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the no a folks it's David here with

that can where we only sell products made in the USA

and I'm to shoot in this quick video to go over some fire

are newer product that a lot of people are asking us

I'm about front yard landscaping ideas and

small front yard landscaping ideas

backyard landscaping that a bad thing and look at products we

we have that there can it fit in those niches night is when I go over them

quickly here I am first of

are are a dick or a say cracks

and knees are awesome because they're not only are they re

as a very realistic but we've got a bunch of different sizes and colors and

what's really cool about these

that their Howell so you can use these as just the

just a a fake landscaping rack you know if you wanna put it in your

your landscaping area around are in your yard or something like that

that works great otherwise there

they worked wonderfully for covering objects in your yard

utilities well septic back flows water palms utility boxes all that

things like that irrigation components these are sized to

to fit right over many of those utilities and as a seven got a bunch of

different sizes

and a bunch of different colors and these look incredible the

they're made a V a patented molding process

that Korea calls real rack and it actually infuses all the caller in

all the texturing little flakes of organic material it's all

infuse into the side wall so these racks and they really do look real

there it's pretty amazing what they've done here they all come with stakes they

have little

plant is at the bottom seeking stick them in so you don't have to worry about

the wind

alright and those are the dick or a fake racks

we also have these backflow enclosures these are actually lockable

and you can use these to cover your backflow device or

your irrigation component out in your yard I am

these are really nice because they've got a can event and nice

sheep to them ill at ease it is you know that are on the market

just square or rectangular fiberglass

boxes and I just ugly and these have a real nice

can ever organ damage sheep to them

and they blend in real nice to the natural surrounding

they're they're very victim that mean a fiberglass which is good because


phase in the Sun it gets brittle and its

you know it's just not a very long lasting product these army never

a polymer resonates very pic very durable

its super fade-resistant the Sun isn't going to

you know feed hollering it's not going to make it brindell

and they also have a a little lacking tabs and each and

and we have these available in different ESAs

E classes what that means is you can get them

you can get it as just the back you can get it as

the box with insulation or you can get it

with as the the box the insulation

and in a letter here so order depending on what kind of

backflow protection you need we've got you covered here we also saw all those

the dcor a artificial rocks with those same

set up we can get them with just the iraqi

get them with the rock in the insulation pouch or you can get them

with iraq the insulation pouch and in electric heat source as well

alright so those are the dick or a back flow and irrigation

protection enclosures and

next we have the garden boxes these are also made by the Cora

and these are really slick the they allow you to have

can have a miniature garden or you know

a vegetable garden or a flower bed anywhere

and what's really cool about these is there meat I love this scene

decor a patented reel rack molding process

that's used to make the the artificial rock mines

in this case it my name's can even an old fashion

hoskins stucco and this really looks nice is capped

color variation textures I mean it looks like

make an actual you know hang Creek

planter that's been actually stuccoed and it just looks amazing

and this is really a large this isn't a little

a little structure here's 16 inches high

62 inches long and 46 inches wide

so this is get size to it and it's got some real

some real nice room for plants and vegetables or whatever it is you wanna

grow on your deck patio

or wherever you want to to place

and it has a three different color variations as well

net is the model to 10

darden box planter I next we have

these out door window planners and these are by

a company called mean again they're made in the USA

and I we've got a bunch of different varieties these in these are nice

because they look alike

actual wooden make this landed wooden

by can have the old fashioned nantucket keypad lock

but to me it out love very durable resin that's highly UV resistant

and totally zero mean and so on Lakewood

we have mildew and shipping and all that you have to repaint it

and you know rats this with the

you don't get any in there he just simply they're they're very easy to


and then once they're up to you can just forget about it and they actually have

a really nice little feature with get its Canada

a dual layer so they've got a little irrigation channel

built into these so want you water them

it it retains a letter that water so you don't have to water these

is often and it also promotes

vertical work growth as well array and those are the

the window boxes planners the floor paint planners which you mount

I'm below your window and we also have these Dec brackets here seeking you

cease to mount

and and deck railings as well

next we have the flower

Pat garden planters that are used for patios and decks

these are also made by mean products in the USA

and a feature the the same tape

love dual layer irrigation channel built within which is really nice

as it reduces watering and again it promotes vertical

root growth and knees have

there they're available in a variety of different colors and they have the same

tape love

them look my name's the actual wood

the the wooden plan at work but again his army have a resin material seed

don't have to worry about rap mildew repainting

any there these are very nice we sell latter these

and they're just perfect for entryways patios decks

and anywhere front yard landscaping backyard landscaping that I putting


and a ton of love curb appeal 20 home

or you know even commercial settings

I we also have a bunch of different home and garden accents

we have Lancers ins bells and hooks

we have out work lacks two routers we have

various sign in wall decor the sundials

holes holders and weathervanes as well

and these are moseley's are made by Whitehall products and they're all made

in the USA

outstanding product line very high quality

RA I we have the discounted

personal I personalized house address plaques

and these are made by the Chora and main products:

