Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Accessing Android Logs (Unity Apps) - (Portuguese and English Subtitles)

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Hello everyone.

I am here to show you how to see the Logs from your android application when you are

running it.

This is especially for the unity apps, ok?

Therefore, you can see the prints from the Debug.Log() function.

First of all, sorry for the video and sound quality.

So, you need to connect your android device to your PC and do it in the USB DEBUGGING


Now go to your Android SDK location, on your PC, and open the tools folder.

Search for the Monitor and open it.

Now, select the LOGCAT tab, and you can see many things happening on my phone.

When I am pressing my old filters for the Unity stuff, you cannot see anything because

my Unity application isn't running on my phone right now.

Add a filter for the Unity logs.

Press the plus button.

As the Unity Logs have the Tag: Unity.

We put it on the by Log Tag box.

Change to debug.

Now I am running my Unity application, on my device, and here are the Logs!

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