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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Cinderbrush: A Monsterhearts Story (A Critical Role One-Shot)

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Hello everyone and welcome to critical roles, monster hearts.

One shot here for this Valentine's day celebration.

There you go.

That's some house on the roof. Um, so welcome. Welcome. Uh, before we jump in,

a couple of things to go over.

If you hadn't seen the handbook or helper that we, uh,

just previewed before the live stream of this,

you can check out on our YouTube channel for all the details and in depth

elements of the, the rule set for monster hugs. Um,

but to give you an overview of what the games about monster hearts is a tabletop

RPG created by a Avery elder that is designed to tell stories about the messy

angsty lives of teenagers, teenagers who are struggling with social identity,

gender identity, sexuality,

and the pressures of a body that is changing beyond their control.

Teenagers who also secretly happened to be monsters and allegorical web spun

between all these various themes to create a nice, messy, chaotic narrative.

Um, uh, much of tonight's story will likely be very funny.

Much of it will likely be delightfully awkward. Some of it may go very,

very dark and some of it may be very raw and real, uh,

in the same way that the best kind of young adult fiction it's name is the best

worst young adult fiction can be. Um,

but well we all trust each other at the table and we will not cross any lines

that, uh, are uncomfortable between us.

Any themes or any moments that require you to step away, that's totally okay.

Just letting you know. Um, cool.

So before we jump into the specifics here,

we also have a seating chart that we arranged this.

It's part of the rules of the game in which the players got to create a number

of NPC students that are part of their class. We'll get to that as part of this,

but we did it ahead of the game so we can jump further into the narrative. Um,

but if you ever got a chance to play the game,

it's a cool part of the setup that I think is pretty rad. Um,

let's go ahead and introduce our players who are at the table. Uh,

beginning with left here we have our wonderful Ashley Johnson.


we have Eric [inaudible] show from Telson Jaffe

and joining us for the first time in the critical family.

You have Allie Beardsley. Hey,

you know them from their amazing work with college humor for number of years as

well as dimension 20. And we're so happy to have you. I'm thrilled to be here.

So I love it. This is your first game here. That's a way to dive in the rules.

And I was like, Hmm, are four people coming on to me?

We'll find it.

Uh, so, uh,

let's not delay this too much or there is a lot of narrative angsty story to


So let's go ahead and jump into tonight's cinder brush amongst a hard story.


[inaudible] [inaudible]


My name is Matthew Mercer and I will be the MC or master of ceremonies for

tonight's game. Monster hearts.

Welcome to cinder brush Hills,

sleepy town in the middle of nowhere,

Arizona born from the arid desert highways that passed between the neighboring


Cinder brush Hills is a small insular community of nearly 7,000 people that

straddles the line between taking pride in its slower isolated way of life since

its founding in the 50s and it's desperate struggle to catch up to the 21st

century. Much of the local economy subsists on the nearby oil fields,

the local Cory and the menagerie of small businesses that maintain the town

between the tract housing and the strip malls,

25 miles away from the nearest major city of vertigo.

Most of the locals spend their time distracting themselves to drink small town

gossip and drama and nowhere is drama more persistent than it's Senator brush

high here within the stretching quads of Browning grass and recently renovated

school buildings.

The morning homeroom bell send students rushing to the first class of the day.

It's been a week since summer ended and the students are still rapidly catching

up on what adventures, rumors and debauchery colored their vacation.

Some stayed local lamenting the drudgery of this desert town on social media.

Others now touting their driver's licenses and second hand cars privately tell

tales of their underage mischief in the big city and others still carry darker

secrets they wished to keep hidden from the light.

It's here in this mix of social anxiety,

raging hormones and the MSCI wants to discover one's true self that our story

begins as the bell rings out across the students rushing,

grabbing their packs,

going to the lockers and grabbing their books for their first class,

bumping past each other. You can already see the wide array of people tall,

short, all manner of colors and all manner of personalities in that weird,

tumultuous incubation period of figuring out who they're going to be as a person

and all the conflict that entails.

As we step into mr Kepler's homeroom classroom,

students start washing it and finding their seats. Beginning with Sasha,

if you'd like to describe and introduce yourself and what we see.

Sasha Murasaki is a first generation here in the town of cinder brush.

She is perfectly perfect in every way.

School president, captain of the debate team,

very involved in all the school school activities.

She has long silver, ombre hair.

She usually wears something very conservative on the surface.

Nothing that would break the school code but skirts are a little short that has

are a little high. Just something fun. If you're looking,

that's awesome. Finds your seat at the front of the class.

You also see that she is flanked by three other figures,

Corey Brooks who is these,

this incredibly statuesque model of a high school student who is well known for

actually beginning her modeling career at the age of 15 in the nearby city of

[inaudible] and it was a very strong social media presence in is one of what

students referred to as the hive,

the collective of three friends that are never seen far from following the

footsteps of Sasha Murasaki.

You also see Lexi [inaudible] who is the salutatorian of the class and it was

the formal rival of Sasha's until through some strange moment last year.

She instead became her best friend and has aided her in all of her endeavors.

Trailing them is Jesse Zimmerman.

He's known as the kind of board Playboy of the school.

Rich parents that constantly travel in and out of town to one of the other major

cities in Arizona.

He's left to his own devices with a fair amount of money and no oversight.

They all find their seats and other students begin to rush in and find their

places here amongst the whole roof of mr Kemper's class.

Yes. Wow.

Behind there we see a figure rush

quickly to try not gathered too much attention. Lost in thought.

Cameron. Uh,

I am Cameron Solomon,

a really fucking handsome, like just super fucking hot.

Uh, all star quarterback, straight a student at least used to be, um,

come from the Solomon family, uh, which they

sort of run the query a little bit outside of town. Um,

was kind of used to be the quintessential poster child for Senator brush,

but um,

something happened over the summer and he is not,

the boy that he wants was, um, his grades are kind of slipping a little bit.


he's kind of pulling back from the team and he used to date Sasha for two years.

Um, they broke up recently.

He's not storing material

as you sit down and you take a moment to kind of taking the students as they

rush in,

you can look across and see Sasha discussing amongst her hive some sort of

heightened energy conversation, but hush enough where you can't catch it.

You're not entirely sure,

but you're pretty sure it probably has something to do with you and the recent

breakup and you sink a little deeper into your seat.

I catch camera in the gang and there's just a split second of direct eye

contact, right cross and uncross my legs.

And I go back to my conversation

towards the end of the final moments of the home bell catching at the beginning

of class,

we see a darker figure then clothing and presence.

Enter Jamie, Jamie, Jamie, rent a rental.

He enters. He's, they've got, that's right. I'm attempting today.

They've got better shit to do than to be here. Uh,

Jamie's from a divorced family. Uh,

their mom works at the local police station. Uh,

the dad lives in New York and they spend time there,

which is why they have good shit and everybody else has shitty shit.

Um, if you need something they can definitely get it for you.

Uh, and they don't really have friends. They have associates.

Jamie takes their place in the far, far,

far back corner of the classroom,

not far after [inaudible]

the fourth of our group of characters enters the newer students having arrived

here just last week with the first week of school, um,

kind of to a couple of stairs and some hushed whispers as they step into the

room. You see Ash, Abigail Flowers?

Uh, yeah, my name is AF. Uh, I'm brutally lost,

but I'm not letting anybody know. I'm just kinda trying to,

I walked into to the wrong classrooms before this,

but I'm pretty sure this is my actual classroom and um,

my name's fucking

Abigail. Okay. It's AF. Uh, those are my initials.

Call me AF and um, yeah,

so far school's been kind of a nightmare, but maybe it'll be cool.


Have friends over and sits down and finds your seat.

You get down and kind of in a similar way to camera and slink down a bit. Yeah.

Both recognizing Cameron with a quick glance or recognition. Yeah,

I know Cameron, I look over and give a quick smile over my shoulder.

And out of the peripheral you see a familiar face just going to Darden and go,

Hey, you see the familiar look of a student,

Amanda Beltman, this sweet, excitable,

no other way to put her way to describe it than the horse girl of the clash.

She has this dark brunette hair that's pulled into a tight braid that goes over

one shoulder, a denim button up shirt and it's tucked into her hygienes she has,

she wears riding boots to school and you're like, we're in Arizona.

But you know, she knows what she likes.

And she was the first person when you came here last week for the first week of

school to introduce herself and excitedly show you around for whatever that

means. Yeah, I'm kinda my only friend, so, Hey, what's up? Hey.

Um, I think hearing rumors about something that happened last week,

but I mean I couldn't possibly be, what do you mean about me? Yeah,

yeah. I mean, I'm just curious. Cause and at that moment,

the door opens about 30 seconds after the homeroom bell kicks off.

We're walking through UC wearing the cinder brush, high Letterman jacket,

a a somewhat tall,

handsome square jawed figure of Jason Buckner. He has dark,

short hair. Um,

a little bit of Scruff going on and the way that like some boys in school at

this age get beards way too young. Um,

but what everyone's looking at is the large purple welt on the right side of his

face that wraps around his eye,

that has been poorly hidden by concealer as he just head straight to his seat.

As he does, he stops for a moment and looks directly to AF

and then sits down, offered silence.

[inaudible] then immediately the room just rushes into whispers is it one begins

talking amongst themselves. The door opens at that moment of silence.

Once again, as mr Kepler enters the room, after all, this is his home room,

you see a tall gentleman, uh, tan younger, uh,

this is his second year teaching and it's like ever let alone at this school.

