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Hello everyone.

I am back with another Viewers request video.

Todays video was requested by LL who said, “What Id like to see next is your list

of most Intelligent characters.”

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There are many types of intelligent characters in this series.

Some can be book smart like Sam, Maester Aemon, etc. or some can be street smart like Arya.

But in the end, I decided to go with the plotting and scheming minds, who play the game like

a game of chess, or since were talking about Westeros, a game of Cyvess.

I made this list keeping BOTH the show and the books in mind, because there were Some

characters in the books, who I think deserved to be on this list.

So, Lets begin.

10) Robb Stark -

Until Robb fell in love with Talisa Stark in the show or slept with Jeyne Westerling

in the books and screwed everything up, he was really good at this war.

He won every battle he had fought.

He even outsmarted Tywin Lannister.

If Tywin Lannister hadnt had him killed, its possible he might have figured out

a way to win that war.

9) Cersei Lannister -

I was really torn between Cersei and Margery, but so far, Margery gained her powers by pretending

to love foolish boys.

The alliance between the Lannisters and the Tyrells was the decision of Lady Olenna, where

as Cersei plots and schemes on her own.

(clip) Okay Tyrion, I believe you.

Even though Cersei is a disaster waiting to happen, and most of Cerseis plans backfiring

on her, she still managed to do A LOT by her plotting and.... plotting.

She had Robert killed, She gathered enough witnesses against Tyrion, the plan with the

Wildfire in season 6, and even in season 2, it was Cersei idea to have the Pyromancers

start working on the Wildfire.

Well, you get the feeling.

8) Jon Snow -

Trust me, Jon is not as stupid in the books, as they make him in the show.

In the books, he sees whats needed to be done, and even though he doesnt like it,

he has it done, like he already saw Maester Aemons death coming and even though Sam

didnt want to leave him, he ordered Sam to go to the Citadel with Gilly, Master Aemon

and the baby.

And lets not forget the baby swap.

He saw what Melissandra might do to Mances baby, and swapped the baby.

He also saw the more wildlings who die, the more will join the army of the dead, so he

allowed them to cross the wall.

If only the men of the NW werent so stupid.

7) Lady Olenna -

I think her name is enough.

I dont have to say anymore, but Ill say this.

The way she killed Joffery was just Brilliant.

I LOVE her for it.

6) Doran Martell -

As you can guess by now, I am talking about the book Doran.

Unlike the show version of Doran, he has been plotting against the Lannisters for a long

time and he is trying to form an alliance with the Targaryens.

At first he first planned to marry his son to Dany, when that didnt go well, he planned

to marry his daughter to Rhaegars son Aegon.

I am putting him this low on the list is because he didnt achieve anything particular.

5) Tyrion Lannister -

I was torn between Tyrion and my choice for number 4.

I was going to put him on number 4, but changed my mind at the last minute.

Tyrion is naturally very brilliant.

Many people say he is Tywins son not Jaime.

Even though using the Wildfire was Cerseis idea, Tyrion managed to get it under his control

and used it brilliantly along with the chain.

He also loves playing the game and gives good advice to Dany.

The reason I put him on number 5 and not above was because the women in his life are his


First Tysha, then Shae, even Alayaya in the books.

He makes some very stupid decisions because of them.

4) Tywin Lannister -

Tywin Lannister had been the hand of the king for Aerys for a long time before he resigned

and left for Casterly Rock.

Tywin Lannister was the one behind the Red Wedding too.

If he hadnt offered those rewards, Walder Frey would never have dared to betray Robb,

with or without the insult.

I blame Roose for the Red Wedding too.

In the books, he had arranged everything.

Theres a fan theory that Tywin was behind Robbs marriage, which became the cause

of the Red Wedding.

You see the Westerlings are the bannermen of House Lannister.

They are well aware of the Rains of Castamere and what happens to those who betray Tywin


Still, his daughter managed to sleep with Robb when he was mourning his brothers

death and was very vulnerable.

And ONLY because of that, in order to protect her honor, Robb had break his vow to Walder

Frey and marry Jeyne.

And yes, Jeyne was conveniently not present at the Red Wedding in the books.

It seems really suspicious to me.

And if this is true, it makes Tywin a genius.

3) Brynden Rivers -

Aside from the fact that he was the former Three eyed Raven and gained a lot of wisdom

through the weirwoods, he was also the Lord Commander of the Nights Watch, and the

Hand of the king for Aerys and Maekar I Targaryen.

He was the Targaryen Loyalist and he also helped subdue the Blackfyre Rebellions.

It was believed that he had a thousand eyes and one.

He had to deal with a LOT of difficulties during his time as the hand, like the Great

Spring sickness which had killed thousands of people, then he had to deal with the draught,

Dagon Greyjoys raids on the western coast and a lot more.

And then there were the Blacfyre rebellions.

I already explained them in my History of Westeros video.

Ill put the link in the end.

2) Petyr Baelish /Little Finger -

LF had been plotting and planning for a long time.

Probably right after he lost that duel with Brandon Stark for Cats hand.

He knew Lysa was in love him.

He had already gotten her pregnant once.

Lord Hoster Tully gave her the Moon Tea and then married her off to Jon Arryn.

He used that to his advantage too.

He made Lysa convince Jon Arryn to give him a small job and then from there Jon brought

him to Kings landing and made him the master of coins.

He also started the War of the 5 kings by telling Lysa to kill her husband and tell

the Starks that the Lannisters did it.

And in between, he kept guiding them toward war, like telling Cat the dagger was Tyrions

and when Ned started to leave, he gave him Gendry, so that he will stay.

And as Ive said in myTop 10 Hateful charactersvideo before, I think LF was

the one who convinced Joffery to have Ned killed.

Just look at his expression when Joffery gives the order.

He was playing with everyone and no one even knew about it, even though Tyrion suspects

him from time to time, he cannot prove anything.

Honorable MentionsMargery Tyrell, Sam, Arya, Roose, Ramsey, Mance Rayder

1) Varys -

Once again, it was really hard to choose between Varys and LF, but since LF let his emotions

affect him and he revealed his plans to Sansa, I went with Varys for number 1.

He is a total mystery to us.

No one knows his real motives.

He told Ned that he cares for the realm, but I think he was lying.

I already explained my theory on why he was lying and what his real motives are in my

Which supporting character will sit on the iron thronevideo along with his history.

I dont believe for a second that he is completely loyal to Dany.

Ill post the link to that video in the end.

Todays comment shout out goes to Anya Getman, who said, “#CrazyTheory.

When all magic is stopped, (Bran yanks the glass back out of the NK Maybe), to make the

NK go poof, it also kills the dragons and anyone who is brought back to life drops dead.”

Thats definitely an interesting theory.

Melissandra thinks that the WWs are the champions of the Lord of Darkness, while she is the

champion of the Lord of Light, and by extension, so is Jon.

But if the Night King dies, does this mean all the WWs will die too?

Will the magic go out of this world?

What will happen to the Lord of Light and the Lord of Darkness.

So, what do you think of these theories, dont forget to tell us in the comments.

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