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The army thought the experiment was a failure

but their drug didn't work but it just took a little time to turn you into


where's my boy where's joseph will you join hive

or will my man slit little joseph's throat here and now

the answer is no

you're a mercenary

and the people that you love have paid a terrible price

you see i have a secret

i'm a knight like the ones in our favorite book

roaming a dangerous world and i don't want those dragons to hurt you

ever again

so what are we going to do about it we you're not going after him alone this time

Welcome back everyone it's charlie this is going to be my new batman deathstroke

video that's right they made a deathstroke movie if you can believe it

so i'll explain what's going on with this what's going on with the larger

reboot of the dc animated movies since justice

league apocalypse war and what's going on with deathstroke in

the live-action dceu movies after justice league

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let me know what you want them to do with deathstroke in the new

dc movies the basic premise of the movie is that this retells a version of his

origin story but it is different from the canonical

comic book version of his origin story that you've seen in a lot of the other

adaptations they did a version of deathstroke on

titan season 2 recently as part of the nightwing origin story

they were doing the judas contract storyline during that season so they

told his backstory as part of the judas contract

classic teen titans story but this version of the movie

changes some of the aspects about his family members and where they come from

so for instance rose wilson's backstory is ravager is a little bit different

jericho's backstory is a little bit different and as you can tell it's

michael chiklis playing deathstroke so obviously we have another

version of deathstroke so i will talk about how i thought he did compared to

the other versions of deathstroke like manu bennett or joe manginello's

deathstroke but the movie is basically deathstroke

versus hive with a couple other villains they introduce but it all winds up being

a twist upon a twist upon a twist it's all about being double-crossed how

do you portray deathstroke is an anti-hero if he does such terrible

terrible things most of the other dc series that have

used the character have portrayed him as more of a villain i think they've slowly

tried to humanize them especially on the flash and arrow where

they use the character a ton of times the way they accomplish that in this

movie is by putting him against villains through

hive that have no moral code no sense of honor and that's his whole thing is that

he does do terrible things but he does have a code of honor

that he operates by he's supposed to be true neutral

a true mercenary as happens in the comics usually what winds up getting him

though is his past catches up to him and bites him in the

ass sometimes literally the movie focuses heavily on the

consequences of his actions and how it destroys his family and his broken

relationships with his wife with his two children

the biggest change they make from the comics though is that there's no grant

wilson as part of this storyline a lot of you may have seen a version of

this earlier this year when they released it on cwc

in a bunch of smaller chunks so what they're doing now is they're just

combining it all into a blu-ray and home video that they're releasing next week

so if it seems weird or you're having deja vu like wait a minute didn't i

already watch this you probably did it's just that they're

releasing it in a slightly different way i'm not as big a fan of the animation in

