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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Part 02 - How to play sax in 60 minutes. English subtitles-AULA DE SAX - Prof.Ivan Meyer

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How to play a Saxophone in 60 minutes

A video developed by Ivan Meyer

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Part 2 of 7

How you can play saxophone in 60 minutes

We need to hydrate the reed before start to play the saxophone.

This is the first step. You put it in the water. Then you blow up.

It is working.

You have to swing for draw the excess of water.

Do it carefully! Now we give a little clean for draw the excess of water too.

Take care because it is very sensitive.

So, we go take the todel with the mouthpiece.

Is better you put the todel with the mouthpiece because it is small and raise difficulties to handle.

If you throw down the mouthpiece, it will break, or will break the reed

So, doesnt work, does it? We may do the things work in the first class.

So, we will put the staple.

You will let it free.

You fell it coming in, but it isn´t pressed. Let the staple free.

What we go do

The reed

One thing is very important: never come in this way.

If you do this, you will break your reed.

One Day, when you will playing in show, you will remember this.

You needed change the reed very fast.

So, you were in darkness. You were speeding up.

The singer was sayinglet´s go, let´s go”.

You have to change the reed. You do this way and it split. And it was your only reed.

So, the show cannot go on. And there is nothing that you can do.

Just the suitable reed can work right. So you may take care with this reed.

This is the soul of the instrument. The saxophone doesn´t sound without the reed.

So, the first thing you have to do is never come in this way.

You always may do this with the thickness part of the reed. We come in this way. We do this on the back side and we will put here, ok?

You will use your two thumbs for do it. They are the most important part of all this history

You let the staple free.

You can rest the todel against you, this way you will have more mobility.

So, you place the reed base with the left thumb.

Then you will place the other base of the reed with your right thumb.

You can´t place the all reed in the down side. It is the most important thing in this stage of our assembly.

Not too down, (give a close here for they see this point) not too up.

Not too down, not too up.

You may notice: it can´t stay too up or too down.

There is a little black line that I am letting up.

What I can´t do is let one line very large

It is because the vibe is the most important in the reed

As more you reduce this space, it will be more difficult to vibe.

You can let the reedover boundlike this.

Look, it doesn´t exist. No one put it this way in a saxophone.

This way it will vibe the point of the reed, And the point of the reed will take the vibration inside and make the sound.

So we place it with our two thumbs

You locate the reed doing this motion and find the right position.

Don´t forget to let a little line down.

Reed down. Let a little line.

So you will brace it with the right thumb.

With your left thumb you will pull the staple. It will brace the reed. It braced immediately.

So I can free it.

And I press it, ok?

And I press it, ok?

Ok, I place the reed.

So you will confront it.

Take a look is this side, compare if it isn´t trespassing for this side, or for that side.

You put the reed and pay attention in all these details.

I will do fast for you see how it works.

Here is the reed and I do this way.

Look: I come from the back side, put my two thumbs and adjust.

For this moment I forget the staple and pay attention in this down side.

I brace it.

Did you take a look in the up side? So, I pull it, ok?

Then I take a look to see if it is ok

If it isn´t trespassing the reed. Or if it isn´t more for the other side.

So, I press the staple.


We assembled the most important part of the sax.

So, we go to the second part now! Let´s learn how to do the mouth of the saxophone.

We will take the todel and hold it in this part with the left hand.

And we will put the right hand here.

We have this support point,

this other support point and the third support point is our higher tooth.

These are our support points in the mouth.

You need make a little power to establish this contact with the tooth.

There is a very old mouth. It is from the age that the saxophone was created. … Very, very old

People done this way: they hold all with the lip.

It changes. It doesn´t exist

There is many books which was written on that age.

They learn to this kind of mouth.

So, take care! The right mouth is done to rest against the higher teeth.

In this part of the mouthpieces

This way!

The air act of passing through the mouthpieces is the responsible for the reed´s vibes.

It makes the saxophone´s sound

If I blow up of anyway, I will sound like a duck!

You don´t have to do this way. Anyone who do it, will sound very bad.

We will learn a right form to do this mouth.

There is one technique for this.

It is one thing that we know, everybody know, all the people who learn.

Is just this lip that gives the saxophone sound.

Some people have a more thick lip.

Some people have a more slim lip.

Some people have a very tender lip. And some people have hard lip, a mouth very hard.

It influences in the saxophone sound.

We will discover how is your lip and how is the sound that it produces naturally.

If the sound were not good, we will correct it.

So, this is for you make an idea about mouth.

this part cannot stay very soft. It has to stay a little hard

This way, ok?

Not this way!

More people do a beak to play

Do a lot o f grimaces to obtain mouth

So it is. Mouth is very simple thing

Very relaxed thing. It is very natural.

As more relaxed you can play, the sound will be better.

Is amazing

If you don´t think about your mouth, it will be very good.

I am stopped here. My mouth is quiet.

I Will take the Tudel and... Look!

This is my mouth. I use this way.

I take the Todel and blow up

I don´t do

Some people do a grimace to play or do much power. It isn´t necessary.

It is like hold a pen to write.

If you do it very hard, your hand will pain.

Is the same to play! If you do much power, you will feel pain and will sound very strange.

So, look at how we go do. You will take the mouthpieces

and will put it in your mouth.

You will Just open your mouth to entry the mouthpieces


Lean your tooth against this high part

And so you will blow

Don´t strike the tongue to start the sound of the mouth.

You will let the air come in, passing through it. So, the mouth will vibe.

Like it was an air course.

First we go make an exercise

It is just gear the air course this way

You may lean it in your tooth.

I will blow

You must hear this air...

If you put and do...

And nothing happen,

it is because you press the low part so much, and the air cannot to pass

Many people do it this way

There is no sound.

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