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Whether it is your first date or your first-anniversary date a large part of a relationship is

keeping the other person interested and excited, and your date choices will play a massive

role in that.

However, when youre in the initial stages of getting to know someone, choosing a location

for a date can be one of the most stressful decisions to make.

Fine dining used to be a no-brainer for a romantic date; however, these days, many men

are opting for more casual settings.

This means many men are unfamiliar with how to engage in fine dining when they wish to

take a lady to one of these establishments to impress her and create a more romantic


In this article, we guide you through fine dining and explain why it is still the number

one setting for fine dating.

Planning a Fine Dining Date Experience

The meeting place you choose will tell the other person a lot about you, such as the

kind of person you are, what youre like as a romantic, and how much you care about

getting to know them.

Making a wrong choice could lead to you inadvertently turning off your date before they have even

sat down, while a good date location could win you a second date before the first has

even started.

The good news is, if you are already here reading this article then youre on the

right track to picking a winning date location.

Follow our tips and well make sure you keep racking up brownie points with your date

all night long!

Who should choose the date location?

Weve all experienced the awkwardness of planning a first date, and more often than

not the conversation involves an awful lot of overly-polite I dont mind and

no, you choose! kind of language.

Someone has to take charge in this situation, but should you be the one to pick a location

for a first date?

The answer to this question will ultimately depend on the woman youre trying to impress;

however, if they seem to be taking the I dont mind route this is the signal

you need to take charge and woo her with a location that will tell her what kind of person

you are and what your idea of a good time is.

If you choose a dining venue that is new to her and considered high class you tell her

that you are the kind of man she may be able to have new experiences with.

Dating is supposed to be exciting and fun for people, so by choosing a restaurant that

is considered classy you signal to the woman that she can have new exciting experiences

with you.

So choosing a good restaurant or bar to meet at for a date will usually increase a womans

level of attraction to you by getting her excited about the new experience she will

have with you.

On the other hand, if you allow the woman to choose the location it can signal to her

that youre a very laid back person, but this isnt necessarily good for building


Many women consider easygoing men to lack ambition, which is not an attractive quality

in a man.

Lastly, the proper etiquette for asking anyone to meet is that the person inviting someone

else for an outing chooses the venue.

Why choose fine dining for dates?

As you probably know by now, for some men the process of choosing a first date location

can be a high-pressure scenario, and a decision that could leave you overthinking for days.

Its no secret that women will read into your choice of date location and use it to

judge your level of interest in them but how do you choose something that you both

will enjoy?

Fine dining is a winning choice for a date (whether its your first or 100th), and

there are several reasons why.

Firstly, many of the most common options people have dinner dates at are chain restaurants.

This means your prospective date may be used to men taking her to Buffalo Wild Wings or

Chilis, or perhaps even Hooters.

So it is difficult to build excitement for a date at a venue the woman has been to several

times over.

When a woman first begins dating in high school or college guys may even take her to fast

food chains and food trucks for dinner, which quickly gets old.

So if you wish to stand out from the crowd of men she has previously dated, the simplest

way to do this is to choose a venue she is unfamiliar with and promises higher quality

food and atmosphere than she is used to experiencing.

Choosing a fine dining experience for a date also sends a signal to a woman that you belong

to a higher class of men than she may have dated in the past.

Elite Singles, a dating site that caters to highly successful men and women, found in

a survey that the most popular first date locations were local restaurants and fine


Another good reason for fine dining is that these establishments have dress codes, so

you will get your date to dress her best by selecting this venue.

By choosing a fine dining venue that requires you and the woman to both dress up for the

occasion, you not only get to see her at her best, but she has to put some effort into

dressing up for you.

Getting a woman to invest the time to look her best for you has the psychological effect

of increasing her attraction level, as the more time and effort that a woman invests

into a man increases her attraction for him.

The woman might even go shopping to update her wardrobe just for this date with you.

This means her expectations for the night increase as well, which is something you should

be mindful of.

Dont tempt her with the promise of a fine dining experience and then try to go cheap

on the bill; that will just upset her.

On the other hand, if you deliver on the expectations she has, then the night may go exceedingly

well for you both; that is ultimately what you want on a first date, right?

First Date Checklist for Fine Dining

When it comes to the perfect date location, there are several key boxes that youll

need to tick in your first date checklist:

It needs to be quiet and intimate enough to have a conversation, but there cannot be too

much romantic pressure.

The location shouldnt be too overcrowded.

It shouldnt be too casual, as you want to show your date youre taking them seriously.

It should be fair priced.

Fine dining restaurants can tick all of these boxes, providing the perfect balance of romance,

excitement, and that kind of soft lighting that has you both looking your best.

Fine dining venues are the ideal location to get to know your date better.

The quiet surroundings, fine foods and quality wine will have the conversation flowing freely,

ensuring you and your date get to know each other and have a successful evening.