Uh, he went ahead and went to college in the East coast.

It seems to be from the greater New York area and relocated to Arizona is a

little bit of a sore thumb, the teacher,

but he seems nice and honest and generally trying to help these kids out.

And I don't think it was at all prepared for what was waiting for him when he

moved here. So he steps in, uh, students say, um,

[inaudible] good morning. Thank you for, uh, being prompt. I, uh,

going to go ahead and do some roll call here. Uh,

I hope everyone had a good weekend and goes and finds a seat and sits down.

Uh, all right, so, uh, you as history, right?

That's what I'm doing. Uh, got your books will be,

did you reading over the weekend and uh, I'll roll call,

right? He starts going through the list here and starts calling people's names.

All right. Uh, we have

Corey Brooks present. Uh,

Jason Buckner just raises a hand quietly.

Uh, Amanda Beltman. Ah, Amanda can,

I turns around from looking at you and here, uh, uh,

we have Abigail Flowers.

Just throw my book. I'm sorry.

I'm sorry. My name's AF.

That was a mistake. That was a bird.

Everyone in the class looks at the,

all the closed windows on the left hand side of the room.

The bird was in your overnight. I was just trying to get it. I saw it too.

Thank you.

All right. F flowers. Um,

and continues to go through the roll call.

The kind of droning of names goes on and on.

At which point Amanda turns back. You did.


I was watching a lot of prison documentaries and they said,

you just got to hit the biggest guy when you get in, if you want any respect.

And so I did that. Yeah. That's so cool.

Thank you. It was crazy to hit somebody before. Oh my God.

I've hit so many people. I won't hit you though. I don't hit friends.

I don't, we're friends. Um, yeah, I mean, you're really cool.

You really, yeah. You're really into your stable and I think that's cool.


Awesome. Um, at this point in time, uh,

[inaudible] the hive has turned and are kind of fixated after hearing the

different rumors about what transpired or the weekend,

the confirmation of Jason entering the classroom.

Adorning his Shiner definitely sets a wave of chuckles throughout the

surrounding troop. Jesse kind of leans in and goes,

I can't believe this shit. New girl just takes him out.

One hit what a football team center brush I fucking holds onto. Right.

This is very interesting flowers.

Well, according to what they were saying there. Yeah.

And he kind of puts his fingers through his hair and looks back.

We'll have to do our entrance exam

lexicon of leans in fitness. It can be a range. When, when,

when do you think it's the best way to like, you know, make that happen. Hm.

Funche they're not sending with anybody yet.

All three heads gonna turn at once and look towards AF and then back to each

other with a nod.

Jason, you know,

Corey can probably help with the foundation work there.

She's got a sister in stews. Um,

which points for you Cameron? Amy raise the um, uh,

really sweet kind of loner girl of the class,

keeps her own and sits in front of you. Can I spins around?

Not really taking in the information around her.

You can see that of all the people,

she's probably one of the least connected socially at this place and likes it

that way.

But I've been paying her to do your homework for her for some time and she spins

around and kind of just fucking busy at night

slips you so much stuff.

Slips you a couple of pieces of notebook paper of under the table.

I gotcha. Thanks.

It's the beginning of school, you know, just uh,

we'll just say you owe me a favor. I have money.

40 bucks, 40,

50 bucks. Okay. Takes up space.

You don't tell anybody. You just did you do.


Mainly turns back around as mr Kemper stands up and begins going into his U S

history beginning. Alright everyone. So, um,

so she did a bit of our reading on the turn of the century growing of,

uh, challenging warfare in the European front and how that affected the American

insurance and the world war one.

We're going to go ahead and begin to discuss the elements of trench warfare.

And immediately people begin to phase out a bit.

Kids are looking at their phones under their desk. Um, it gets this,

mr Kepler has no grasp of how to control the students in his class quite yet,

but also doesn't broach that issue. Um,

Jason turns around to you, Cameron, after a moment, kind of glancing over,

it was kind of trying to make a bit a

look in your way, nudging towards AF.

That's a pretty big Shiner. Fuck right. What'd you do?

What happened? Talk later.

Why are you covering it up like a fucking weirdo.

Shut up.

I think this is going back a little bit down. Um,

so anything you guys wish to do in the class period. Um,

Mary Raho sitting in front of me. Correct. Uh,

and I don't think we have a thing, but I just,

I know she's really anti-violence,

so I just want to talk to her just really quick, like, okay. Hey, go.

Sorry if I scared you when I threw my book at that loose bird.

You don't, it's fine. As long as the birds. Okay. I'm sure it's fine. Yeah,

I'm sorry. That was crazy. Right? Ice just as trying to help the bird.

Actually it wasn't, it wasn't an outburst.

It was charity and it was humanitarian look, that's like pretty amazing.

And I love charity and me too. I do a lot of charity work.

So did you like actually hit him?


Yes. Yeah. Um,

it was, it was, it's a long story.

He honestly,

I was just trying, um, I'm not a violent person. Okay.

I just sometimes am violent, but you know, you know what I mean?

Like I'm really good at being violent, so sometimes I kinda, you know,

like lean back on that. But in my core, I'm not violent.

There are, um,

I'm pretty sure like some counseling classes that you could take as part of the

school here. I just don't think, yeah, I'm in anger.

I'm in youth anger management. Okay, good. Good.

I look at Cameron briefly. Yeah.

Just look out the window. It's really helping me. Yeah.

I love going to it and I can't get enough of the counselors and the staff that

are there. Okay. I think they're doing good work with me. I'm just,

I snapped my pencil. Oh.

Just, you know, talk about it next time. If you need to talk to somebody.

I'm here. Oh my gosh. I would love that. Yeah. Okay. That's so great.

I got a flower for you.

That's crazy, right? Yeah, it's getting squished. Yeah, I know. Yeah.

Just from the on the front quad. Thank you. Good.

Thank you. Awkward moment. Kind of fades.

I pick up byline pieces and kind of try to fit back together.

Perfect. I text, but I mostly am very engaged in the lecture.

Um, but you know, I just keep taking all the right notes, asking all the Rikers.

Oh, go on please. What about economic support?

Oh yeah, no, no. Um, well it was a bit scattered at the time. There was, um,

there were a lot of out and just kind of go [inaudible]

but you know, underneath I uh,

I text Jamie freshmeat. That's it.

I text back on it

and then I'm going to text to Cameron. Need to confirm.

Did new kid fuck up Jason? Question Mark.

It takes back confirmed new kid fucked up Jason. Real good.

I turned to Evan

new kid, man.

I think there's maybe a possible school paper entry waiting to happen.

Talk to your sister. Let's make it happen.

I kind of looks over and sizes up. Alphabet looks back at you.

A Texas Asha, definitely. Interesting

entrance exam at lunch.


Oh, mCLASS eventually comes to a close, the bell goes off. And the first,

uh, this is a, a blocked school. So the two hour class periods, um,

heads into an early recess, um, brief pass out in the sort of the streets.

Second class goes on with, this would be ms Neera Patel,

your biology teacher. Um,

at this point everyone's more focused in the trying to catch up over illness,

December and recent events. So by the end of the biology class,

nothing seems to really sunken in necessarily for at least this trip.

What are we learning in biology? Uh, currently,

right now it would be probably deep ocean, uh,

um, various creatures that spines squishy things.

Ocean ship, ocean ship, their bioluminescence.

It's a beautiful topic if you pay attention. Um, and in the lunch bell rings,

students scatter and find their places amongst the quads and the lunch area

where their standard social cliques go and sit, compare themselves.

How long up to AF,

Hey. Um, how are you doing? Good. How are you doing man?

I'm good. I'm well. How's it? How's it feeling?

Yeah, this place is pretty crazy, but uh, yeah.

Are you,

I, I mean, I don't know that much,

but I heard you went through like a crazy breakup or whatever. Yeah, it's okay.

I mean women. All right.

Yeah, I get it. Yeah, she's cool. Yeah.

Cool. She's good. I think, uh,

I don't know.

I think we were just getting together for a long time and maybe we just needed

some time apart.


Do you have anybody to sit with at lunch? I'm not, no, not right now.

I have a couple options so I could go sit with Ana,

uh, and talk about, um, Syria or,

uh, I could go out on the grass where, um,

Amanda's picking grass to feed to horses. Like a horse chick.

She's super Norse or shit at this point. I like horse shit,

but like horse stuff.

Click and I swoop up around to AF and Cameron.

Hi AF. Right? Yeah. Yeah. I am. We fucking go.

I'm Sasha. Hi Cameron. Hi Sasha. How are you doing?

I'm great. How are you? Great then. Hm. Excellent.

Good AF. Do you want to sit with us today? Come on.

Sit with that as, um, I, it can be hard, you know,

learning the ropes at school and you know,

as student body president at sort of my job to be outreach,

it's important to make friends. Okay.

I would actually really like that cause I've been hanging out with, you know,

Amanda Beltman and she pretends like she knows all the gospel of the school,

but almost all of it has been wrong. Yeah, very sweet of her.

I appreciate that. She's kind of the welcome wagon. But yeah,

if you want to know what's really happening, we can get you all sorted out.

Yeah, I'm honestly so confused. Um,

I would really appreciate that. Yeah,

you're very good at sort of getting people where they need to go.

I walk over the hell. I thought we were getting some shit done over lunch.

I thought that was the fucking plan. Um, what's this

busy right now? Meeting new friends.

Oh, I'm so sorry. Do you not want to get shit done them? That's fine.

