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Hi Everyone!

Today I'm going to unboxing laptop that is front of me

This Laptop is Asus Vivobook Pro 15 or the codename is N580vd

The box is like this and so slim

I unboxed the laptop's box before for security

I bought it by Mediamarkt

and after the sales transaction i opened the box for security as i said

As you can see the security sticker has been cutten

I confirmed the computer is okay. Than i put back everything in the box like first situation

I give you Asus Vivobook Pro 15

And i put the side of box for now

and here there is a compartment that is has charge adaptor

The charge adaptor had a sticker but i removed it for the control the cable

Put it back again

Let's continue to check the box

Here is the warranty card and manuals

I will read them at night

and there is nothing

There is a power cable

Now i remove the cables from the box

and i sent away the box

VivoBook Pro

Charge Cable and Power cable

Thle laptop is so light

Laptop is like this

We're looking at N580vd

I want to show you design of laptop

There are some fingerprints but it's okay

the all body of computer has aluminum. there is only under the computer is plastic

Here is some codes and stickers

there are "harman/kardon" speakers on the right and left side

The OS (operating system) is Windows 10 Home

there are 2 usb port(2.0) 1 sd card port, a microphone and earphone jack and a kensington lock right sides of the laptop

There is 1 usb port (3.0), charging input, Usb Type C, ethernet port and Hdmi also left side of laptop

computer cover is brushed aluminum

and the computer's colour is gold

I guess black colour not come to the turkey

Because I never seen it in the electronic markets

The computer spec is "i7 7th Gen" 7700HQ and with this CPU, GPU is GTX 1050 4GB

The ram capasity is 16GB(DDR4)

Asus Vivobook Pro 15 has 1TB hard disk (5400Rpm) and 128gb ssd

The dimensions 380x256x19 mm.

N580vd has dual fan

One fan is right side and the other is left side of the Laptop

And this 2 fans cools the CPU and GPU that is middle of computer

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