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Right now your PC is under attack from the inside.

Is it slow, unpredictable, like someone else is in control?

Viruses, trojans, malware; at the other end are real people, organized crime.

They want your investments, bank balance, work documents, passwords, and your credit cards.

I've worked as an expert fighting internet crime for fifteen years. I can help.

I've already helped over 30,000 individuals and businesses with this:

The FixMeStick. The world's leading virus removal device.

It works like a vacuum cleaner. Plug it in, it sucks the viruses out.

Once a PC has been infected you need an external removal device.

The FixMeStick is an external device with an entire system on the stick.

If your computer has viruses I promise this will wipe them out the first time you use

it. It will even speed up your PC. Computer security professionals and

government security agencies globally have been using this approach for years. With

FixMeStick literally anyone, that means you, can clean your PC instantly and affordably

with no invasion of your privacy. FixMeStick is rated excellent by

industry experts. Customers give us four and a half out of five stars.

I believe so strongly in FixMeStick I'll let you try it for $9.95 for 30 days if

you're willing to pay the shipping and handling, to prove that it works.

Do it yourself with FixMeStick. 30,000 people trust FixMeStick daily. You should too.

Order FixMeStick today. Clean your PC as many times as you want for 30 days.

Your computer will run faster, crash less, and be more secure.

Call now and we'll authorize your FixMeStick to

work on two more PCs. That's like getting three for the price of one.

See the power of this plug-in device work for you.

If you're not completely impressed and satisfied, send it back with no further obligation.

Keep it and we'll still let you use it on all three computers for a year.

Call and order your FixMeStick now. Don't hesitate call 1-800-490-9072. Order now.

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