I have other things I could be doing in fact for that matter. Hi.

And I'm going to sit down next to you.

Have a good lunch kisses. You'll have fun.

You'll learn a lot from them. Um, okay.

I just want you all to know that there wasn't actually a bird. Oh,

the fuck did I see that? I just, I just, I wasn't sure if you were lying for me,

but I wanted to say thank you.

Oh, I was lying. Not for you, but I'm glad you got something out of it too.

Okay, cool. Um. All right, well we're off to a great start.

As a Jamie begins to talk more intently telling towards AF.

You can watch it as a, uh, Corey Brooks. The,

the model of the troop kind of reached forward and just takes app's hand and


come on and drags you along to kind of pull you away from this little social

circle. Cool. More later.

Fine. Oh, Cameron,


they sweep off with roast.

Holy fuck. Wow. How was your weekend?

Ah, uneventful apparently. How was your weekend? Did you see that shit go down?

Are you just hearing it? No, I just heard about it.

Good money to see that. I can't believe they did the, someone filmed it.

Really? How can someone have not, did Jason Sandy say I could.

Kevin talked to anybody. I don't know anything. I've just been what prompted it?

Like did he say something to ask and then, I mean it's chasten.

He was going to get punched eventually. God,

I know I've had my fair share sites with him. Oh

yeah. I mean you weren't hanging out much anymore,

but I didn't see you much this weekend in the in, you know where,

yeah, my mom needed help this weekend and

I want it to come out there. I just couldn't. That's cool. That's cool.

My parents are being kind of weird. Fuck that shit. Yeah. Well,

if you don't kind of this weekend, I'm going back Friday night,

but if I can get away again, if it's up to you, honestly,

if you want to try and make a thing of it, I'll make a thing of it. Yeah,

I'd like to make a thing of it. Yeah.


What else is there to fucking do? That's fucking right.

It's right about this point.

That of corny or I see familiar figure step up and walking across the center of

the lunch quad area. You can see Jason Buckner, fists clenched.

Bee lining over towards the table where AF is currently now being set along with

Sasha and her hive.

Dude, here we go. Shit should sit back. Arms folded.

Watch Sasha.

She her cool. Corey, she, her Lexi, she, her, Jesse, he him.

Awesome AF they then I'm actually, yeah,

it's a not, I haven't told a lot of people, but yeah,

I feel more comfortable with that is so this is new for you?

Yeah. Congratulations. Hey, thanks. Since this is a new school, new start. Okay.

We'll spread it around. God, that don't mean so much to me. Honestly. I,

I barely

talk to anyone, you know,

so pronouns are kind of hard to get out there without like a pin or something.

Yeah. Maybe we should Institute a policy about that.

It'd be nice. Wow. You are incredible sometimes. Yeah.

Watch out for me though.

Oh good. Huh? What makes you happy? What,

what makes you happy? Um,

uh, I'm sorry. I hope that's not too forward.

I just find it's better to cut out with all of the extraneous garbage.

Oh, um, well I um,

yeah, what makes me happy? Uh, you know, I uh,

I had a um,

right at that moment you see the large wide shoulder to shape of Jason Buckner

began to approach from behind. AF is a big hand, kind of goes

onto their shoulder. Hey,

turn around and look up and you can see the face kind of eyes tense.

Jaw clenched. So what was that about, bitch? Huh?

Jason Buckner, mind your manners.

You tell him that to me.

Yes. I said your full name and everything.

I just want answers. All right. This came out of fucking nowhere.

F [inaudible]

yeah. Well you uh, [inaudible]

seemed pretty big, pretty intimidating and uh,

I just wanted to show that. So am I.

I feel like there are more constructive ways of doing that than just, you know,

Dechend someone I didn't do anything to you.

Okay. Yeah, sure.

At this point,

a bigger dude comes up wearing the same football jacket over and gets with you

too and goes, alright, Hey, this is,

this is completely on an on call for,

this is a way to perpetuate violence against women. Jason back down, uh,

you know this to be a Terrence Michaels who is the largest and probably done

this to the football team. He is what you would call dumb woke. Um,

and he kind of pushed back. Let's just hang off. Okay. All right.

Personal space consent.


Super nice to meet Terrence. I don't necessarily identify as a woman, but, Oh,

you're right.

My apologies. I was unaware.

Oh yeah, yeah. It's a new thing. Actually.

We were just talking about maybe spreading it around a little bit.

If we ever want to talk about it some time, like just let me know. Well, yeah,

I mean I'm open. I'm cool. I'm hooked. I, my, my, my older sister, uh,

she's, she's one of them, one of them gay girls. Uh,

she went to college and like, you know, I listen, I listen and uh,

I'm all about know, just whatever makes people happy.

Oh, that's Terrence.

Shockingly open an exemplary ally. Wow, that's great.

Thank you. I appreciate that.

Yes. Thank you Terrance. I do appreciate that. Jason.

I'm terribly sorry. It seems like there's some sort of misunderstanding here.

AF is new in town and you're just so big and strong and kind of intimidating so

you can understand why I would feel a little threatened.

I mean, I guess I get it, but

you know, he picked the biggest, toughest,

baddest guy in school and you pick a fight and it's a way to protect yourself.

Just don't do it again. Okay. For sure. If you've got a problem,

just saved my face. Yeah,

I'm really good with using my words and not just going straight to physical

altercations or

I'm going to shrugs off Terrence's hand in his shoulder and bull cam.

That is so tragic. Yeah, I know. Oh my God. Hence the change.

This is, I almost missed this. I don't,

but I almost missed this,

but we get to be around it five times a week.

I got to get out of here. God. Yeah, me too man.

Terrence turns back and it's like, all right, well you know

anytime I'm not a card carrying member of the patriarchy. I am a,

I'm a welcome space to discuss feelings.

Wow. Can I have a good day?

Hey honestly, you too man. Cause I got practice. Terrance,

this takes y'all shit.

Welcome to cinder brush. Hi, thanks. Yeah,

I really didn't know anyone coming in besides Cameron. So it's been him run.

Yeah. Yeah, we've met where little,

how could you possibly know Kamran? Oh, just be like, you know,

out in the world, uh, meetings and stuff, you know,

eating nothing. Um, anyway.

Oh my astrology op today said to take a chance. Are you single?

Um, I am. Cool. That's all I needed to know. I run.

Did you guys watch us? Just like arms sprints.

[inaudible] that away from the table.

Yes. So what do we think

Jesse is going to lean him back in the chair again?

Man. Shit, they're pretty fucking weird.

Lexican is, I, you know, I'm not gonna lie. I kind of,

I kinda think she's sweet.

They're sweet and see Corey kind of sits back and looking at her phone.

Yeah. Hmm.

That's a followup questions for that one. Interesting.

When's the next party, Jesse? [inaudible].

Jesse kind of thinks like, I don't know, my, uh,

usual contact got arrested a couple of weeks back, so I'm trying to,

trying to reconnect a little bit, see what I can muster. Uh,

parents are still in town, but I don't know.

I'm thinking maybe like mid October.

Okay. All right.

It gives me some time. Great. And you know,

we can always go to Jamie for anything.

Should we be going to go to the JV? Oh yeah, I absolutely do not,

but he operates as long as I say he operates in this school.

Yeah, I'll kind of glance over it.

You started to get the odd sensation that whenever they all turn,

it's almost unison to a specific direction and they all glance over back towards

Jamie and Cameron across at their table.

Excuse me.

I'm going to go finish up some business with your terrifying acts.

Have fun. She's a blast, Don. I know it

is. Jamie begins to approach and takes a seat at your table.

Now that you've finished terrorizing the new meat terrorizing nothing.

I'm just getting to know a new face. Please don't break this one too quickly.

I don't ever do anything too quickly. Jamie,

just going to remind you. I have my eyes on you. Who doesn't?

Do you want to do this with your little group or do you want to go talk

privately? Let's go chat. Charlie. Excuse us.

Just kind of sit and patiently wait for you to leave with a look of pod. People

turn their head. That shit's gross,

but that's not why we're here. Why are we here, Jamie?

Oh, just making sure that you're taken care of.

You said that we needed to have a little talk, so I'm making myself available.

I always make myself available.

You and Cameron had been hanging out a lot lately.

What have you done with the his head?

Oh, Sasha. There is nothing I can do to that point.

Boys. Poor fucking head that you haven't already done.

I am just enjoying the company of a disaster.

Disaster. That from what I can tell you created well done.

No, this one wasn't may bullshit. No,

this is a whole different kind of mind fuck than I usually.

Hmm? Are you lying to me


I would never lie to you.

I lied to everybody but never to you

shit. Yeah.

Well I just assumed I wasn't working with a broken heart then. Nevermind.

I don't know. Trying to take my mind off things.

I'm trying to take his mind off things. It's been working out,

but no, nothing you need to worry about.


Anything else? Cooking always.

But anything I really need to know about,

be careful with the fresh mate.

I get the sense that might be more than you bargained for.

Just the vibe.

I'm always careful and if you need a refill of anything,

I could use a few things. Okay. In fact, if you have the urge,

anything personal of Jason's might be

[inaudible] arrange something, something past this weekend,

I'll be there. Great. Alright.

Scattering and finishing up your lunches. You had yourselves to the,

your final class of the evening, which is English two with Ms. Laura Meyer. Uh,

Ms. Meyer,

who is the more theatrical of the class teachers bouncing between English and

drama and very much,

you can see one saw herself as the top of the community theater,

not too far outside of the city and Arizona. And she begins to go into the,


the review of the themes of the book that you all failed to really begin reading

called Lord of the flies.

