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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 백두대간 선자령/바람의 언덕은 아직 나를 허락하지 않았다/백패킹 긴급대피

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Snow Storm Backpacking/Emergency Evacuation

February 2020 Seonjaryeong, Daegwallyeong

since heavy snow, countless hikers have visited

as an inexperienced beginner, 2 hours hiking worrys me a bit

but the course is easier than i worried

beautiful snow view makes me not hard at all

co-hiker Ssubak tv

thanks for the leading

but please slow down~

The slope has not much angle

easier than my last mountain backpacking on Taegi mt.

takes about 2.5 hours to the top

wind gets strong

where's the leader?

gosh... she's fast

finally on the top

didn't know that milestone will save us

Snow trenches made by backpackers

i can just pick one

looks like snowy moon surface

thanks for the good shovel works

can't hear for the wind

Hand signal needed

snowed a lot

look at the "Great Wall" snow trenche

good shovel job, thanks again

this is my shelter today

whoever made ths trench, if you watch my video

please contact me

nice view

2~3 m/s wind

it will be 5m/s wind after midnight, that's not bad

without this trench, it's impossible to me

Little wind under the trench

don't forget to take eisens off

last time i massed up my tent stepping on with eisens

Hillman early bird up 2 tent

hiding under the trench

be careful the pouches not blow away

some of backpackers are around

good to buy a claw hammer

It's really hard to remove nails without a claw

ground is frozen

weather's not that cold, around -5 degrees


crab meat is good for a non-fire backpacking

self heating beef bibimbob

pyrogen, spoon and food all-in-one package

the lid must be frozen

i brought 2.5L water but 2L is enought i guess

where's the tissues?

10 minutes ready to eat

Sea to summit air down pillow

smells good

self heating works well

where is the sauce?

forgot in my pocket

we had meals seperately

cause we both brought none-fire self heating food

well... it's pretty yummy

beef Bibimbod's good~

didn't bring cup noodles to weigh down

winds get stronger

melting beer with a hotpack

so tired

right after the dinner Ssubak and me fell a sleep

hotpack on my foot

one on my back

don't forget "LNT" Leave No Trash

wish the winds get no stronger

good nihgt

winds get stronger

worry about my tent

can't sleep at all

emergency call from Ssubak

something wrong with her tent

night view was fantastic...

no time for that

Ssubak's tent...

that's hers

Hillman cloud up 2 tent barely stands

not gonna make it

her trench didn't quite work

we thought the woods blocks the winds but they didn't

should we evacuate?

yes, we should

can't even zip the door

Let's evacuate!

my trench works fine so far but...

my tent has same poles as hers

not sure it will stand for the wind all night

evacuation's not easy in this strong wind

can't even fasten my belt... have i eaten too much?

"your belt? i can't even stand up!"

don't know where i am, just trek down

"isn't this the way down?"

the storm erased the ways

can't open my eyes for the winds with ice

unexpected storm

fell down and my hiking pole's broken

she grabs her mini lantern in her hand, her head lantern's battery ran out

is this way right?

we lost the way

the milestone helped us find the way

special thanks to Ssubak

and the shovel angel

The Description of 백두대간 선자령/바람의 언덕은 아직 나를 허락하지 않았다/백패킹 긴급대피