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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: REAL ENGLISH: Spiritual Vocabulary

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everyone this lesson is about

spirituality spirituality is really hard

to define what can help us is if we look

at the word the word spirit comes from

the Latin which means breath and breath

has to do with life and when I talk

about spirituality it means different

things to different people so it's

really hard to define what it is and

also how spirituality is in your country

may be really really different to what

goes on in Western countries like

England or North America so if you came

over to England or North America you

might see people doing spiritual

practices there that sometimes look like

activities and you wouldn't necessarily

recognize it as a spiritual practice

because of the difference between the

cultures so as I'm talking to you in

this lesson I'll explain how some people

in the West express their spirit and

their spirituality will start with

meditation in fact all the words in this

column here are associated with many of

the world's religions but you might not

ever have thought about if you have a

religion you might not ever have thought

about your religion in that way or

broken down the different aspects of the

religion the things that people do as

part of it to feel in touch with their

spirit or feel in touch with God or feel

or to help them feel better as people so

meditation that's something that people

will do for different reasons some

people will meditate so they can feel

close to God some people will meditate

to know themselves better some people

will meditate will start meditating

because they they want to do better in

an exam and things like that

so there's many different reasons why

people may

start to meditate and in some for some

people is considered a very spiritual

thing but for others it's considered

more of a practical thing so it really

depends on the person and also regarding

meditation means that there are so many

different kinds of meditation sometimes

meditation is a breathing exercise

sometimes meditation is focusing on one

thing in your mind again and again and

again and often meditation happens when

people are in private so you don't

necessarily see them doing it next we

have contemplation contemplation is like

thinking about something in a really

deep way the reason a person would do

that is that they want to understand

something about life their experience in

life or understand something about the

universe it's a very thoughtful thought

thoughtful kind of mood that you get in

next is prayer prayer is in some

religions or yeah in some religions

praying praying to God speaking to God

but in in the West many people will also

pray outside of a religion outside of a

of a fixed religion people may connect

with their God through prayer rather

than through their sets religion we also

have gratitude gratitude means the

practice of giving thanks about the good

things that you have in your life

this means despite all the problems that

you may have and the difficulties

finding those things that you've the

things that are going well for you and

the idea is a gratitude is that you

focus on the good things that you have

it will it will help you to get through

the harder times that you have in life

next is mindfulness mindfulness has to

do with our heads constantly talking

away chatta chatta chatta speaking all

the time and sometimes our heads are

saying negative things to ourselves

attacking ourselves and what mindfulness

means it's a kind of meditation but for

daily life all the time

it means although your head is talking

it means not listening to every word

like it's true it's it's really

important it means getting some distance

between you and those thoughts that just

happen it means stepping back from

everything that's happening in your in

your head the next one is intention this

one goes along with manifestation these

are the idea that when we really focus

on something and there's something that

we desire very very strongly if we work

towards it those things are manifested

this is a noun those things are

manifested it means that they become

true for us in our lives these two ideas

intention and manifestation became very

popular and well-known through the book

the secret and this has been talked

about on The Oprah Winfrey Show for

example and it became a craze you could

say very very popular because many

people who aren't necessarily interested

in spirituality they got hold of this

idea that if I there's something I want

and I feel that feeling strong

we'll just come to me and my life will

be better but the now this is mine my

personal for you now something like the

secret is making it seem also very

simple that we all we need to do is just

want something and it will magically

come into our lives and what the secret

doesn't do is mention the work and the

willpower that a person has to apply to

get all those things to come to them and

also the idea of intention and

manifestation in in the sense of the

secret is all a bit its self centered in

the way that I want this I want this I

want this as if our spirituality is just

for the things that we want in our lives

rather than the things rather than a

more general thing of the things we do

in our lives or the things that give us

value it becomes I want I want next we

have ritual ritual is when there's

something that you do the you do it to