She goes on about the conflicting human yearning for social structure in order

with the rational and emotional minds that can easily disagree in Sunday.

It all from the inside, whatever, they were just fucking hungry.

Cameron, did you even read it? Yeah.

Did you interpret it?

I interpreted it that they were out there and they were just

wanted food. Actually Cameron,

it's more about how man will almost always succumb to his more animalistic urges

when left to his own devices without the structure of law and order.

Interesting perspective. Sasha. Sasha, I felt that Cameron had the conch there,

so if you would not be so rude,

excuse me, it's austere. Asmar Jamie, that's a good guy.

Is society required to enforce morality

or a society, a construct of enforce morality?

That is the point of our conversation in today's class.

And she begins to go up to the chalkboard and begin writing the question on the

board. Um, honestly, flies kind of scare me cause I'm always like,

is there a dead body around here? What have you heard what

any res turns around to you? Cameron and Gavin goes, um,

if it's easier I can tutor you.

Like if you actually wanted to learn as opposed to just turn it into work.

Yeah. Uh,

yeah, that would actually be, I mean,

yeah. Yeah. Do you want to come over later?

Yeah, yeah, I could probably do that. Okay. You know where I live, right?

Yeah. I mean I can also come at your house. You can pick me up.

Um, I actually don't have my car right now. Well I'll ride, I'll ride over it.

Yeah. Okay. Okay.

She turns back around kind of quickly, kind of.

You can see even with her kind of cold, loner, general demeanor,

there's a bit of a risk take here for her reaching out. Um,

at this point there's quiet amongst the conversations is the last bit of the

chalk marks on the board and you hear


kind of a,

a wave text go through and everyone kind of is looking for their phones.

Most nobody.

But you see four people that begin to read something on their phone.

Jesse Zimmerman of your hive. Jamie, you received this text.

Tyler Thorne, who is the local pseudo stoner DJ of the classroom, uh,

and camp, the text reads

says, Hey fuckers, it's Suzy escape.

Should brushed tomorrow night and come say hi.

Pop-up Ravens st Marin refinery 11:00 PM bring candy, miss you.


Now Susie Mareno was a graduate from last year senior class here.

It's an airbrush high,

was well connected in the cinder Bush party scene before moving to [inaudible].

Um, and was never socially interested in going against you,

Sasha and for an older classmen, just kind of, you had an understanding.

Um, you can,

there was a brief flirtation while you guys were dating that caused some

tension, but mostly just, uh,

because your family is so well connected and because you do money,

there was definitely an interest in a situation in the past where you've both

partied together and she utilized your connections to help get proper locations

for parties and elements like that. Jamie,

you know exactly what you guys know each other. Uh,

but as this kind of goes around in these texts, begin to go off.

Jamie turns to you, Sasha. I knows

there's some shit going down tonight

and kind of therapist the text over towards you.

Oh, all out in style then. I, uh,

I don't have any candy. You were mentioning that.

Oh yeah. Freak over there to probably look us up. Jamie's got whatever we need.

Okay. You can go ahead and talk to them that we'll put some things together.


as Cameron, you get your text at that point, uh, behind you. You notice that,

that moment that Amanda who sits behind you is looking over your shoulder.

Good. I'm reading it. What the book?

No, no, nothing. I was just, I, you know,

was watching what teach was writing on the board.

Breathing on my shoulder. I'm sorry. I'm a heavy breather. It's, um,

it's a condition that I looked at, dude,

in which point, immediately Amanda turns to you and goes,

there's like a party happening tonight. What?

I just read it on Kim Kim's Fila. Oh, Ooh.

I've never been to a party. I've barely done anything.

That sounds really exciting. Um, okay.

I'm feeling wild. Do we know anything about it?

I thankfully have a photographic memory. Cool. Which is kind of what saying

I got the detail. I don't have a car. I have a car. Okay.

I have a big truck. It's stick shift. That is so cool. That is so cool.

Okay. Okay, cool. Kevin, I this shit,

take a minute. I don't know. Are you going to go?

I don't know how the fuck I'm going to get there, but I, I've got to go.

There's work to be done. Is there anyone we know that has a car right now?

You know where my truck is? Four horsepower.

90 horsepower.

You're talking my language horsepower right now.

It's currently filled with crates, uh,

of stuff that I didn't want in my room anymore. Oh, okay.

Do you think it's possible to kill Amanda? Question Mark. Okay.

Okay. We'll do it after school. Make it look a stampede, Don.

As soon as that moment of excitement kind of settles between the two of you,

F you realize that you do have a three hour shift at diamond liquor for your


I turned around, so

yeah, I know you saw the text. That's okay. Um, you can go to this party.

Yeah, I feel like I'm in a weird game of telephone. Um, well yeah,

I was thinking about you. Yeah.

I your car. Yeah. It's got like four horsepower.

You've got a four horsepower truck. That's fucking fast.

I changed the oil myself.

I lay down on a skateboard and it pours all over me and then,

um, but I'm going to get to a point where it stops blood,

start running my hands through my hair. Um,

I think when we can, I mean if you're going to go, maybe we can all go together.

I dunno. Oh yeah, totally. I got you.

My car is, my car is in the shop right now, so I can't cool you,

me and Amanda. That's great. Uh, I think Jamie,

my Jamie might tag along with us too. Is that okay? Do you have enough room?

Yeah, honestly. Dude, they seem really fucking, man.

It gets extremely stiff. The Jamie's rad.

Yeah, he's good people. He lied about the bird. Yeah.

Something you never forget. I would fall on my sword for him. Yeah. Yeah.


I text Jamie a lollipop emoji in a party popper and a question Mark.

Excuse me. I'll take care of a few things.

Uh, I text back just a pound sign,

but the question Mark.


Send Becca 100 emoji. Yeah. And,

and flying money emoji. Oh no.

The one with the face that has the money.


Oh, do you have an Apple watch? Got it.

I'll be there. I'll pick you up at 8:00 PM.

So tonight or tomorrow. Tonight, 7:00 PM.

It's a, a rapidly thrown together event.


class does eventually come to a close and the school day ends with the ring of

the bell.

The campus becomes energetic and students scatter to the rest of their business

throughout the day. And you all find, you grab your bags,

head back out into the hallways. And

what would you like to do?

I guess we should get each other's numbers, right?

If we're all [inaudible] I'm sure. Yeah. I'll tell you what's your number?

I give you my number. Okay. The group share. Yeah. Doing a group chat. Yo,

let's start a group chat. All right. Amanda, did you want to give your number?

Oh yeah, yeah, totally. What's your number? Fuck.

Just don't text me a lot please. Cause I've heard you texts like

checks, like the sends texts. It's like five at a time. Okay, I'll,

I'll be sparing.

Okay. Uh, so do you my number. Five, five,


You give him your number? It's fucking

social distribution. Three texts that don't end in a question Mark in your blog.

Just an understanding. Honestly.

Good rule. Thank you. It's a very good role. Um, I've got to run by, you know,

where to take care of a few things. Jimmy,

you going to go by there right now? Honestly,

unless you have a reason not to and I can go with you. Cool. Yeah.

Um, Oh shit. I find your one heart. Okay. Let's see what the,

see what the show.

Hey Amy. Uh, what time did you want to come come by to lay?

Um, I don't know. That's a feel like six, seven. I got,

I have a couple extra kids.

Their activities take care of what I can swing my whenever.

Yes. Yeah. What time is it right now at this point? I'd say by three o'clock.

Six o'clock is good. Okay. All right. All right. I'll see you there.

Hi Amy.

Uh, you would,

and you are very constantly radar scoping everything around you,

especially when it comes to camera. And

since you did hear the buzz of the phone and kind of that direction of the

classroom and based on the conversation with them all,

you've kind of gathered that they probably got a similar

connection. Okay. And I saw Amy talking to Cameron briefly. Yeah. Okay.

Okay. You want to do anything or just Oh, uh,

we just clocking it,

I think. Um, I think I'll have,

I think I'll have Jesse swing by around six ish.

Okay. Evening, just do a lap.

Put a check in. Yeah. Okay. Okay. That can be done.

Anything anybody else wants to do in the afterschool preparation needs to be


Um, yeah, actually, Amanda, I need your help. Yeah, of course.

Whatever you need. Let me know. Supposed to work at the liquor store today. Um,

which means I could not go to this party. Um,

so I need you to go to my house with me and convinced my parents that we have a

huge project due tomorrow and that I need to stay at your house and work on this


You need me to lie to your parents and I need you to wear these fake glasses so

that you look smart.

It's 90% of our grade. You're a good liar, right?

I don't know. Okay. Well we're going to have to work on that. On the ride there.

Let's go fit. Okay. Just practice saying that's 100% true.

100% true. Okay. Yeah, we'll get there. We'll get there. Okay.

Okay. So you guys head to your truck? Yup. Take her up to the parents folk.

What are you doing?

We're going, are you coming with me or we're going, we're going to the high dab.

Okay. In the mind.

All right, so the two of you

walk to, um, if you've got a bike, I've got a scooter.

Yeah, I have my bike.

Alright, so you guys make her over to the query inside of the Solomon

for the next, yeah. Headaches.

What's your cool tricks and shit on the way? Right.

Alright. You would approach the outskirts of it.

You head down the broad ramps to the furthest back pit of the query,

the familiar space where you keep a little private area for yourself.