It also sends signals to your date that you are seriously interested in getting to know

them, and dont just see them as a cheap fling.

How to choose the fine dining restaurant for your date

Depending on where you and your date are based, there could be a range of different fine dining

restaurants to choose from so, how do you know which one your date will like best?

This is an excellent time to chat with your date and find out a bit more about the types

of food they like.

You dont have to interrogate them; a few simple questions should clear up whether or

not they like fancy locations, their favorite foods, and if they have any dietary requirements

(dont leave it too late to find out they are a veggie!).

Simply ask your date what type of foods she enjoys eating and she should tell you.

Then simply use Google or Yelp to search for locations that serve those kinds of foods

and are rated at least four stars.

It would be best if you also looked at the photos and reviews other guests have left

on these review sites, as this information will give you an impression of the restaurants

atmosphere and quality.

While you may not want to head to the most expensive spot in town, its still important

that the restaurant you choose has a pleasant atmosphere that could lend itself to romance

if the date was going well.

The best way to do this is to read the reviews.

The reviews should tell you whether a restaurant gets overly busy, plays music too loudly,

has sub-par food, or has terrible service.

While theres no secret formula for a perfect date, and theres always room for things

to go wrong, choosing a date spot that has good reviews will help you have an enjoyable


You should also call and make a reservation for your date, or use the online reservation

system if it has one.

Fine dining restaurants typically are busy and you must make a reservation to attend

one during dinner hours.

This is also the best way to ensure you are seated in a good location, too.

Whats the best cuisine for a fine dining dinner date?

Everyone has a favorite cuisine, but not all cuisines are well-suited to a romantic date.

Certain cuisines are a messier than others, and restaurants that specialized in shared

plates can be a hit or miss for your first date, depending on whether you and your date

are comfortable sharing a plate of food with a stranger.

In the best-case scenario, your date has already told you their favorite foods, but if not

which do you choose?

Italian restaurants are usually considered the number one type of food for romance.

Italian fine dining restaurants also typically offer a menu packed full of crowd-pleasing


Portions of pasta, cheeseboards, and tiramisu are usually a sure-fire way to anyones

heart, especially when eaten in a romantic, candle-lit setting.

Pretty much everything on a menu at an Italian fine dining restaurant will pair well with

red wine, too.

However, if you want to impress your date with something a little more experimental

why not try Spanish or Japanese cuisine?

Both of these cuisines offer sharing platters, which are a great way to break the ice on

a date and find common ground that you can bond over (whether that be your mutual love

for avocado rolls or patatas bravas).

French cuisine is also a natural fit for fine dining, too.

French fine dining restaurants typically have full meal courses that incorporate game the

woman may consider exotic, such as duck.

Similar to fine Italian food, French cuisine pairs well with wines, too.

The third best option for fine dining is the steakhouse.

Were not talking about chain restaurants like Texas Roadhouse or Outback Steakhouse;

these are excellent first date choices as well, but they are not fine dining.

Youll want to find somewhere such as The Capital Grille, which, while it is a chain

of steakhouses, is a chain that specializes in fine dining, much like luxury hotel chains

specialize in fine hospitality experiences; in fact, the The Capital Grille in your city

may even be based in or near a five-star hotel resort.

Most fine dining steakhouses are local restaurants however, and chains such as The Capital Grille

are rarer.

You will need to do your research to see what options exist in your own city.

Another option for fine dining that is trendy in large cities such as Los Angeles is high-end

Japanese sushi restaurants.

While sushi is very common at family restaurants, sushi can still be a fine dining experience

at five star restaurants.

As an exception to the normal rules of fine dining, beer can be drank with sushi as it

pairs well but you must choose a light crisp beer, such as one of the Japanese import lagers

that will be available at the restaurant.

For wine you want a light wine, such as a ros or pinot noir.

In regards to spirits it should go without saying that sake pairs the best with sushi.

What Clothes Should a Man Wear to a Fine Dining Restaurant?

Without question, the bare minimum dress code for most fine dining restaurants will be business

casual attire, with khakis, a dress shirt, and a sports jacket.

A business suit is a safe choice.

You can opt to go with or without a tie, depending on your suit style and the venue itself.

Your clothing should of course also be clean and pressed; it is a good idea to have it

freshly dry cleaned to ensure it has no musty smells if you have not worn it in awhile.

This goes without saying but your clothing should also be tailored to ensure it fits

you properly.

When dining indoors your jacket should be unbuttoned and worn for the entire meal.

Never drape it over a chair behind you.

The only time it is appropriate to remove your jacket for fine dining is if you are

dining outdoors and the weather is warm.

A tuxedo would not be appropriate to wear on a first date to a fine dining establishment,

unless your first date is also a formal party.