build a certain kind of power and energy

so that from that ritual you get to

change in your life

one form of ritual to give an example

would be observing the phases of the

Moon and making them special in some way

so that you by observing this change in

the moon and making it special you take

that energy and that energy creates a

change in your life

a ritual can be anything that you choose

to make up that means something to you

or there are set rituals within

different areas of spirituality that

would tell you what to do and when to do


and how it should be done next there is

cleansing cleansing is when you would do

an activity to make your body clean it

could be could be washing your body in a

certain way it could be using smoke

which is called smudging to clean your

energy field it could be eating a

special kind of diet all these things to

detoxify and make your make yourself

cleaner and more pure than you were

before and the last one is rite of

passage this rite of passage we don't

have so much in English culture and

lifetime events that are part of our

culture that mean you're a boy that

becomes a man or euro or perhaps it

would be you're a woman you become

you've just become a mother here is a

special thing we do I'm thinking about

it and an English culture we don't

really have that kind of thing so much

in our times but there are other kinds

of rites of passage that people will

choose to do for themselves and these

things are - they can be done to prove

yourself they can be done - you may want

to do them to transform your life and

really change for example climbing a big

big mountain which is so hard to do and

it takes you many days can be a modern

Western form of rite of passage rather

than perhaps going into the wilderness

or the outback for a really long time

and being alone a western version is a

challenge that you set for yourself and

as a result of that challenge it helps

you to

feel that you grow up or feel that

you've turned your life around

something like that now let's look at

things that people say these are words

that have to do with spirituality and

people who are spiritual would know them

starting with hippy or hippies this

these were the people who in the 1960s

were living in a alternate way that was

different from the mainstream society

they wanted to be free they took lots of

drugs and they looked different they had

really long hair and they wanted to

change the world and they were also many

of them spiritual in the way that they

didn't believe in the organized

religions but many of them had spiritual

practices that they were interested in

for example yoga or meditation so in

place of a traditional religion that

perhaps their parents had whether they

went whether their parents truly

practiced the religion or not is a

different question but the hippies were

very much looking at what the other

cultures in the world do so the imagined

hippies in America yoga yoga comes from

a long way away but they were looking to

see what they could take from other

religious traditions and bring it into

their lives

then later in the 1970s the idea of the

New Age and new ages came about and

these people essentially built on what

the hippies did before them they

explored even more areas and a person

who was into that stuff and that kind of

spirituality would be called a New Ager

we still have the

legacy of the new age of the new ages

today I wouldn't say it's finished it

just tends to expand into new areas and

new things that become popular so

sometimes people will talk about being

on their spiritual path this means

living life and exploring life in a way

where you go towards your spirituality

whatever it is for you when someone is

talking about their spiritual path it's

not the same for everybody and it's not

a set thing like a traditional religion

these are all the things involved in it

when someone has a spiritual path it has

this idea of that being an individual

thing for them and there'll be different

areas that that person is interested in

exploring next is the idea of having a

life purpose which is quite closely

related to the idea of the spiritual

path as well when a person has a life

purpose it has to do with their

spirituality as well so it means that

they live their life perhaps they have a

job which has to do with their

spirituality or they're able to live

their lifestyle in a way that totally

agrees with their spirituality whatever

it is for them and the idea is also that

everybody has a life purpose but many of

us haven't discovered it or we don't

know what it is the next idea is called

being in the now that means not always

thinking about the past not always

running towards the future and this was

an idea made popular by Eckhart Tolle

and his philosophy is about staying in

the present moment because the present

moment is all we

have in their car in Eckhart Tolle ease

philosophy we should stay here which is

a kind of mindfulness

where's mindfulness it's a kind of

mindfulness next we have the idea of the

matrix which we calling it the matrix it

comes from those films if you've seen

them the matrix matrix films and this is

the idea that the life that we live is a

virtual reality false reality kind of

life and there is so much control over

us living our lives being awake means

that some people I think it always means

spiritual I think it always carries with

it the idea of spiritual people some

people who live inside the matrix have

seen what it is and they understand it