Come up to the,

the door that you have kind of hidden off to the side with the sheet over it

there. The, the padlock that you keep on it. [inaudible]

Oh, this is looking really good. Yeah, it's not bad.

You all right? Yeah, I'm okay.

It was Susan weird day at school.

Do you know new kid? Do you have any like, I don't know.

You had a weird today.

Yeah. Uh, yeah,

we actually know each other. Um,

we go to a, um, a meeting,

it's like a little bit outside of town.

It's like a youth anger management meeting. Oh fuck. I've been to meetings.

Yeah. I don't know. My parents put me in it and it's,


obviously it's really helping cause you seem like you're doing really good.

I dunno, I'm just doing it to appease them, I guess.

Um, but

I actually knew half before that. No shit. Yeah.


I went to, um, I went to summer camp,

like in middle school, you know, right before high school. And we met there.

Yeah. I mean it was a cool summer. Um,

it was a cool summer. Like what the fuck does that mean it's a summer camp?

Like, like where you bunk makes or whatever the fuck that is.


we kind of maybe like, it was kind of my first guess.

Yeah, yeah. Oh you're doing that weird hair shit you do?

Oh no. Yeah. Um,

it was kinda fun cause you know,

like the whole summer we were kind of just flirting with each other who are

kids, you know? And then, I dunno,

I guess kind of towards like the end of the camp, we kind of just, we're,

we're all, we're like swimming and shit and like doing, you know,

the stupid like bouncy thing, you know?

And we were kind of just in the water and we like

got under a canoe and then just started like making out.

Yeah, it was,

it was kind of sweet though. Oh this is so good.

Anything to get Sasha out of your fucking system.

Yeah, but that was a long time ago. Yeah.

I don't know if you're going to read sash out of your fucking system.

Pretty sure you can.

She's a lot,


I mean, I'm enjoying this. Don't get me wrong. This is great. Anybody,

I won't tell anybody

unless they offer me something really, really good,

like super fun juice


as new at school and I want them to be comfortable and I don't want to spread

that information if they're not comfortable with that.

Oh no. I, I like AF. I don't entirely know why, but I did the,

the dopey puppy vibe.

Yeah, me too. I'm threatening like,


Oh my God. Oh God. This is so gross. I don't know. Kind of,

I knew it too, but I mean, that's it. I don't know. I'm,

I'm here to take care of your ex right now anyway, so we're going to need to,

I started assembling, uh, a magic pouch, which has

a Hunter S Thompson collection of,

uh, like a good, a good, uh, Thompson's worth of Vegas, Vegas essentials. And,

uh, in a, in a secret pouch, it's one of those magicians, a Haida pouches.

So that's, ah, there's no rabbit in here.

There's a rabbit in here kind of thing.

So it's got the little half-life and then put the rest of it.

I just fill a bunch of my stuff from New York,

a little bit of some herbs. Um, a small, uh,

small sharp razor blade. Uh,

a little bit of, a little bit of chalk, a little bit of sulfur,

a little bit of salt, just a, just in case shit goes down. Okay.

All my tools. It's all right

as you're assembling all these elements here.

Gotcha. And some cash.

You hear what sounds like a handful of rocks tumble and crack from the entrance

to this little hidden hideaway.


Hey, I'll meet, we'll figure out what, where we're meeting and everything. Yeah,

I'll text you.

Yeah. You better text me. Yeah. Yeah. I gotta go. I mean,


you know, I'm not going to tell anybody, you know.

Yeah, I know. Holy shit.

You turn around and you can see Evan Harris standing their cell phone up,

recording going.

How long have you been standing there

for like five minutes. You guys are ridiculous.

Um, I go up in [inaudible].

Is this like some sort of weird like cult hideout or some shit? Are you serious?


I'm going to go up and lash out physically and then I'll go try to punch him in

the face and take his phone.

Okay. Go ahead and roll. Two D six, come on cam.

Ah, okay. That's a 10 minus one's with a nine.

A nine. Okay. Okay. So, uh,

you get to choose one of the three elements there. You do manage to harm those.

So you rush up and immediately and it's like, wait, wait, wait, what?

What are you at Delta? Yeah,

just don't in the face the video spins,

it has that rapid then like end of Blair witch style just kind of lands on the

bottom of the cave floor. Uh,

Evan's nose was rushing just blood from the front. Um,

you choose one of the options there for the success,

but complicated aspect there under lash out. Physically.

It can learn something about your true nature and they gain a string on you.

I'm going to let you decide how bad the hard terms I've had. The harm turns out.

Yeah. Okay. I trust you. You,

you see the phone clatter to the ground and I haven't grabbed the front of his

face and it could have been stopped.

Oh, what the fuck? You can't just film people without, without asking.

He looks up and he's missing three of his front teeth. Shit.

What would you [inaudible]

that's all you fucking get, dude.

You can't just come in here and start filming people like that.

I grabbed the phone, give that back.

It's, it's actually locked at this point.

It's unlocked.

Doesn't, doesn't fund. Yeah. The missing teeth wasn't enough to do blanket.

What an insane upgrade. That was

the worst thing that ever happened. Huh?

I was just,

I'm doing good.

I'm scanning through all the photos to just forward myself a couple things.

You're fucking crazy. You know that. I'm crazy. I'm crazy.

You fucking came in here and didn't even, we didn't even know you were there.

Look you two have been,

you've been always weird. You've been really worried for a while now.

Just kind of wandering down the middle of a fucking Corey.

My family owns this query.

I work here over the summer. I, it's perfectly acceptable that I'm fucking here.

Totally. And you have this amazing kind of all the weens store gave here.

What the fuck this is fuck camera are going to make me deal with this.

Just give him that God of the phone. You tell anyone about this place.

You tell anyone, anyone

you're going to be missing more than your fucking teeth.

I'm actually, I'm going to

toss the phone to you and I'm going to try and grab a chunk of his hair.

Okay. I need a token.

I will say go ahead and make it shut. Someone down. Rule. Okay.

See if I can pull this fucking shit off. This is going to be cold, okay.

To uh, intimidate and act quickly enough to not have resistance. Seven.

Seven. Okay. As he goes and reaches for the phone. As you toss it,

you reach up quickly and grab a chunk of the hair and pull it away.

He turns around. I immediately start casting a spell.

What do you do? I'm going to cast illusions. Okay.

What transpires? I want fucking bats.

I just want him to get attacked by bats. As long as he's in the cave.


Sees as soon as you turn, you see him looking at you as eyes wide,

both an incredulous pain. And then as you begin to

the old Paul stand out.

What the fuck are you like spitting blood and spindle from the missing front

teeth and then suddenly goes

this running outside of the cavern off into the afternoon. Sunlight

fucker. Did he take his phone? Huh? I know you have the phone.

All right, well now they can fucking trace the phone.

So if he's looking at like, get rid of this here. All right.

Wipe it and get room tone. We'll just get rid of it. Leave it out front.

Everyone will know he was still unlocked or their luck. Good luck. Good luck.

Shit. Okay.

They still sound like an idiot for leaving. Yeah.

I mean he's not going to tell them.

He doesn't tell anybody what that he got attacked by bats

but this place, um, how different now,

what time was it at this point? I see like four 30, five o'clock.

I had to go home pretty soon,

but I'm going to go check and make sure everything's okay. It's don't mind.


I'm going to grab anything that just in case I'm just going to grab anything.

I don't want to be found here.

Like anything really problematic out of this place. Okay.

It takes you a little bit, so you probably leave in advance. Yeah. A new quote.

Texts tonight. Clear up as much as you can.

I'm going to just leave the phone and like maybe at the other entrance of the

yeah, either way. Uh, thanks for that. Thanks for punching

man. I'll see you later. Okay. What do you finish that up, Sasha?

What are you doing? I had to stay late to help with some uh,

debate team stuff and you know, student council stuff,

study hall, um, volunteering work. It's exhausting.

Um, I'd probably wrap up by around five or so.


Is there anything you went to do after five?

I text Jessie to start by. Keep an eye on cam

takes back. You've got it.

I'm going to ask

and ask Lexi too.

Um, Lexi,

do you think you'd be able to pull new kids' records in the office?

Possibly. If there's no risk, go for it.

Just happened to see it. I don't need hard copies.

Just info

on the new kid.

Yes. Right. Okay.

While you're finishing up those activities, you,

we've made your truck Abigail sitting in the passenger seat as you drive away

from school going like, Oh wow. I haven't got my license yet. Yeah,

it's great. Okay. Pop quiz. Yeah. Is there really a test tomorrow,

tomorrow? Uh, there, there is a, uh,

a brief quiz on the topic, but there isn't like a full scale test.

We're just getting into the school year, so you'll be, she'd be okay. Okay. Uh,

no, I'm being my parents and I need, Oh, right Riley sell it. Oh,

sorry. Sorry. As there is a huge, huge project,

there is a huge project Tuesday. Usually that's the day when the big stuff, yes,

90% of the grade. Thank you. Yes. Okay. Got it. Got it.

It's super important and absolutely 100% true. Yes. Right,

right. Okay. We're getting

you pull up to the liquor store, diamond liquor. Where are you? God?

Samuel is Outback.

They have a truck open and they're currently loading up the stock room in the

back and he says the truck pulls up and kind of gives a hand wave.

