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One of the things that happens when we set a goal is we think we need to force it to

happen. We effortly push, we shove, or we resist taking action. But the thing were

missing when were dong that is that theres another way to create goals. It may be countering

two of it first, but its extremely powerful. When you allow yourself instead of pushing

to get the goal, you just open and let go, and allow the universe to support you in getting

whatever you chose. When youre willing to let go, what happens is you feel like your

being carried towards your goal, and you will find these opportunities flowing towards you,

and youll find that goals can get a lot easier to achieve, when youre not trying

to push the stream uphill, when you let the river carry you. So I highly encourage you

to let go of efforting around goals? Just allow that universe of energy thats right

here, right now, to support you in creating everything that you choose in lilfe. This

is some of the things that we explore in our seminars, its some of what we support through

the Letting Go movie, so please comment below and visit

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