and they know what it is but most people

are still inside the matrix only some

people are awake and can understand this

understand what's happening the idea of

being red peeled is quite similar to

being awake this also comes from the

film the matrix in the matrix there's a

part when neo the main character played

by Keanu Reeves gets offered the chance

to take the red pill or the blue pill if

he takes the red pill he he wakes up and

he sees everything for what it is but if

he takes the blue pill he can forget

about everything that that is true about

the world so when people talk about

being red peeled they mean that they see

and understand reality and they can't go

back often

people will talk about themselves being

red peeled when there's something they

they'll have a certain interest in terms

of politics or something about it could

be about health and medicine it could

it's so many things it could be about

but a person will have a particular

interest in area of research or it could

be about could be about the shape of the

world is the world globe or is it flat

they'll find one area and they'll

research it so much and they'll talk

about themselves being red peeled and

then if other people disagree with them

they will call them asleep because they

don't agree with everything that person

researched being in the now I already

mentioned that one to you didn't realize

I'd written it twice it's very important

that's why I wrote it twice

okay awakening is the idea that when a

person wakes up inside the matrix it's

not like oh I'm enlightened or something

like that

they wake up in the matrix and then it's

a kind of story in that person's life or

perhaps not the story perhaps more like

a series of series of different

mountains to climb and it's not finished

and it keeps it keeps happening you

don't know where it's going and also

this idea of awakening means that

sometimes people talk about it like now

is the time where so many people are

awakening like it's a special time that

more people are seeing the world as it

is but if you think about it a lot of

people in the 60s probably said the same

thing and maybe people in the 70s said

the same thing I don't know I wasn't

alive then

and going back to the idea of a lot of

people having spirituality are not

necessarily religious or have a religion

they might not use the word God they

might instead use the word source to

mean something that means God source

means where we come from wherever it is

we come from before being alive here now

and other people do use the word God but

change it to be God force if you change

the word God to God force it's not like

a man in the sky it's a particular kind

of energy next let's look at divination

depending on the country you come from

your life will see a lot of this or it

will be considered a really bad thing

never do it God doesn't like this I've

traveled I've traveled to places where

I've seen it a lot in daily life for

example people after they drink the

coffee reading reading the shape of the

coffee grounds to tell the future and

for example in Thailand there are many

places you will see astrologers and palm

readers on the street who will read your

fortune but over here in the West well

there's definitely a lot of it but

there's also many people who are called

skeptics who don't believe in any of

that and that comes from the tradition

of science and scientific inquiry here

so there is a it's not like a hundred

percent of people agree about it is it a

load of rubbish or is it true

depends on the person you ask over here

in the West

Oh noticed a mistake there but one that

makes sense one kind of divination is

Tarot the way I say it is the same as

how I've spelt it there Tarot but

actually it has a T on it not very not

very tidy T teru teru

is using cards to either look at the

future what's going to happen or to ask

questions about your self and your life

and some people consider that when you

use Tarot you connect with spirit guides

angels and entities that are not here as

humans but people who give you not

people entities beings whatever give you

information when you read the cards for

other people some some would believe

that some not next is astrology looking

at the planets to tell us and help us to

explain what's happening here in our

real lives the idea that what's

happening up in the stars is what's

happening down here in our lives is a

reflection of what's happening in the


what as above so below and astrology is

quite I think astrology is quite popular

in the West astrology has been in the

West a very long time in medieval times

the politicians and the kings and queens

consulted astrologers and even in our

days in every in every news maybe not

every newspaper but definitely tabloids

there's still a section on astrology

what's what's in your stars today

next is palmistry

looking at the lines of the hand to give

guidance to a person help them

understand the future in their life help

them understand their personality and

the next one is numerology numerology is

seeing numbers as a kind of information

when we see them oh I just got a plane

ticket with the number 1 1 1 on it all

sign means something it's seeing every

number as a as as having a meaning and

having understanding of those numbers so

that you can interpret the meaning

physical practices some spiritual

practices are all up here in the head

and other other people I think are more

drawn to expressing their spirituality

through their body and being physical