He's a middle aged man. Um, little bit of a gut,

but you can see him handsome in his younger years. Um,

he was a bright smile but looks a little dopey in the face,

but overall like sweet, um, Harris thinning a bit, uh,

tight jeans that are pulled up a little too high and uh, he's,

you can see he's probably did a little bit of back pain as he's kind of pulling

these boxes out.

This liquor store is small and doesn't have a lot of hands on deck,

so it takes a, it takes a little bit of, a little bit of challenge to, to,

to get the business going. But, um, as you kind of step out of the truck,

he kind of gives you a wave over, Hey, what's up?

Hey daddy, I give him a big hug.

How's work? Has it been so far today?

Oh, it's been good. We're just, you know, trying to get stopped back up again.

Her getting the trucks to come this as far out as often as we need to. And uh,

she's actually been selling pretty well, which was great. Which, you know,

I'm still getting used to how the numbers here were compared to how we were

exactly the old home. But, um, yeah. Um, well,

you know what, I, I got some bad news about today actually. Um,

I seems like, um, you know, I'm still gonna work tonight,

but I have to just completely ignore this huge project that's worth 90% of my

grade isn't that suck? Well, anyway, where's my apron?

Is it?

No, no, no, no, no, no.

That is just and a half ago and we got to be this four with glasses on. He goes,

it's 100% true worth 90% of the grade.

Yeah. Yeah. This is my partner. Yeah. Oh, sorry Dan, this is,

this is Amanda. Um, yeah, I, yeah, this is my partner. I,

I brought her along because I'm just going to buy her a Coke to say sorry for

making her fail the whole semester. 2% true.

No, no. They need to look

honey, we're new to this school and you know,

in this and getting back in town and it's a little, you know,

it's tense and I know you're trying your best to kind of get caught up and

everything. So you know what, I'll, I'll take it. I know I can.

It hasn't been an intense day.

I can go ahead and just extend the shift had been running. You go,

you go and you take care of this project. The two of you. Um,

gosh. Are you serious? Of course. Of course. Well,

I guess I'm going to have to go stay at Amanda's house to pulling all nighters.

So I've, I guess I'll see you tomorrow evening.

Okay. Yeah, no that the police just it. If you need anything, give me a call.

That's so, and you know what else is crazy?

We have a lot of supplies that we have to buy 100% true.

And so I don't know if I could maybe get an advance on the next check, uh,

that I would be getting here. But we just have to,

we're studying deep sea animals so I have to make a lot of slime to show

how many, a full full check advance. Yeah. If I can get $250 right.

It pulls it his wallet. It's like counting through and a lot of singles. Okay.

I'm interesting.

Great. Yeah. Yeah.

I only got like two 10 on me. Is that enough? Thanks Josh.

Thanks so much. Okay, got it. Um, all right. I love you.

Love you too. I gave him a quick hug again. Yep. Pleasure to meet ya, man.

You seem really cool though, Tate. Take care of her and I will, uh,

yeah. Let me know how it goes. I totally need snacks or anything.

Just give me a call. Thanks so much, dad. Yeah,

plenty chips just came into the hot Cheetos too.

We got a bunch of them in stock. Okay. All right,

good. Okay. Bye. Bye.

He goes back a load of boxes and we hopped in the truck.

Oh, I'm such a bad person. Oh God. My soul is,

I need to pray. I believe in God. I need to baptize myself.

[inaudible] we have to go. We have to go now. Oh my God. I bring it up to him.

Have to buy him like a something like a $500 gift card to sharper image or

signer. Know what he likes. Okay. Okay. Let's go

Apple. I'd like tunnel vision. That was so exciting. It was awful.

It was the worst thing I've ever done and I can't tell you the things I've done.


This is really bad. Where am I going down the bad path.

Am I going down the dark path?

The path less traveled is maybe the battle is full of lying to your perfect

father. Okay, that's fine. It's fine. Yeah, it's fine.

It's for good costs for heaven, for his

adventures and experiences. I bet at the end of tonight I'll be like,

that was worth lying to my dad and making him work 20 hours.


let me transition over to the knocking door. Front. [inaudible]

door. Outside of the Solomon estate,

there is a bike freshly parked out front and the door opens and we see

immediately Teresa saw the mother of Cameron opened the door. Hello.

And there stands Amy Rayez. Is there books in hand?

High S they didn't bother them. I'm here to your tutor. Cameron. Teresa. Oh,

Kevin has a tutor now.

Cameron Cameron, you hear your mom

ever so slightly agitated. Call your name throughout the house.


all right, I come downstairs. Oh yeah. What's up?

Hey, uh, your tutors here?

Yeah. Come in here. Close to the store behind.

Beautiful house. Well done. Interior. Um, weirdly spacious,

almost intimidating. So,

uh, this is Amy. Um,

she's gonna tutor me today with first some stuff and uh,

yeah, we'll just go upstairs. All right. Pleasure to meet you guys.

Had upstairs. Do you want anything to drink or anything? Water.

Water would be wonderful. Okay, I'll get that one over for you to go. Okay, mom,

I gotta get some waters.

She goes off to her. I mean,

unless you're going to make like sandwiches or something.

Would you like me to make sandwiches?

You want a sandwich? I already ate that. You can have one.

No, that's okay. That's okay. Mom,

you head upstairs and a tutoring session begins.

Starts awkward tension kind of energy in the room a little bit before it kind of

calms a bit. You two haven't really hung out outside of class before.

And one it's nice to have interaction with uh,

a girl with a rapport that isn't your ex, um,

British annually.

Also eager to teach and kind of show you the ropes a bit of this curriculum.

Um, is there anything specifically you like to do during the tutoring session?

Um, Hey, I mean, are you still able to write my paper tonight?

I know I'm learning, obviously,

but I just feel like I'm not quite good enough yet to write this paper.

Have you tried?

Yeah. [inaudible]

I mean maybe not

enough, but, uh, wow.

What will you give me if I do your homework for you?

Do you find yourself strangely enticed by Amy?

I'm going to go ahead and

take a, take. Nothing on her. Take a string. If she takes a strangely,

um, it should begins to [inaudible]

kind of flirtatiously look at you in the eyes.

What are you doing tonight?

Tutoring you.

And then they went home to finish my homework and yours now apparently,

I mean, this paper isn't to tomorrow necessarily.

Just [inaudible]

turn her stuff in and turn it in.

Turn it in the next day. You know, I mean, you ever done that before?

You're like, Oh, sorry. Last night was so crazy. I'll, I'll bring it,

I'll bring it. I'll bring it Wednesday.

No, I haven't, but I've seen many people do it.

Um, there's a party tonight.

Are you asking me to go to a party with you Cameron?


yeah, yeah. All right.

Wait, what's your Oh wait, I have her number. Yeah, you have my number. Sorry.

Um, okay. I'm gonna text you the info. It's a,

it's a rave.

So bring your glow sticks. Um,

I said the same Marin refinery at 11:00 PM

bring some candy.

Alright. Um,

behind the window,

there's the bushes kind of push apart and you can see Jesse just glancing in

with his cell phone, taking pictures and texting them.

One by one to Sasha. Sasha,

you take a string on Cameron

green string collection.

Go start spinning some strings and doing some guys

before she leaves.


Because I've had such a good time with her.


I'm going to kind of push her up against the door and

Oh shit. I'm gonna try and turn around. Yeah.

Okay. I'll do Valentine's day.

Um, okay. Uh,

do I get 10,

10 nice. Whoa. Okay. Wow. Uh,

she immediately tenses at the momentary action but then eases into it.


time kind of slows for a moment until you both break apart and just kind of

still looking up at, you know, slightly partied, kind of laughs and smiles and

not really know what else to do.

Kind of pulls away from you and grabs her books and goes, ah, okay.

So when, when should I come back to leave for the party? Um,

do you want to meet us there or I can meet you there. Yeah. Yeah.

Okay. Cause I'm driving with some people and I don't know if there's,

I mean there might be room. Let's just meet there. Okay. Yeah. Okay.

Now I'll say there,

uh, you Sasha get a zoomed in, somewhat pixelated,

kind of dirty fuzzy picture of Cameron and Amy both pressed against a familiar

wall in Israel.


I have a dummy account on Snapchat,

not attached to me.

And that picture of hears in the feeds of or

of most of the people in this school,

strategic people in the school. Um,

it's a little caption. Heartbroken boy takes advantage.

Lonely girl. You shutting someone down.

Yes. You could spend a string if you want to, to get a bonus to the role of T U

O again a string. Yeah. From turning her on from turning around. Yes you do.

So you can just take one of the red ones and Mark down that it's for Amy.

I'm catching up. Uh,

since the click sends it out to me to do it. I get a plus one.

So yes. Cause you have one. Okay. I'll just keep it at that then. Okay.

Um, Ooh. For weight plus anything.

Oh a five, five.

I find it an experience point cause it is a failure. Write that down.

You send it out and

immediately the responses are, that's so fucking shocked face.

And you actually watched the follower account on that account.

Begin to slowly drop by a handful. Not enough to destroy it,

but you've lost a little bit of that edge in that instance.

Kind of stop the ground for a moment. Angrily.

One of them even says, nice try Sasha.


that would be something I would do.

How can I go home? Okay.

Anybody else want to do anything or do we begin to gather for the evening's

festivities? I just do my hair and put on my best flannel

wearing a

slinky red fuck you breakup dress. Okay.

Fuck yeah. I'm wearing my uniform that says that I am in business.

So lots and lots of pockets, lots of flowery stuff, lots of places to hide.

Shit you've got,

I'm wearing what I wore to school. It was just something that you would change.


