"Lord Ganesh. Hail Lord Ganesh."

"Lord Ganesh. Hail Lord Ganesh."

"Lord Ganesh. Hail Lord Ganesh."

The Description of Vighnaharta Shree Siddhivinayak