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would you rather talk about that or not

talk about that let's talk about that


good mythical morning

would you rather the conversational game

of hypothetical questions that people

for millennia have played to just amuse

themselves in conversational form right

but rarely if ever do people actually

put their preferences into action yeah

and those people are cowards we are not

cowards we are shameless Internet

comedians so today we're gonna put our

preferences into action it is time for

YouTube we lose extreme would you rather

challenge okay here's how this is gonna

work we actually aren't just gonna have

this conversation amongst ourselves we

had the conversation amongst yourselves

hmm we asked you guys these would you

rather questions and over fourteen

thousand of you responded and survey

form and so what's gonna happen in a

given round one of us is going to ask

the other guy would you rather this or

that and then that guy is going to try

to guess what you guys said you would

rather do if he is right then the other

guy has to do the thing that you would

rather not do if he is wrong he has to

do the thing that you would rather not

do either way yeah the what you people

said you did not prefer doing one of us

will have to do exactly and each round

let's do this Arlie because I'm taller

you can go first

thank you I think we asked the mythical

beasts would you rather eat pigs feet

covered in peanut butter or eat peanut

butter off your friends foot ooh which

did they prefer hmm first of all for me

I guess you're my friend that I'd have

to I guess man I might have to eat

peanut butter off your foot which is not

enticing in any city would be my foot or

it'll be your foot that I eat off of

true or or one of us could be eating

pigs feet I don't I just I don't like

pigs feet how clean are your feet I

showered and again I typically don't

want it they didn't know this in the

survey typically don't wash my feet

ooh I let the the

the runoff a shower runoff is what the

shower runoff please your feet yeah it's

yeah man as much as I hate pigs feet I

know that I would prefer to eat pigs

feet covered in peanut butter because

well first of all I kind of went anyway

because I love peanut butter that much

right okay I think the average mythical

beast will be more scared of a pig's

foot than a friend's foot mmm good

reasoning so I'm gonna go with them

saying eat peanut butter off your

friends foot let's see what they said

68% of them said eat peanut peanut

butter off of your friends foot that

means that I have to eat pigs feet I was

right in peanut butter oh oh good and

there it is oh my gracious it looks like

a plate accident how many feet is this

is that even boiled for safety pickled

pickled it's pickled for safety I'm just

gonna grab him gosh it's Bonnie oh look

it looks like raw meat just focus on the

peanut butter part I feel sorry for you

but not as sorry as I would have felt

for myself I'm getting as much peanut

butter I would much rather be eating off

your feet right now that I see this it

looks like a tongue maybe this is just a

watch peanut butter how much does it

help a lot mm-hmm don't cry so soft I

mean the pickling process really makes

it but soft we should have that done to

our feet

there's no toenail it if there was it's

very soft now is this the one you would

have preferred cuz all this time that I

ate it I think yes I enjoyed this sweet


round two okay Rhett it's your turn

hmm 1000 mythical beasts were surveyed

the top more than that preference is on

the board yeah more than that we asked

them would you rather brush your teeth

with someone else's toothbrush or have

someone else brush your teeth with their

hair brush brush your teeth with someone

else's toothbrush or have someone else

brush your teeth with their hair person

first of all I don't care about here I'm

one of those guys if I'm eaten and I see

hair in the food I'm just like tetanus

that's a noodle I don't want and then I

just keep eating the noodles that I do

want now if it's curly I hesitate for a


but you only just hesitate if I'm able

to get it out of there if I'm able to

unwind it and get it out of the noodles

but the mythical beasts are weird we

know that right that's know there's why

we love them they're a little more

sensible than you and I in this if they

choose the other well I know I've

noticed that people in general are

really queasy about hair and also their

queasy about awkward situation somebody

brushing your teeth with their hairbrush

is awkward so I'm gonna say what I

wouldn't say what they would say which

is I think they would say they would

rather brush their teeth with someone

else's toothbrush which is not what you

want all right let's see the answer the

musical beats chose to brush their teeth

with someone else's toothbrush Wow

by a wide margin so I'm actually a

little confused as to who was right were

you right I'm right which means that you

have to let me brush your teeth with my

hairbrush is this your hairbrush it is

really well typically don't use a

hairbrush I mean get in them get it in

the back get them off Leakey parts get

to my flakey fries look at what's

happening there let me see the brush is

there any hair on it no but it has my

essence on it now how is that even gonna