with it so some examples are yoga breath

work breath work is any kind of

breathing exercise many different kinds

of breathing exercise and some kinds of

breath work are about bringing up

traumas and these are bad experiences

you had in the past and healing them

through the breathing exercises there's

body work this is a different kinds of

massage Tantra this is sex and

spirituality coming together fasting

which is deciding that you will not eat

for a certain amount of time or fasting

on a particular kind of food many people

will do just just a juice fast for a

long time for example and chanting

chanting is singing singing alone seen

with a group of people repeating the

same sounds so using your speech as as a


way of channeling your energy and and

yeah so taunting is speech but the other

physical practices might have to do with

moving our bodies in certain ways or

training our bodies in certain ways

we've got even more spiritual practices

coming up now let's look at healing

modalities modality means type so these

are different kinds of ways that people

who are spiritual might go towards these

things to heal themselves and they might

go this way instead of going to the

doctor and saying hey give me a

prescription many people who go for this

kind of thing will try not to go to the

doctor and take Western kinds of

medicine so it might be depending on

your country it might be the complete

opposite as well you might even be

surprised that some people in Western

countries don't always want to go to the

doctor and do all the regular medicine

kind of stuff

so let's start here with past life

regression regression means going back

past life regression is a way that a

person remembers in a kind of trance or

being hypnotized which is a client which

is a way of putting your memories back

to a previous life to remember something

that happened in a previous life so that

you can you can bring peace to you

living now

the idea of that is that if you have a

problem now a health problem or an

emotional problem people who believe in

past life regression would say that you

have this problem because of something

that happened in that life before so if

we go and fix there you will feel better

now of course with many of these all of

them on this list there'll be people who

don't believe in any of it over here


the on the person that you that you know

hypnotherapy means I kind of explained

it in past life regression it's the same

idea of some those usual there's usually

a hypnotherapist a person who does a

kind of meditation for you by speaking

that takes you back to the past and in

this meditation you remember something

and release a memory change a memory

change the memory of something really

bad that happened to you and the idea is

that from that healing comes next is

sweat-lodge a sweat lodge comes from the

Native American tradition and that's

when a big tent is created outside and

people go inside that tent and inside

the tent there's lots of steam from

water that gets really really really

really hot and you sit inside the tent

let's call it sweat tent that makes more

sense to understand you sit in there and

what the sweat lodge does is is a kind

of cleansing make you clean help makes

you clean helps you with an emotional

problem and also in the sweat lodge

there may be talks and there might be

smoking smoking a pipe smoking tobacco

in the sweat lodge next is a I already

spoke about this one but going on

retreat is when for a weekend or five

days or a week you go somewhere perhaps

you go to the rain forest and you take

drugs that they take in the rain forest

or perhaps you

you go to a place where you can do some

yoga for a week a retreat can be any of

these ideas that I've spoken about in

this lesson but you go to that place and

for the days that you're there you do

that thing intensely you do that thing a

lot and the idea of going to the retreat

is that it it helps you to think about

your life it helps you to heal it helps

you with a problem next is being a

psychonaut this this word it sounds like

astronaut an astronaut travels up to

space a psychonaut travels by taking

drugs different kinds of drugs and they

have experiences in their in their mind

and their consciousness about life and

the universe and themselves

next is acupuncture you probably

probably know that one because the words

could be the same in your own language

a kind of Chinese medicine the is about

sticking needles on your meridian the

energy lines of your body next is Reiki

Reiki Reiki Reiki Reiki Reiki and

acupuncture come from different

traditions different different parts of

the world but they are similar in that

they treat the energy flow in the body

Reiki is about using your your hands or

using crystals

here's crystals stones special stones to

heal the person next is aromatherapy

aromatherapy is using

and the the oils of plants to change the

energy in your body to bring it into


next is as I'm going to I'm going to

group the next ones together ecstatic

dance sex magic and fasting I'm going to

group these together because these

activities are way for ways that people

they do these activities to bring so

much intense feeling and so much intense

energy into their lives that they can

use that energy to make a big change for

example or or to create something new

that they want to happen in their lives

breaking them down one by one

ecstatic means like really happy

ecstatic and so this is like happy

dancing like dancing so much you become

