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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: ES Morning Show 2 5 20

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Good morning! Buenos días! Its Wednesday, February 5th. Its a B Day today.

Here is your monthly reminder that books are not waterproof.

They are, in fact, the opposite of waterproof.

Please keep all your books dry, whether they are library books, IRLA books, or any kind

of books! Libraries are full of good books.

Please, keep them safe and dry, and return them on time.

In other news, keep YOURSELF safe and dry, too.

Make sure you dress for the weather so youll enjoy outside play.

And also...books are not waterproof.

We already said that. Just making sure everyone heard. Adios, folks!

And remember books are not waterproof. They're really NOT waterproof. Don't try it.

Didn't they already say that like three times? Meh...

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