fit in my mouth let me dip into you whoa

come on man come on okay this is easy

well we got paper towel dispenser

okay just hoping it open your mouth as

wide as possible give me them teeth okay

all right I'll be super just go on just

get the inside just be super gentle get

their molars okay you've had enough it's

clean that's not a good idea

you guys chose wisely round three okay


we ask the mythical beast would you

rather tape your eyes open while someone

blows in them or tape your mouth closed

while someone blows burps in your nose


mmm so to me this is this is pain versus

gross because I mean blowing in open

eyes I think would be painful I mean

that's just not natural there's a weight

reason that's a reason why we blink

right like reason we voluntarily because

it would be bad news otherwise man I

don't want to discover how bad that news

is but I mean just blow on a burp in

somebody's nose yeah I think I don't

want people blowing in my open eyes okay

and I think the mythical beasts agree

with me because of the health risks so

that's what we're going with

are you with me mythical beasts the

mythical beasts chose to take their eyes

open while someone blows in them so you

were wrong I was wrong which means that

you are going to why did you do do you

agree with me I'm gonna burp in your


so it wasn't it wasn't that close 61% of

them said that they would rather what

would you chose and take the mouth shut

real quick let chase take your mouth

shut and oh gosh relief no I don't have

to chase the work this isn't great for

me either they give me tuna and raw

garlic and I look Roy you knew I liked

all these things right you're gonna eat

the wrong car look just a pitch oh gosh


coconut my least favorite flavor the

only one I don't drink

oh man I almost hurt my lungs on that

one that was wrong what I mean the bad

thing about it is the vomit would hit

the back of the tape it uh almost

happened round four all right wrap this

question is for you the mythical beasts

were surveyed and asked would you rather

baby bird a jelly donut or mama bird a


oh they're jellyfish so many ways this

could go so long baby bird let's receive

a chewed-up jelly doughnut into your

mouth from another human it's the worst

or mama burped me chew up a jellyfish

and then spit it into someone else's

mouth let me point out that no matter

what I say one of us is going to be baby

bird at something right because there's

always a baby bird if there's a mama

bird so there's actually a mama bird

baby bird situation with both of these

options what is that

there in your answer that you think it's

worth it's not being baby bird it oh my


way worse way worse I don't care what it

is I don't care I let what if it's a

gesture of the gods I do not want to

baby bird well anything that's what a

jelly doughnut is by the way exactly

it's God nectar he's got the nectar of

the Gods inside of it but so you're

saying a jellyfish there's something

boozy on the table I just put my hand in

it what show is this came out what are

we doing is probably right just to pace

from the brush I don't care you can

substitute jellyfish anything anything

would be is better to Malibu because

it's not taking someone else's essence

into your person and then swallowing it

taking it all the way another person and

I just have to believe that the mythical

beast would be with me on this one

right I'm just listen I'm just gonna

trust you guys and I'm going to say that

you would rather mom about it but if I'm

wrong yeah I mean you're saying you're

saying they would rather chew up a

jellyfish and spit it out versus eat a

jelly doughnut that just happens to be

true too but if I'm wrong and they would

there's so many ways that this could go

wrong and your breath stinks dude let me

I don't think about it too much

I would rather and that's what I'm gonna

say they would rather mama Berta

I'm nervous too

all right the answer is mythical beasts

chose to baby bird a jelly donut so I'm

wrong which means that what does it mean

it means that that means that I have to

do the thing yeah baby bird I have to do

the thing that they wouldn't want to do

which means I have to mama bird a

jellyfish to you the gods have smiled

upon me I can't be right yeah

jellyfish looks like ramen mm-hmm is it

already chewed up a little but it's

about to be do you want to assume the

position baby bird yeah I mean are you

gonna stand on the chair I kind of feel

like you should be on your knees

personally oh okay more like this I

don't want it you guys didn't even give

me any utensils okay how much you want

how hungry is the baby bird let me smell

it but don't do you know it's actually

there's very little I'm gonna give it a

lot more flavor than it has right now

I'm about how did he get it wrong yet I

get the punishment that is the beauty

Justin it's not my fault it's their

fault man this is their fault here we go

is it yeah the sooner we get this over

with the better

dang I see I just don't want him to keep

chewing at summer

Momsen got bad a hey mama missed

oh sorry link you guys to be the ones

apologizing to him thanks for liking

commenting and subscribing Wow no way I

was gonna swallow that it hit my tongue

and oh that's that's the sickest I've

ever been on this show you know what

time it is

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