so happy and you get high from dancing

sex magic is using using sex as a way to

build that energy really really really

high and fasting people don't tend to

the fasting is when you don't eat for a

long time

so people don't tend to get really

really really really happy from not

eating but supposedly after you do it

for a very very long time there is

something that changes to your mood and

your feelings for sometime where where

which is an unusual feeling to have

maybe it's not like extreme happiness

but if you fast for a long time it

changed your the way you feel something

really really different to how you feel

in normal life so that's one of the

things to experience about fasting why

people might do it and why they might

want to experience that thing because

it's different to how they feel in

normal life and the last example here is

sound healing sound healing this is the

idea that everything in the universe

everything in existence is a sound and

on a smaller level is a frequency a

frequency is in technical terms a sound

so sound healing uses some instruments

maybe gongs Gong or bowls that make

special sounds different kinds of it

could be any instrument I suppose but

the way of using sounds to heal people

and to to help their bodies recover from

sicknesses that they may have had okay

so I have spoken a little bit about the

differences between Eastern Eastern

spirituality and Western spirituality in

the way that let's say there are

differences something that people don't

do over in your country anymore and they

look at it like this is old-fashioned or

let's stop doing it some people in the

West might really take that idea and

they start doing it and they think it's

really good so you might be surprised if

you came to the West and you saw people

doing it and equally many people in the

West don't don't go and find out about

their old traditions of the things that

people in the West always did all the

things that people in England always did

they don't go and research that they

want to know what what people in India

do or what people in South America do so

this part

the lesson is looking at some of the key

differences between what's considered

the Eastern tradition and what's similar

to that in the Western tradition so

first of all ways Guru Guru is a teacher

of spirituality who first thing that

comes to mind is an Indian man with a

long beard and he talks to people and he

gives them advice in the Western

tradition we would have spiritual

teachers now sometimes these can be

really really really similar perhaps the

spiritual teacher is not an Indian man

but he has a long beard and he gives

people advice

so some often what they actually do is

quite similar it might come down to a

difference of how they dress for the

main difference between guru and

spiritual teacher and also what's

important to note about guru and

spiritual teacher is they collect people

around them people who follow them and

their advice so it might be the Guru

lives in the ashram the ashram is the

place where all the Guru's followers

come maybe they live there maybe they

just visit in the West we don't really

have hmm

do we have us right we don't have a

strands I'm just wondering if we have

places where people live with their

spiritual teacher there probably are

some some of those kinds of places but

generally when people follow a spiritual

teacher they don't all live together all

the time it's more likely that the

followers go on retreat with the

spiritual teacher and when you go on

retreat you all meet together in one

place and you stay there how many days

it lasts the weekend or a week you

stay there and the spiritual teacher

will give you advice during that time

next we have shaman shaman a shaman is a

person who can connect with the reality

outside of this one so the shaman can

see into into the spirit world can see

ghosts can heal people can use music can

use drugs - as a way to give medicine to

people whereas if we can compare if we

compare that to the Western tradition

and the most accepted way of doing

things in the West for most people they

go to a doctor if it's a problem in

their body or they go to a therapist if

it's a problem in their emotions a

therapist is somebody who will talk to

you about your emotional problems and

give you therapy and give you advice for

your problem and tell you what to do so

in that sense we don't here in the West

we don't have the equivalent of a shaman

although in our older times we would

have had people who had knowledge of all

the plant medicines for healing people

but because in the West the people who

had that knowledge the witches got

burned a long time ago that a lot of

that knowledge or way of doing things

was lost here in the West next idea is

the spirit world spirits are they dead

people or their consciousness of the

dead people this is where they live so

another word for that would be like

heaven but it doesn't necessary

heaven it means the place where all the

spirits are together the good spirits in

the bad spirits

where as someone in the West might not

talk about the spirit in the spirit

world they could talk about heaven or

hell or they could perhaps see a ghost

or say they had the experience of seeing

a ghost in the Eastern tradition the

idea of being from a line of ancestors

this is family members who were before


is often very important in their culture

or their or their religion not so much

really in the West but some some people

may want to go to see a medium a medium

