Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Glute Workout in 20 Minutes At The Gym

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Were gonna do 20 reps of leg press.  Lets go.

Now were gonna follow that with 20 split jumps.  Heres a side view.

Next up we have 20 reps of dead lifts.

Next were at the cable column for single leg squat hops and were gonna do 15 on

each side.  Make sure you put the pin all the way down so its fully weighted.  Were

only using this for balance.

For our last exercise of the circuit, were gonna do 20 front squats.

And now were going to wrap up our circuit with an incline walk at a 15% incline, four

miles an hour.  Do your best not to hold onto the handles.

That workout was no joke.  Great job.  Now its time to go home and hit the showers

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