Tuxedos are menswear only for attending parties, and if you wear a tuxedo to a first date for

just the two of you, you will be considered over-dressed which in addition to making you

look silly can make your date feel under dressed and embarrassed.

When choosing shoes to wear for your date, ensure you are wearing dress shoes that match

your outfit.

If you wear sneakers you will stand out in a bad way.

On this same note, ensure you have bathed and groomed yourself before your date.

Although you are going to eat, you want to make your best first impression, so you should

brush your teeth before arrival so that your date sees you in your best appearance.

You should also bring mints with you for after dinner; most fine dining establishments will

provide mints at the end of the meal with the bill, but it is a good idea to eat a mint

before entering the restaurant, too.

What Should You Order to Eat on Your Date?

You are probably wondering what the best thing is to order on a date at a fine dining restaurant,

how to tackle the wine list, and how to make sure youre on your best behavior.

Luckily, weve got you covered with some simple tips that will make sure you make the

best impression.

Although dates are all about having fun, theyre also about making a good impression which

can leave us worrying about accidentally putting our foot in it.

Out of all the things you might be worried about on your date, eating something that

your date finds unpleasant may be at the top of the list.

So while you may enjoy Balut(fertilized duck eggs), you probably shouldnt eat this on

a first date, or you could gross her out.

Both men and women tend to agree that ordering a dish thats full of garlic is a bad move

on a date.

That side of garlic bread might sound delicious, but your garlic breath afterward might mean

youll be going home alone.

Keep a close eye on the menu and if something looks like it might have lots of garlic, or

a lot of spice that could upset your stomach you might wish to avoid it for this first


Messy foods such as wings or ribs that are smothered in sauces are also a wrong choice

for a date, and although you might think its romantic to order aphrodisiac oysters your

date might think youre a little bit presumptuous!

How to order from the wine list at a fine dining restaurant

Wine lists are long and highly intimidating, but wine is a romantic date staple especially

if youre fine dining.

It doesnt matter if you arent a wine person or dont know anything about wine

at all if you order a beer you could be risking going down in your dates estimations

as beer does not pair as well with fine dining cuisine.

The key to tackling the wine list is just confidence, not many people truly know about

wine but looking like you do can win you serious brownie points.

If you dislike wine, choose a cocktail for yourself whose liquor pairs well with the

food you are eating.

Ideally if drinking spirits then order a martini but if you must drink whisky, select to have

a Manhattan.

The only exception to this rule is any cocktails on the menu at the restaurant itself which

it recommends.

Yet you should keep in mind that part of the appeal of fine dining is to share wine with

your date, as drinking the same wine together flows well for a making small talk.

You can strike up conversation by sharing your thoughts on how the wine tastes with

your date, which is a good ice breaker.

Wines come at various price points, but the more expensive a wine is doesnt necessarily

mean its better.

When browsing a wine list, pay more attention to the types of wines themselves rather than

the prices you should notice that the fool-proof options we are about to tell you

about come at a fair price.

White wine is a fail-safe choice that can be paired with most dishes, but which white

wine is right for you and your date?

If the woman youre dating is not a wine connoisseur, a Sauvignon Blanc is a fresh

and fruity option that youll both enjoy.

However, if your date is a little harder to impress, try Riesling if shes a fan of

sweet flavors, or Chardonnay if shes the direct and confident type.

Red wines will also pair with any meat and are a safe option, though they best accentuate

beefs taste.

Fine dining restaurants usually have a selection of red blend wines with various fruits added.

You should know that it is appropriate to ask for a waiters recommendation on what

wine will pair best with the food you are ordering.

While bad waiters will only recommend the most expensive wines, a well-trained waiter

will recommend a wine intended by the chef to go with the meal you are eating, and this

is why that wine is on the menu in the first place.

Contrary to your expectations, waiters want their guests to have the most pleasant eating

experience so that the guests will leave a good tip and are not motivated to have guests

pay the most amount of money for the meals.

How to Practice the Proper Etiquette at a Fine Dining Restaurant

Being on your best behavior is essential for a fine dining date, but not everything surrounding

dating etiquette is clear.

For instance, is it okay to share food?

Will your date care about your manners?

It is best to get educated on all of these factors now so that you can impress your date


One of the biggest questions when it comes to a dinner date is is sharing food a


Most men will say that they dont mind sharing food on a date; however, women typically have

different opinions.

Not only do many women not like sharing food on a first date, but they also dont like

sharing food when theyre out at a fine dining restaurant!

Yet sharing a plate of food can help build romance and attraction, so our recommendation

is to gauge your dates opinions on this playing it safe; suggest a side plate or appetizer


You can share a plate of food together as a main course on a future date if this first

one goes well.

Lastly, when it comes to womens biggest turn-offs during a date, the worst offender

is usually bad manners.