Temperature is going to vary wildly as lots of layers.

Alrighty. So, um,

as the evening progresses on pushing to about nine 30, 10 o'clock or so,

people getting to gather Jessie swings,

bine picks you up the rest of the tie of already in tow.

They've adorn themselves with what they assume would be

rave tire. These type of things are not common in this part of Arizona,

let alone uh,

openly in invited to high school students and there's a lot of kind of, Oh yeah,

I know, I know what that's about. And haphazardly thrown together with the,

I assume it's like a shitty elements of neon vinyl.


but nevertheless you GRA everyone grabs their seats and Jesse's car is nice car.

Then you begin to peel off into the night desert heading towards the facility.


you having been the one that's offered your vehicle with Amanda in tow,

Amanda is also dressed in the exact same stuff that she wore to school that day.

Um, go ahead and are you meeting Cameron's place? Yeah, yeah,

I pull up the cameras. Okay. We pull up and uh,

you be here at the car. Um,

it's been about an hour since your father got home.

And Hank has had a really bad day.

He came in shouting and complaining, turned into a shouting match with your mom.


the two of them ended up just going into a tense separation to their opposite

sides of the house.

And you've kind of sat there and in that silence you began to hear the whispers

getting begin to the, the calls of something not quite

in words would come through. Right.

You can do so much.

It's beyond them. And you hear the car approaching

park in the driveway, go to the door.

So really nice house. Oh, Hey. Oh yeah.

I mean it's not really mine, but I live here. Yeah, totally.

Um, yeah. I mean, you want anything to drink?

I can have my mom make you a sandwich. Um, um,

I'm not super hungry, but I'll take something to drink. Yeah. Um,

open the fridge and there's just a fridge for just drinks and it's like all

like, yeah. Uh, orange crush. Um,

that's some Phanta cotton candy. Fager

was that, is this the best? Sooner than ever.

So fast. It's like, dad, you chug that so fast.

You get a Chuggy. I was really thirsty. Your mum walks in, goes, um, Cameron,

who's your friend? This is AF. Hello. Hi. Hi.

Why are you in my house? What do you mean?

This is my friend, right? And it's late.

I didn't know you were having friends over. I'm, yeah,

just a couple of friends over. It's no big deal.

Have you tried the cotton candy figure?

That single word just leaves the kitchen. She's kind of a bitch. Should I?

Oh, no leave anyway. Okay. That's fine.

Anyway. Um, I'm really glad you're going to the party, dude. Me too. Yeah.

I didn't say this before cause so many people around,

but it seems crazy like that Jason Buckner was such an asshole to you about how

much you've changed in and then he got fucking Dick, huh?

Yeah, that was, I actually, I didn't, I didn't hate it. Yeah.

Yeah. We used to be really good friends,

but we didn't really hang out then when you talked about him a lot in the

meetings. So, yeah, when I found out that that's who it was, I was like,

fuck that guy up. Yeah, that was kind of cool.

Um, yeah, I mean, he's a good dude. I think he just kind of,

I dunno, we just don't hang out anymore. Yeah, totally.

But I mean, is he going to be at the party tonight?

Probably, but

that's okay. I mean, it seemed like you guys talked it out. Yeah. Kinda. I mean,

yeah, totally. I mean, he's kinda, if it happened again,

if you ended up hitting him again, I mean, who cares.

No, but I am trying, I am trying to use the tools that they teach us, you know,

when I get really angry now count backwards. And if that didn't work,

I kill the person. Yeah. I mean, it's cool.

It's pretty fast progression. You just gotta know automatically.

You gotta count to 10. I can't usually, when I get to, you know,

five I can, I can contain it. That's great.

I'm not there yet.

I haven't maybe contained it like once in my whole life. Yeah. Yeah.

But so is there anybody, I mean, this is kind of a dumb question,

but is there anybody you're kind of into in school? Oh, like girls? Yeah.

Um, yeah. I mean, there's so many beautiful people, you know,

so really a lot of people are very beautiful there. Yeah. Yeah.

Mary ROHO was the first person that was super cool, but like,

she's very peaceful. So yeah,

I just feel like I'm like constantly hiding my rage from her, which I mean,

a lot of people balance for you, you know,

or they say opposites attract or whatever. Yeah, totally. Yeah.

But then you're also like Sasha is, uh,

I feel like I'm gonna maybe turn to sand every time she's around.

She seems to have the effect on people. Yeah, totally. Yeah. But sorry,

it's your ex. I don't mean, to me it's okay. I mean, we're not,

we're not dating anymore, but, um,

no, not really. I mean, I,

I kinda don't want to be with anybody right now cause we just like recently

broke up, so I kinda just wanna play the field and whatever.

I dunno. I feel like that's something that people do after they break up. Yeah.

Hey, you know, I don't, I'm not a super good matchmaker, but, um,

I think, uh, you have a shot with, um, Amanda.

Oh man. I feel like I didn't say anything yet,

but she really likes horses, so if you wanted something to tell,

she always has those pants on in those boots. I always got, Tim's always again,

a smell, not a bad smell, but it always just smells like outside.

It's like it's earth. It's earth. Deep earth. Yeah.

I feel like she needs to like loosen up a little bit.

Like maybe she just needs like, I don't know. So you're intimidated by her?

Yeah, I get it. Yeah, maybe a little bit. Yeah. Well,

you know what? I have faith in you. I think you could do it. Yeah. Yeah, if you,

yeah. If you just loosened up a little bit, I think you could ask her out.

You remember this moment that Amanda is waiting in your truck outside,

which by the way, I was waiting for after you go inside the house and the

door closes, Amanda waits in the car

in the waiting

and then you see this little scooter and stop it made.

It looks out the window and looks right towards you, Jamie.

Oh, you're so tragic.

I'll go get them.

Hi and I hide my scooter in the bushes. Okay. I've done this before.

[inaudible] side. Um, right as you get to the door and are about to knock,

it opens up. Yeah.

I mean she really can go. Okay. This is what we're wearing apparently.

That's fine. All right. Yeah. Oh wait, you all changed? Okay.

Do you wanna borrow something? I mean you look really good, but great.

I mean that not all. I'm like you're turn around and I'm going to look,

went sober and you can see standing at the top of the curved stairway,

kind of button up shirt, front undone, tile loosen and open.

Just kinda standing in there.

Hey dad, Kevin's father.

Where are you going? We're just going out


we're just like going to go off for a drive. Nothing crazy.

And whose car?


AFS car. It's really nice. Safe four horsepower car.

It's a truck and instinct shit.

Yeah. AF is new to new town. So, um, we're, we're, we're actually,

we've become friends cause we're in the program together. So, um,

Aspen like a super positive influence and I kind of wanted to show them around.

What about that Mr. Solomon.

Jamie came to hang out too.

I need positive influences

be backed by one.


He turns around and leaves. Do you have an ass caught or something?

I could borrow fashion water. Um,

I run in the uh, kitchen real quick and get one of my mom's napkins.


This ever happened Jamie? A pause just sucks.

Wow. Dang. Honestly, your dad should be in those meetings with us.

Fucking tell me about it. Okay. So should I use one of these wooden

circle things to kind of hold it? Okay. It's so cool.

It came with one of these. It's like meant to be worn. Yeah,

I think it's pretty cool. It's kind of like a weird new look.

Weird plugging into a dude. Okay, cool. Well as long as I look good.

Okay, well I'll in the car. Okay. You had nuggets. Amanda's there waiting.

Kind of excited these to turn the corner. Can you shut me down on accident?

Just like, um,

like the puppy that's been waiting in the car for its owner and Amanda,

it's like, Oh, I should have cracked the windows.

You all kind of clustered right?

The, the truck,

there's that little gap in the back between the front seat and the back seat

where poor people can sit. Um, as you all begin to approach, Amanda goes,

ah, I can sit in the back, Kevin, if you want to sit back here with me.

Uh, yeah, yeah. Okay.

Any immediate like looks right to you and it's like [inaudible]

good luck hanging out with that bridle and I'm going to pop in front.

I kind of sit as close to the window as I can. There are enough. Yeah.

This is one of those like it's hard to turn.

It's like [inaudible] it kind of just pricks outward a little bit to leave a

little gap stimulant triangle window in the side.

Flashback, I'm taking really hard turns. It's kind of pushed you guys together.


Alrighty. Um,

you guys take off and head out and you kind of glance out the window and there

you can see kind of up in your parents or in the silhouette of your mother.

Just kind of watching as the car drives away. Um,

you guys on the road, you're posse sitting together. Uh, Jamie,

there's a little bit of silence as you're kind of past the gas Cobe gas station

and head off into the main highway and then Jamie turns.

So what do you think about the, uh, the pictures? Huh?

He's having fun. That's nice.

Everybody deserves to have a little fun.

Okay. Taking the strange the, well, I'm not going to lie.

Yeah, it's, I'm fine.

Everything's fine.

Mom and dad don't know though. So, you know,

maybe keep it under your hat.

You see Corey can, it leans over and goes,

don't worry. We got you. Like we're fine. I know you got me

also in Korea. Leans back over like from the back seat.

Let me handle the post next time.

That was like

really unsure. Why fucking amateur hour

fine. Everything's fine. Just

full off the handle a little bit there.

It's all good.

Eventually you all at different times,

the two vehicles begin to convene towards the turnoff,

which is just a single sign on a dirt road that curves for about 10 miles off of

the main highway. There is a fence that is normally locked,

but you can see the chain has been brought loose and their recent,

uh, tire grooves leading through.