this as i am of some of the other dc properties usually dc animated movies

are really solid but it just depends on the team inside dc that's animating the

project one of the other really weird things

about this though is that they end on a big cliffhanger and i do not think that

there's going to be a sequel to this i think they build it like it was going to

be a series and they were going to do a season two to follow up on deathstroke

getting pushed off the cliff by jericho here but

there's been no talk of them doing the second part of this storyline since this

came out earlier this year so i have no idea

this is kind of what it's like to be an anime fan you see a really cool season

one but then there's no promise of a season two in sight it just completely

vanishes into the night just in terms of recent dc animated

properties i say justice league apocalypse war is probably the most

solid thing that they've done so far so this is also part of the idea that dc

is rebooting their animated continuity if you didn't see apocalypse war is one

of their better movies that they've done the last couple of years

at the end of that movie because they basically completely derp that timeline

the flash pulls another flashpoint and there's a big teaser

for dc rebirth movies like they're trying to launch another animated

franchise through the dc rebirth title everything would change and some of

those changes may be sh*te but the movies that they're talking

about rebooting in terms of the line of continuity is just the justice league

mainstream animated films the one that started with justice league flashpoint

then justice league war where darkseid shows up on planet earth in the justice

league forms for the first time then more recently they did the death of

superman then the reign of the superman and now justice league dark apocalypse

war so it's just those movies with those voice over actors

they'll still continue to be a ton of dc movies every year

but they're just using the opportunity to bring in new creative bring in new

voice over actors so for instance the brand new superman

movie superman man of tomorrow that they're going to be

releasing next week as part of dc fandom has a completely different voice over

cast and the animation style looks vastly vastly different from the

animation style of these justice league animated films

you're all getting excited about robert pattinson and matt reeves new batman

movie that's based on the long halloween story line

will dc announce that they're actually doing batman the long halloween is an

animated movie sometime next year too there's no

trailer for that yet so we haven't seen any animation

but it'll also be another example of them just trying different things new

teams new animation styles so it'll be fun to see what that actually looks like

the last we've seen deathstroke in the live action movies right now

is actually the justice league theatrical cut joe manginello was

teasing that the justice league snyder cut is going to have a completely

different ending in post credit scene so i'm guessing that he has a little bit

more dialogue he barely even speaks at all during the theatrical cut

but most of that footage was actually shot by joss whedon so

none of that stuff that you saw in the theatrical cut with deathstroke and lex

luthor is going to be in the snyder cut without

having seen the full snyder cut yet all i really know about the alternate

versions of deathstroke during that movie is that they have a similar scene

where he breaks lex luthor out at the end of the movie

they have a brief conversation about setting up their own team like the

legion of doom and that's about it but it's a very

different type of conversation that goes down in a very different way from the

theatrical cut originally when they cast joe

manginello's death stroke it was actually more for

the batman movie when ben affleck was still going to be directing and writing

that movie and starring in it that was going to be batman vs

deathstroke in an arkham style movie with batman fighting his way down level

by level in arkham but ben affleck the way he explains it

left the project just because he couldn't find a way to crack the

story and he was just so fatigued with playing the batman character that he

wanted to pass it on to someone else that someone else wound up being matt

reeves who then cast robert pattinson they'll be previewing that movie at dc

fandom this weekend so we'll see a lot more of that for the rest of the year

then after he was going to appear in the ben affleck version of the batman movie

he would have gone on to a deathstroke solo movie in the dc eu

we don't know a lot about that movie other than he would have just been an

anti-hero like the mandalorian so i think that's a good comparison to make

because they're both lived by strict moral codes

they walk around in some crazy armor and even though they're not evil themselves

they do have to do a lot of terrible stuff

in the line of duty post all your deathstroke baby yoda memes i feel like

they could have done a really awesome version of that but the mandalorian got

there first with baby yoda in the mando joe manginello said he would still love

to do a deathstroke movie even though it seems like it's going to be sitting on a

shelf for a while they have no plans to do it anytime soon

it's always possible that they bring that character back through the suicide

squad franchise if the new james gunn suicide squad movie is as successful as

it seems like it's going to be just comparing michael chiklis's version

of deathstroke and his performance to the other versions we've seen so far

i feel like he does a really solid job he's a great actor in all the live

action stuff that he does i feel like manu bennett is the most

well developed version of deathstroke so i am partial to his version

i do feel like joe manginello's dceu movie version of deathstroke could have

become the most superior version had he gotten his do in the dc movies

but as it stands none of those movies wound up happening so you really only

have him for a couple minutes so you can't really say that that's completely

superior to what they did with arrow and minou bennett's version of the character

even though with a movie budget you could just make

it look so much better but like i said dc fandom is happening

next week there's going to be a bunch of dc movie trailers previews and footage

and they'll also be a bunch of video game stuff too

for the people that are looking forward to big batman arkham game announcements

and suicide squad game announcements as long as you have alerts enabled for

my channel you should see all those videos when i post them

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thank you so much for watching everyone stay safe i'll see you guys tonight!

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