The act of eating food can be done poorly and disgust another person; generally people

dislike the sound of smacking lips which is why people should chew with their mouths closed.

Following proper etiquette for eating will make the meal more pleasant for your date,

and show a good impression of yourself to her.

Nobody wants to spend a lot of time with someone who is annoying.

You should also ensure you are polite to the waiters, keep your elbows off the table, and

compliment the food.

You should also lay your napkin on your lap, like a gentleman, and strive to use the correct

utensils for the meal you are eating.

Who should pay the bill for the date?

After a successful fine dining date theres only one more hurdle to tackle and thats

the paying of the bill and tipping.

It doesnt matter whether you are new to dating or an old hand, the question of who

should pay is an age-old question that many today struggle to find the right answer for.

In this final section of the article, weve got all the information you need to finish

the night off right.

There are many women who claim to have different opinions about how the bill should be paid

on a date, and these opinions will also vary depending on whether its your first date

or not.

Fine dining can come with a slightly more expensive price tag, and before you make the

call on opting for a fine dining date you should make sure youll be willing and able

to pick up the bill if thats what she expects.

The options for paying the bill are either that the man pays, the woman pays, or you

split it.

Typically, a man will pay if hes an old fashioned type of guy or hes trying to

impress the woman hes on a date with thoroughly.

Most women till expect the man to pay.

However, many women will offer to split the bill and pay their way, although this can

often be a test to see if the man will be courteous and follow societal etiquettes or


Generally speaking, the chivalrous behavior is for a man to pick up the tab, especially

if you are the one that invited the woman to the restaurant.

Inviting someone to an expensive restaurant and then asking them to pay half can be considered

rude, whether the dinner is romantic or not.

By picking up the full bill this marks you in a womans mind as a gentleman who can

act as a good provider for her and any future children, and who believes in traditional

models of courtesy, and that is what you want to demonstrate to her, correct?

If a woman insists on splitting the bill this is typically a sign that the date went badly

and she has no intention of a second date she is urging to split the bill because

she feels guilty that you have treated her so well and yet she will not have a second

date with you.

To gauge whether this is the reason, you could test her by suggesting that you can split

the bill on the next date instead.

If she continues to insist you split the bill, then do it you may as well reduce your


Rules for how to tip the waiter at a fine dining restaurant

Tipping is something that varies depending on where you are.

In some countries there is a certain amount you are expected to tip, while in others,

you arent expected to tip at all and it is considered rude to do so.

Many fine dining restaurants also add an automatic gratuity to the bill to ensure the wait staff

is properly compensated.

Ensure youre informed on the local tipping culture of the area and restaurant you are

in; its not impolite to ask the waiter if gratuity is already included in the bill.

We already discussed the significance of good manners on a date, and tipping is included

in this topic.

Not tipping, or not tipping enough, is a sign of bad manners that may dwindle a womans

interest in addition to insulting the wait staff, who will remember you next time and

may treat you accordingly.

However, the tip is also an opportunity for you to make an added gesture of interest towards

your date.

If you have both decided to split the bill, paying the tip yourself is an additional way

to show your date that you enjoyed spending time with them.

Generally speaking, the proper etiquette for tipping is typically said to be 15% of the

total bill for normal service; tipping anything below 15% will signal to the waiter that you

were unhappy with their service and the food quality.

However, fine dining restaurants provide extraordinary service so the proper minimum at these venues

is 20% of the total bill.

Personally speaking, I am in the habit of tipping 25% at all venues I intend to become

a frequent customer at, as I wish for the wait staff to provide me with excellent service

on my future visits to their establishments.

I also do this at bars, too, and this habit tends to help bring me into favor with the

bar staff, which allows me to receive speedier service when the bars get busy.

This can be very important for future dates, as not every date you will go is necessarily

going to be at a fine dining restaurant.

It is very useful for a man who is actively dating to have one or two bars he has an excellent

rapport with the bartenders at, and which he can bring dates to.

Psychologically, women find men who have excellent social skills more attractive.

While the bartenders you familiarize yourself to may not be your close friends, they can

be your acquaintances.

If bartenders like you, a woman on a date can detect this about you by the body language

of the bartenders when interacting with you, and this can make you more attractive.

Final Thoughts for Your Fine Dining Date

Hopefully, this comprehensive guide to fine dining for dates has answered all of your

questions, from planning a successful date to avoiding social faux-pas while youre


If you need a re-cap, our top tips are:

Choose your date location carefully to show her certain qualities about yourself and build


Fine dining is a great way to get to know your date in a romantic and fun atmosphere.

Pick a cuisine that you will both enjoy!

Approach the wine list with confidence.

Offer to pay the bill, but dont be afraid to split if she insists.

Now that you know all of the secrets to organize a fine dining date that runs smoothly, you

should be ready to get out there and win over your date.

Good luck!

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