So you have to step out and kind of move it aside in there. As you pull through,

you can see the darken shape of the old gas co refinery.

It is dark,

the shape kind of silhouetted against the clear sky.

It's very bright out right now. Um, the moon itself is not quite full, but it's,

you know, starting to next day or two it'll probably hit there. Um,

and you can see there are a number of cars kind of just parked off to the

outside. Um,

you get their first Sasha and as you

uh, step outside of the car and you can immediately hear like the

beat kind of kicking up in the distance and you can see a lot of,

you know, maybe like 10 or 11 people outside smoking, chatting.

They're all cut. They're all dressed in a very,

very cheek dance EDM attire,

five from the main city. Um,

they don't pay any mind as you all kind of step out of J a just as nice car you

fit in nice and wow.

Step out of the car and do the slow Mo.

All four walking into the venue you can see like three people out there smoking

kind of

do the slow Mo like exhale as they all can catch themselves.

Caught in the tractor beam.

That is the hive I do as always a scan.

Anybody of note? Anybody interesting at this moment?

No, but you do see there was a bouncer at the front door.

There is a like six foot four gangly looking pale dude who is like a long coat

on and he's just sitting there kind of looking around like he's keeping an eye

both on who's present and the horizon. Okay.

Is he checking IDs? Uh, you go and approach? Yeah.

It looks all of you and goes dyslexia. Okay.

Yeah. You guys approach shortly thereafter, um,

less quite as put together with arrival. Um, the doors open,

um, you step outside,

I think Abby kind of like trips a bit and falls a little bit and then gets back

up as you all exit and see this same perspective. You can hear the music,

there's that kind of creeping excitement but also not quite sure what you're

going to find.

Especially those of you that haven't been involved in much of the party scene,

let alone in this area. Um,

as you begin to step closer towards it,

people were kind of looking over and just kind of take a note of the well,

namely you and the Ascot.

I think I made a great choice to do. Um,

I kind of lean over like fix it.

You got little smushed. Thanks. There you go.

It's cool that it has pumpkin's on it. Yeah. Yeah. It's kinda like,

dude, we're very scorecards. I think that's pretty cool touch.

I don't know if I told you all this,

but I actually have never kissed anyone before.

So kind of seems like maybe this was one night. Oh boy.

You know what I mean? Me neither. That's what we have in common. Yeah.

We didn't kiss anyone before.

Um, no. I mean just like you, my adult life,

of course as kids when it doesn't mean anything. Yeah.

It doesn't mean anything when you're like a kid. Yeah. Kind of mean something.

I mean, on a technical level it means something. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. I mean,

I think so too. Cause it's still gonna like sticks with you sometimes.

Absolutely. Um, yeah. I'm going to get a drink. I'm going to get a drink.

I'm gonna go and get a drink.

I'm going to have a drink for the first time through the front door. Inside.

Hold up as you head towards the front of the bouncer. Stop. Like stands there.


Oh definitely. [inaudible]

I pull out my fake ID and I'm going to,

we're on Susie's list and we really need to be in here right now.

Didn't have time to change. All right.

Dave, steps aside and looks very intently at you and Amanda as you guys walk.

Path, what

the what squeaks out.

Less of a proclamation and more of a more of a creaky door hinge,

but you make your way into the interior of the

immediately the lights and the sounds and the beat.

This is unlike any energy you've experienced definitely in your time,

but it is an entire warehouse filled with people of all ages,

beyond your ages. Adults in their 20s and up,

all dressed in the middle of this,

these throws of expression and letting themselves go,

maybe close to a hundred people in this room,

which isn't huge for such an event, but it's a small space.

It makes it feel massive. There are lights and lasers.

There is a large DJ tables set up over one of the platforms where you can see

they have one of the light arrangements there is just splattering lighten beams

of green and red and purple all across the chamber.

Uh, the air itself is musky and muggy.

The sweat in the heat of the interior kind of giving this human sauna type feel.

It's uncomfortable,

but it's also in like anything you're expecting to run into on a Tuesday night.

And that's, we're going to go and take our break. [inaudible]

the uh, the crescendos that, um,

we're gonna go ahead and take a quick break here for a second, uh,

to kick in for the next part of this narrative and see what sort of fun chaos

Sean SU has. All the pieces are coming together. Mmm. So yeah,

we'll be back in just a little bit. See you guys shortly.

[inaudible] [inaudible]

[inaudible] [inaudible]

[inaudible] [inaudible]

[inaudible] [inaudible]

[inaudible] [inaudible]

and welcome back. So last we left off.

You had all made yourself into the interior,

the pop up desert rave outside of the town of cinder brush Hill

inside the chamber. It's bodies moving music thumping up on the stage.

You can see for those of you who would recognize it would probably be U2.

Maybe you a DJ dark star who is actually a fairly decently known local

celebrities up there is in the process of spinning. It's exciting.

It is intense.

And also you don't recognize most anybody here as you begin to walk through the

floor. Um, a lot of older folks, um,

and everyone is on some sort of wavelength, a little separate from yours.


a little ways in your group as you're kind of like getting,

taking in the atmosphere around you.

Amanda kinda just grabs your hand a little bit. It's like this is crazy.

Yeah, definitely. How do you feel really stiff? Yeah, definitely. Same.

Um, have you ever drank alcohol before?

Neither to me. Maybe we should have a big vodka.

Sure. Did you bring a vodka? No, I didn't bring a vodka. Um,

uh, I mean they gotta have stuff here. Right? Let's get let's when enrollment.

When enrollment. Yeah. Okay. Uh, Hey. You know what?

I bet Cameron. Cameron. Yeah. Hey, um,

we were probably just going to go hit off and get a big vodka. Uh,

but we're wondering where we should do that.

Um, yeah, I mean there's a couple different places. Uh,

they have alcohol. I mean, you do. Yeah. I mean, they, they, they,

they probably supply that here.

Imagine you're the only person that would know what they supply here and they do

not supply alcohol. There is sadly no alcohol at this event.

Save what you chose to bring.

Oh. Um, on the other hand, everything else is available.

Oh, like, uh, like cotton candy, phaco, Coca-Cola.

Sure. Brooke candy. She pulls out like a handful of lollipops.

Awesome. I'll take one. Maybe I'll just get a sugar high then.

I'm sure that'll be enough

already feeling guilty about this. Um, yeah.

You know, everything I have, I brought everything.

Oh, what do you have has, yes. Werther's some very good.

Sure. Where there's originals or Rolos. And

so I have to work tonight, so I'm being very,

very basic with just a little bit of a, of a,

of a moon rock candy flip with a little bit of LSD.

Just to Mark a whole thing down. So I'm flying,

but I can keep my cool and keep counting and get all my math done right.

So I know who's paid and what, but I'm a little out of it. What else?

Everything's a little interesting. What else? You got?

Standard array. I've got, I've got a little bit of a little bit of pot,

a little bit of acid, a little bit of mushrooms,

a little bit of turn of the corner of your eye across the dance floor.

The hive has taken note of your arrival and a little bit less of everything.

Excuse me all.

And I'm going to just dive right over there really quickly.

Those things is closest to a big vodka.

I feel so bad.

That's a good question cause it just depends on your body chemistry. Okay.

You know what I mean? Have you ever had anything outside of we were at alcohol?

Um, totally all the time. 100% true. Really?

Cause you strike me as someone who has never had it, but I,

you can use surprise me continually. The,

the scotch. Oh yeah, yeah. The stuff that tastes like an old man. Yeah.

Yeah. It does taste like an old man. Yeah. I'm not really into that yet.

Maybe you want to get older? Yeah, maybe. Um, okay, look,

technically I haven't drank or done any drugs before, but um,

yeah, I'm just trying to loosen up and have a good time at this party.

Okay. I think Jamie can steer you in the right direction. Okay, cool.

I would be, I feel,

I don't want to be the bad guy here and sort of make that decision for you on

that journey. Okay. Amanda, I feel like you as well.

I trust you. Yeah. I don't know if we should

I pull you to kinda to the side. So, okay.

You always saying I haven't been kissed before and then you said you do.

Do you count? Uh, I mean I guess it's crazy.

It's totally crazy. Like this is weird cause you know,

I over thought about that every day and forever.

You haven't thought of it, but I have not thought about that ever.

You have not thought about it. Every day.

I think about it like just like being fully open and honest.

I think about it a lot,

maybe just because it was like weird circumstances under,

I mean, I've never made out with anybody under a canoe before,

since Holy shit. You look and you see Tyler thorn.


the class DJ has one foot out the school since the day he got here.

Who sits at the front left of the classroom goes like, I know I didn't.

You guys were going to make it. This is crazy.

Hi, I'm Tyler. I don't think we've met. Hey, what's up? I'm an F.

nice. Nice to meet you, man. What? Just like,

I know. Crazy, right? He's like, yeah. Okay. Oh

dear. Right here anyway. Right. It's all good. Have a good time.

Well, yeah. Where was every one of us came together. Yeah. Cool. No worries.

I want to go talk to Jamie. Yeah. Okay. I'll find you later. Listen,

right there. We do dance now. Is that how this works? I guess so.

Yeah. We can go dance. Move. Is it? Yeah, definitely.

Yeah. Yeah.

We transitioned over to as Jamie approaches,

kind of pushing through the bodies that are thrumming

the witch doctor have everything you asked for and a little something extra.

Oh, pay the man. Jesse,

I also have a favor