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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Crochet Happy Flower

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In today's tutorial we're gonna do an upgrade to the Be Happy Flower.

I got my Bernat Mosaic yarn out. It's calling for a 5.0 mm crochet

hook also a US 'H'.

Okay, so I got everything out and this is the actual Fantasy color if you're

looking for something unique and I thought I try this yarn with this.

So this is an upgraded version we're just gonna create a slip knot just

like so. Okay, slip in our hook and what I want you to just do is to chain four. So

1, 2, 3 and 4 and now let's create the ring and we just go in to

the beginning chain and we grab the material and pulling it through. And you'll

notice that I'm pinching the loose end to get the loose end with the actual

ring together,

okay. So let's move on to our next spot so we're just gonna chain one and I want

you now to single crochet twelve times into the center. So just slipping your hook into

the center,

grab the material pulling it through, pull through two.

okay. So just going in and single crocheting so this will be 3

so let's do that, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

9, 10, 11 and 12.

So once I get all the way around you can kind of shift if it's growing too much

on you.

This is just a loose end I'm just gonna put it in behind and I wanna just slip

stitch it now to the top of where you started. So try to get both

stitches if you can pull it through and through.

So let's move on to your next layer of the Be Happy Flower. In the next layer

here we're gonna single crochet yet again and we're just gonna go in to

the very next stitch available and we're gonna slip, a single crochet three

times in the same one so that was 1. this is 2, 3.

Okay, so that was three and so then you go to the next one, so look for the next one.

So single crochet three more times into the next one.

Okay, so go to the next one then three more times and I want you to do that all the

way around making sure that every stitch that you see gets three single crochet

or three single crochets, yes.

Okay, we'll meet back up in the end. You're gonna notice that this is gonna be

really interesting mix once we get beyond this rotation and the flowers

start to buckle and the Be Happy Flower will open up right before your very eyes.

So three single crochets all the way around in each one of the stitches. So

now I've gone all the way around and now I just wanna slip stitch it to

the very beginning one that we had. And you're gonna notice that the flower is

starting to buckle up a little bit and that's because there's too many stitches

and one spot and that is what you exactly need.

So now we're actually halfway through your Be Happy Flower even though it

kinda doesn't look like it because the next layer is gonna be the fun one.

So let's now chain up three so 1, 2, 3 and now every stitch you run into

I want you to put a double crochet into the spot.

Okay, so I want three double crochet. So the very first one there

I'm just putting in an double crochet and I'm gonna do that two more times

because the chain one counts as one already. And so just look for the very

next one you're gonna see that it's tight and that's okay.

Okay, it's gonna work out for you. Okay, so three double crochets into each one of

the stitches as you rotate around. So in the first rotation we had twelve but then we

put in three into each so then you increase the round to thirty-six and now you're gonna

times thirty-six by three again when you go all the way around and that's because you're trying

to create the ruffles that this Be Happy Flower has. So let's go all the way

around three double crochets into each stitch. So I now come all the way around

and all I just need to do is just slip stitch it to the top of the beginning

one that we did. So the actual the flower is almost looking very complete you can

see it's actually kind of buckling up and that is just fabulous it actually

looks amazing.

So what I noticed with these Be Happy Flowers is that this is not enough this

looks too refined flower is never this nicely pretty nicely edged. So what we're

gonna do now is that we're gonna chain up three so 1, 2 and 3 and go into the

very next stitch available and for a single crochet. So we're gonna go down

okay, so we single crochet and then chain up again three. So 1, 2, 3 and going down

into the next one for a single crochet and 1, 2 and 3 and then down into

the next one for three.

And the reason why we're doing that is there were now changing the edge from

being very refined to actually more of a ruffling effect that would be more

natural looking if it was a real flower. And we're just gonna continue to do

that all the way around is just 1, 2, 3 single crochet to the next

and 1, 2, 3 and actually this yarn is looking are really amazing for flowers

and some really amazing texture coloring changes that are gonna be really cool.

So 1, 2, 3 and down and do that all the way around. Before I finish off this tutorial, this

is what it looks like before you're actually um, doing all the ruffling look

at the difference of it being really flat versus doing that chaining. It

really is quite significant

and it's something that I'd highly recommend that you do. It's a, you know,

like anything with creativity you can always skip steps uh, steps along the way but

just um, making these ruffles on the edge just really makes the effect

look amazing. So I'm just gonna keep going and I'll meet you up at the end where

we'll finish off this tutorial.

Well this is it. I'm almost done I just got a couple more stitches left.

Okay, so we're gonna come into the final stitch just like so.

But what you need to do instead of having this gap okay, you wanna actually

just make sure you just do a little bridge over so, bridging over, just

chaining three and coming up underneath the other one just like so before

finishing off and then therefore you actually have a very consistent outside

when you do that.

So let's grab our scissors. I bet Daniel was cutting something he shouldn't have with my

crafting scissors. I'm sure we've all been there where people use your

scissors for other things like cutting the wire and the whole nine yards.

So I'm just gonna tie everything off just like so and I'm gonna come in

behind of it and I just gonna slip in my book somewhere behind a string and

I'm gonna pull that straggling through like so. I'm going to grab

another piece of the string somewhere else and being able to pull that through and

therefore it will not come out. Just slipping it in behind

okay I'm grabbing the string and pulling it through. There for that loose end will

not fall out on the outside of this project.

It's already kind of tied off the way that I already did it and now we can

just safely trim that on the inside and there is your Be Happy Flower and you

just have to manipulate it a little bit to get it to all ruffle back out.

You have a beautiful center. When I pull it apart you can see that we did

our ring,

we did our first single crochet, we did our double crochet and then we did our

outside and then when you just have to shift it all back.

It's actually it's gonna buckle within itself. It's gonna give it some layers

and you know you attach this to a sweater, a

hat, any kind of idea and so basically it's just going up and down in

continuous waves and this stuff is actually really quite amazing.

So this is your Be Happy Flower.

Until next time enjoy! 👋

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