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2 persons

16 countries

252 days

We are in the village of Akhalsopeli.

The bicycles are locked up over there.

We take along only the most needed things.

And now we'll get into the car and they will take us to the road,

where we will start to hitchhike.

Thank you that we could leave the bikes here.

This is Georgia!

This is a video.

A video? I'm not dressed for that.

This way it's better.

No, not like that!

[speaks Armenian]

But in the villages, everything is home-made.

Home-made bread... Everything you see there.

And how was it during communism?

During communism everything was great.

We had everything. People had very good lives.

To health!

Look how pretty Dorenda looks today.

Look! That's 5 minutes of hard work.

For the moment, it is.


What is that? A watermelon?

Holy shit!

Someone just threw away a watermelon next to the garbage bin.

Iran! Iran!

And? The border is behind us.

Yes. We're in Azerbeijan.

Finally without scarf. - Yes.

It's a beautiful morning today at lake Song-Kul.

There's no wind.

But the night was cold.

How far is it to the pass? - 4.5 kilometers.

A 200-meter climb.

We're going to descend here.

Look well, dear watchers! The prettiest girl in the world... just getting ready... - This is very exceptional. order to be still prettier...

...cause, what are we going to do?

We're going to a wedding.

I think this is a good spot.

It's nice to stay at someone's place...

...but when you have such a beautiful spot...

...meadows, a creak, valley, mountains...

...then it's really great to camp.

Okay, I'm getting up.

Getting up in the morning with such weather...

a brisk wind, a creak nearby...

and it's not cold at all...

it gives so much energy!

And here we have a ravine on the right side.


If you fall into it, it's over, my friend.

So be careful here.

We're getting into a holiday atmosphere.

The plov is being prepared.

And we are sitting here and drinking vodka.


To friendship!

1, 2, 3!

Dorenda decided to row to Cholpon-Ata,

to the other side of the lake.

About 70 kilometers.

Look how beautiful the mountains are!

Show us how you do a somersault.

Dorenda! - Yes?

What are we doing today?

The laundry.

We're washing so much that I don't even have a T-shirt to wear.

It's windy, it's raining, the sun is shining and the leaves are falling.

I guess it's autumn.

What a rain!

Here it's raining, but up there, it's been snowing already.

Look! And they say that the Russians are so evil.

That they don't like the Poles.

That they want to attack Poland.

But it's the other way around. They love the Poles.

They even called one of their villages "Warsaw"

How would that be possible if they didn't like the Poles?

It's so warm that the children are even wearing shorts.

It's almost summer.

But Maciek is wearing a warm cap, like a real Pole.

Curious to know how our 8-month bike trip turned out?

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To Central Asia by Bicycle

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