is a person who contacts your dead

relatives or your dead friends so and

passes messages to you so in in the way

that they're similar if you can if if

you can contact the dead people and get

a message from them they must be in a

kind of spirit world they must be all

together in a place so in that way

they're similar to the idea of the

ancestors there the dead family members

next we have pagans the best way to

describe what Pagan is is to say before

Christianity in Europe there was

something else that people believed in

and these people were pagans and what

their God and thing that they worshipped

they prayed to was nature so when we

have pagans in our times these are

people that are not Christians but they

then have a connection with nature

pagans are often closely related to

witches and wizards you might know

which witches and wizards already

because of a film like Harry Potter if

you've seen that film you might have

thought oh it's not it's not true it's

just fantasy there aren't any witches or

wizards whereas there actually are

witches and wizards but it doesn't

doesn't look like the Harry Potter world

a witch or wizard is somebody that uses

magic in this case spelt with a K which

is to do a lot of things I've already

spoken about before but to build the

power of their willpower and to make

certain things happen in their life or

to explore certain things in terms of

life and consciousness and they're very

much interested in secret knowledge and

some sometimes they just do all their

magic by themselves and sometimes they

do it in groups and when they do it in

groups they're called covens something

else that tends to happen in the West is

that people go off and join a cult when

you join a cult you don't realize what

you're doing at that time a cult is like

a group where you join it and when you

join that group you have to believe in

everything that they tell you to believe

often when you join that group they

don't want you to still be in touch with

your family they don't want you to see

your friends that used to have before

and the cult makes makes you believe

everything that they say and sometimes

cults have been very dangerous they've

they have had people believe everything

that the cult says so much that they'll

go and kill people for example and every

cult by the way has a leader and the

cult leader is the one he's similar to


spiritual teacher for the cult that he

or she decides everything that they

believed he believed in and if you don't

agree then either you're out the cult or

everybody will attack you for not

believing what you're supposed to

believe the next one is the idea of

being initiated in a secret society

initiate means like to begin something

and a secret society means secret group

when another way of saying to be

initiate to be initiated is to say there

is an initiation when there is an

initiation you have to do something to

show the you have to do something to

prove that you're now part of that group

secret societies they will generally

expect people to do something very very

extreme I don't know what they do

because I'm not part of any I'm not part

of any secret societies but they they

might do something like have sex with a

pig or they they might they might do

something so terrible that the idea is

that you did this so you can't ever

speak about this you can't speak about

what we do in the secret society because

if you do we'll tell everybody you had

sex with a pig for example like I said I

don't know what they do exactly but this

is this is often considered as well

joining a secret society is often

considered as joining the dark side in a

way if you go if you go that way you

will learn secret things that you can

use to

come powerful and to make more money and

yeah people will be attracted to it for

power and for influence and they might

also be very important people in our

societies in very very high positions or

or possibly even possibly even like

royal people or something like that it's

very powerful ones and the last one is

the idea of going to a self-help seminar

self-help means help yourself and

seminar means talk so when you go to a

self-help seminar you would go there and

somebody like a spiritual teacher but

maybe not don't have they don't have to

be a spiritual teacher perhaps they

would be like a motivation coach

somebody who tells you how to like

transform your life how to be successful

how to get a girlfriend how to how to

become rich it could be all things like

that which are generally about changing

from having this big big problem in your

life to changing into your powerful self

or your happy self and the self-help

seminars tend to be run and I'm going to

take back what I said about spiritual

teacher because they tend to be run by

people who do not directly talk about

spirituality but often use a lot of this

stuff and they put it together in a way

that perhaps more mainstream people will

think is a good idea and they'll get

into they'll get into it but what often

happens is a person starts here at the

self-help seminar then maybe three years

later they're there doing yoga over in


or something like that so they maybe

begin here which is not maybe it doesn't

look so spirituals that other things but

this is like a first step for many

people and then later they try different

things it depends on the person so yeah

now you can go and do the quiz on

spirituality thank you for watching and

see you again soon bye

The Description of REAL ENGLISH: Spiritual Vocabulary