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AUSTIN TEXAS---He's back!

Long John Hunter, the bordertown bluesman

whose wild and crazy onstage antics during

a decade of performing in Juarez made him

a Texas-sized legend, has released his first

studio recording in five years, "One Foot in Texas".

The legendary Long John Hunter, joined by

his blues brother Tom Hunter and backed by

the Double Trouble rhythm section, made his

overdue return to the recording studio one

to remember, delivering a dozen first-class

examples of veteran blues virtuosity.

Brother Tom, an excellent singer/guitarist

in his own right, provides some sibling rivalry

that elevates Long John's efforts while perfectly

recapturing their shared East Texas roots.

Longtime Hunter recording collaborator Mark

"Kaz" Kazanoff, leading the Texas Horns, adeptly

embellished the brothers' efforts on several

tunes and harp hero Gary Primich is featured

on another.

The songs are a democratic mix of enlightened

updates of early Long John classics, including

"Midnight Stroll" and "Hey Mrs. Jones", and

Tom's autobiographical tunes, such as the

energetic "One Foot in Texas" title track

and the downhome delight "Talkin' Country".

In addition, the brothers Hunter, relying

on nothing more than their guitars and memories,

dismiss the band for the extended bonus track

"Riffing and Reminiscing", a casual, and often

humorous eleven-minute exercise in blues story-telling.

"One Foot in Texas", recorded in Austin last

year, is more than the welcome return of Long

John Hunter and an international introduction

to Tom Hunter's talents: it's the first blues

classic of 2003.

The true-to-the-tradition feel, underscored

by the hard-earned musical integrity of the

Hunter brothers, and the excitement of its

inherent entertainment, expressed in sizzling

solos, soulful singing and blazing band backing,

lift "One Foot in Texas" to a level of blues

brilliance no fan can afford to miss.

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