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Hey guys today, I will be trying out this slime lab which is just a slime package now,

I bought it at family dollar and it was five dollars

This is how the slime will look like it is

Color-Changing slime, so that's pretty cool now,let's get started alright guys, so here I got all of the stuff taken out of the box

So these tubes, I will use to store my slime cause these packets right here within them. I just took them out

This is a guar gum these are the six packets. This is a slime tube, the instructions.

this is just something to mix that I got

Changing slime juice, and this is a blue slime juice

So I read the instructions that I needed these two tubes, and I needed hot water

To dissolve these packets into them, so that's what I'm going to do

So the thing that we did is with these tubes that was the STB solution now how to make the slime

we need to pour the water up to two and three halfs of the test Tube which is this length test Tube and then

We're gonna have to add the empty one packet of guar gum powder and stir throughly

So that's what we're gonna do it and we're going to show you that way when you do it already

So is it in the instructions to stir it up and we already put the guar gum in there with the water

And it's like a thick substance. So now we're just gonna stir it

So it said in the instructions to pour in our STB solution? So that's what we are going to do

So we put it in a bigger cup and this is how

It looks like it is really disgusting and it feels really weird, so we're just gonna keep on stirring

so now we are just going to put our

food dye as

it said there

Okay, so this is our slime right here, so guys can see it didn't turn out very well, so this was really mostly a fail

This is not slimy at all. They're just like clumbs

So that is it for this video

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