and what's really slick about these for one

these address plaques these are made at a polymer there now metals their nap


was really nice about that is they've got them metal faced

taxed which is actually in grey

see have a real nice three-dimensional effect and it's a very rich dark black


and now this is painted so you don't have to worry about it chipping in


and it it really stands out from fiery can really read these

from from quite a distance and when you have the option of buying the plaques

stand alone we can put them in your entryway

your underneath your mailbox or or wherever you are you would want them

or you can have them mounted and a crack

sorry you have a a house address rack

which is really release licking we've got different sizes available

different colors the plaques are available in different sizes and colors

as well

and you can also have these mounted and

arm these the house address signs which are made by

mean products and actually they don't come mounted but you can order them


so they'll so then you just simply the mounting hardware is included

you just simply screw these to the house address sign

and these are our house the personalize house address plaques

again you made in USA and their their premium quality

and we also have the exterior furniture

these are made with cash and buy a company called perfect choice

they also make the birds choice line %uh bird feeders

and bird houses these urges

awesome quality they're made out of power leeward which is that

it's a highly compressed recycled plastic material

they've been making decking at this say tape material

mint material for quite some time I so strong they're actually making

variations of it for like railroad trestles

and things like that and the stuff is just bulletproof in its

very very UV resistant never have to pay knit

its the fasten the stuff together with

stainless steel fasteners in this is real its commercial quality

ultra heavy duty outdoor furniture you know this isn't the stuff you buy at

Walmart this

really really high quality stuff we sell allow this to

resorts and you know restaurants things like that they have outdoor seating


by for for residential applications if you want the very best and you're

looking for something that the wind isn't gonna flip around in

and is is ass licking the last a lifetime

this is the stuff to get and it's right here in our exterior

furniture and outdoor furniture section

we also have a street lamp late post these

slide right over the existing metal and pose to dress it up with a nice

forward look and again these are many that have

a resin material that's highly UV resistant these army damian products

in the USA and you can purchase these with

the aluminum pole or without the aluminum pole

and we also have the mailbox covers the decorative mailbox covers

another awesome product line me but I mean products

in the USA and the slide right over the four by four

and screw and get was good several different varieties here some have

newspaper holders under them some have

planners in back which is really slick design

again these really dress up your your front yard landscaping

and on a curb appeal very very easy to install as well

we have single and dual mailbox

covers for these different applications where

you have a kind or something are dual unit we have to meet to mailbox is right

next to each other we have those as well

and the next year the water features in here

we have this here's the decor a deck and patio waterfall

found pan it's a great quite times for smaller call a

and it's really cool because it has an actual everything's included in

has the same stucco finish

the full stucco finish as the the garden backs

data showed you earlier but this is a panda has a waterfall

and one corner and in the pomp and everything's included

and it it's really nice because the waterfall and a lot of a relation to the


so if we have fish you call a goldfish or whatever in here

there's a lot in I know aXIGEN generated in the water from this flowing water

and its really palms a lot of water through its 02

great for you DAC your patio in Indore

pan it's just perfect for that and it just looks beautiful with this

fo stucco finish it's available in three different colors

and this is super fasten easy literally just said it

fill it with water everything's included all the fittings and plug it into any

standard outlet

and you've got yourself a a wonderful water feature rate on your deck or patio

and these have become move very very popular with

been selling it honey these and like I said all-inclusive

everything's included you don't have to worry about

you know I'll along long set-up process or anything like that

its just simply said it feel that plug it and forget it

very very nice item and if you're looking for something smaller

we have these these deck and patio

found bubblers he's a really nice again they may have two cores patented real


molding process so the look like an actual

real stone fountain and

they got some size 2 a.m. the these and these little rinky dinks things

you by Alanna catalogs in the show up in you can

you know you can hold them in the palm of your hand and

these are nice because the twelve inches high 35 inches long 25 inches wide

so they really do make in a statement on your patio or deck

are in your garden and these are available in four different colors

and again all inclusive simply plug i mean any

any am outlet standard outlet and fill it with water

they've got a real nice generous sized water basin in the east to see you don't

have to worry about

feeling is tacitly his films for getting

and you have that in a soothing bubbling water sound she's

that's the cat dick or a fountain rack

r8 and that about wraps it up forearm

for a different items we have available for front yard landscaping ideas

again this is David iraq's fast

that can where we only sell products made in the USA

please swing by check this out you have any questions need sizing help anything

like that

I am we are you when other than we've added recently to iOS are

backyard birding section where we have bird feeders

all sorts a different USA made bird feeders

most this is boers choice I'll products

that are made in the USA and birdhouses we have a

bunch different bird houses beautiful decorative birdhouses

made in the USA and we have some bat houses as well

butterfly ladybug houses all popular live in

very very decorative yet meet at uva

high quality wood that is designed to last a long time

r8 and again racks fast-track am

we hope to see you soon at our site please stop in

and if you have any questions feel free to give us a holler

have a great day thanks a lot

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