Practice English Speaking&Listening with: RT Life - Drunk Kerry and Miles

Difficulty: 0

(Miles) ? Here we are, it's our first night in London ?

(Miles) ? We're in our hotel and we can't find our way to our room ?

*Kerry pushes a button* (Miles) Oh fuck! *Kerry & Miles laughing*

(Miles) That, um... they took down all the signs

(Miles) that direct you to the right room- what are you doing?

*Miles laughing quietly*

*Miles laughing*

(Miles) And, he's gone!

(Miles) Hold on, hold on it's gonna be like, it's gonna be like Alien Isolation.

*MIles laughing*

(Miles) Roll all the way down there.

(Miles) What did you drop? What did you lose?

(Miles) *whispering* Oh fuck yeah, fuck yeah!

(Miles) *laughing* Your phone is mine now, bitch!

(Miles) Where the fuck are we?

*Kerry groaning*

*Miles laughing*

(Miles) I don't know, do you not have it?

(Kerry) *laughing* Do you have it? (Miles) No!

*mumbling* (Kerry) Give me my phone back!

(Miles) You, you fuckin' lost your phone!

(Kerry) Where's my phone? (Miles) I dunno!

(Kerry)Is it... Is it in my pocket?

(Kerry) It's not in my pocket.

(Miles) Come on, let's go find your phone.

(Kerry) Alright, let's go find my phone.

(Miles) Wait, can I have my phone back?

(Kerry) No! (Miles) I want my phone back! (Kerry) No, this is my phone!

(Miles) You're the one that lost your phone, come on.

(Kerry) Shh!

*Intense music*

(Miles) Where the fuck did he go? Oh there! *laughing*

*Intense music*

(Miles) Oh shit! *intense music*

(Miles) Fuck, fuck!

*Intense music*

(Miles) Fuck! Go go go!

*Intense music*

(Mies) Shit! *laughing*

(Kerry) I may have ran into somebody's door *laughing*

(Kerry) Very loudly! *laughing*

(Kerry) Can I have my phone back? (Miles) Yeah...

(Kerry) Gimme my phone back. (Miles) How long have you known?

(Kerry) I knew the whole time.

(Kerry) That's fine. (Miles) Get on your knees! *laughing*

(Ryan) Hi, this is Ryan from Achievement Hunter

(Ryan) and this is Things To Do While Dying In a Small

(Ryan) Hole From Lack of Oxygen.

(Ryan) ...Yup.

(Ryan) Out there, you're the law!

(Ryan) Down here, I'm the law!

(Ryan) I'M THE LAW!

The Description of RT Life - Drunk Kerry and Miles