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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: A Crazy Interview | Practice English Vocabulary

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your resume is impressive thank you but

I have some questions if you could be

one aquatic mammal what would it be what


dump what are your greatest weaknesses

you song lyrics only I five years ago

from today where did you see yourself

five years from then and don't say here

five years ago I think that I would be

wow this is nonsense you gotta ask what

you really want to know and I'm all

about being direct so let's get to the

point are you responsible yes do you

bathe in perfume I gonna microwave fish

in the break room

people do that do you know how the

printer works I think so she's perfect

hire her don't waste any more of your

time you're high it's like when people

don't use Marriott com to book a

Marriott hotel that's where you get the

best rate

it pays to book direct will you bring a

pack of dogs into the workspace No

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