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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Reddit 50/50 CHALLENGE #4 (feat. MY MOM)

Difficulty: 0

(SMACK) Welcome to the 50/50 Challenge! With my mom! Hi mom. (Momiplier: Hi).

So we went through just because my mom was curious of what it was...

We've already done one of these things and was between a foot-binding and an Aussie puppy... and you, what did you see?

I saw cutest puppy. (Mark): Cutest puppy that's what this game is all about you just see cute stuff and you pick which one you want. Make sense?

Yes. Okay, so it's either dog vomiting or dogs hilarious face after eating a bee.

Of course I want to choose the second one.

You want to choose the second one. (Momiplier: Yeah!) Okay. All right.

Hey there there it is! (Momiplier Laughing)

I picked that for you, let's go cute dogs on an escalator or weird person with hammerhead shark face.

Alright so you want the first one? (Momiplier) Of course. Dog. Dog is my favorite.

What if I told you there's a subreddit for people that hate dogs...

So you want the cute dogs on an escalator? (Momiplier): Of course. (Mark): Of course, of course, of course

(Momiplier Laughing)

Oh my god!

All right, so I may have misled you. This game is not so much about

Picking what you want... It's about you'll randomly get one or the other on a 50/50 chance

Right? Yeah. That's real!

That's really yeah, that's real

That guy , that's real. Yeah he pulled his eyes right out of the sockets. A compilation of cute kittens or the station nightclub fire

(Momiplier): Oh, of course number one (Mark):You want number one?

(Momiplier): Of course!

Okay. Alright. Oh... It's the... It's the fire.

(Momiplier): Why are you putting fire?! I chose the other one on it.

(Mark)You didn't. You don't get to choose them, do you know what a 50/50 chance is?

(Momiplier): Which one is more?

(Mark laughing) (Mark): No-o-o-o

(Momiplier): I dont understand, I chose the other one

(Mark): You dont get to choose!

(Momiplier): Hmmmmm, oh I dont choose it?

(Mark: No!) Okay, where's the audio oh don't tell me the audio is not working


God bless


(Momiplier): It's a living hell (Mark): yeah, so it's not good. (Momiplier): No, its terrible. (Mark): Yeah, so this game isn't fun.

(Momiplier):Its not fun I'd Rather see a cute and fun. (Mark): That's-that's the risk. That's the risk. Alright man falls off motorcycle

Or man does cool vape bubble trick. You can also say pass. (Momiplier): B!

(Mark): Okay, B. You wan't B?. Alright. Let's hope for B

(Momiplier): Yeah, yeah!

I think I've seen this before

(Mark): You see this, I think I've done this one before

(Both): Wow

(Mark): Pretty cool, right? Let's do this one. Police dog give CPR or woman angry over lack of cheese (Momiplier): of course number one.(Mark) Yeah

(Mark): What about the angry women?

(Momiplier): I don't care

Some people get angry for little things like that

It's ridiculous

(Mark): Its ridiculous!

Cheese?? c'mon now (Momiplier): cheese, you save about 100 calorie go into your fat cell

(Mark): That's true. (Momiplier): You should say thank you for saving my diet today

(Mark): You should say thank you for saving 100 calorie from going into fat cells. (Momiplier): Yes, so I can eat cheesecake

Get all the cheesecake

(Mark): Get cheese cake after say thank you for saving 100 calorie but eat cheesecake after

(Momiplier): Yeah I say mmm

You negotiate problem not get angry

(Markimoo laughing)

Lets see the fun stuff

(Mark): It's not loading here I know what this video is. I-I know it's already gonna give you police dog

It's uh, like doing CPR. So I'm just gonna show you the video to make you happy

(Momiplier laughing)

(Momiplier): Adorable!

(More Momiplier laughter)

(Mark): Pretty cute right?

(Momiplier): It is absolutely adorable. Oh my goodnesss.

(Mark): Mom, I have something to tell you (Momiplier): What?

(Mark): I've been...

Protecting you because I have not been introducing not safe for work in results

But you're not playing the true game unless you have a risk of being scarred for life

(Momiplier): What does that mean?

(Markimoo Laughing)

(Momiplier): Dont I have a hard life yet? I thought I had through ups and down

Haha, oh come on.

What else can I have to go experience

Come on.

(Mark): Yeah y'know youre right youre right mom youre right

You're right when you're right you're right, okay but you got to play the true honest the true honest, um.

(Momiplier): Facts of life? (Mark): Yeah

Yeah, you gotta, oof

Oh no

(Momiplier): What? What? What? Why?

(Mark): I'm just reading this, oh no.

(Momiplier): What?

What are you doing? (Mark): I'm trying to protect you. (Momiplier): Why, is it so horrible? (Mark): Yeah

Do you not know how this works? So the most-most of the reddit 50/50's they are usually

something nice or cute or

Maybe like some naked girl or something and then it's vs

horrible death, maim, murders

Very bad a lot of life scarring things. (Momiplier): You know what?

I have lived my life

I'm ready to see some ugly stuff too

(Mark): Let me figure out some good stuff for you. (Momiplier): Uh, no, come on. (Mark): Okay, alright. (Momiplier): Show me the way

(Mark): All right. Okay, let's do trypophobia or adorable bird shakes hand.

(Momiplier): Of course, number B!

(Mark): And of course number B. Belle settle down ,settle down you're gonna have to see these things too okay

(Momiplier): Belle, let's watch!

Alright. (Momiplier): Oh my god.

(Horrified gasps)

(Mark): What is that? (Both): Eurgh

(Mark): What is that?! (Momiplier): What is that?

(Mark):What is that?? (Momiplier): Ooooooooo (Mark): What is that??!!

(Grossed out Momiplier)

(Momiplier): It's a monkey with, uh

(Mark): Ohh, it's got botflies

So botflies, they're these horrible things they basically- (Momiplier): they egg lay!

(Mark): They plant eggs in your skin and then the larva grows in your body. Yeah, no good. Yeah

You ready?

All right

(Momiplier): She's giving me CPR

(Mark): Mouse finds new friend or mouse eaten alive

(Momiplier): Oh, number one please.

I'm gonna just open one eye

(More grossed out noises and laughter)

(Mark): Oh no!

(Momiplier): Oh no...

(Mark): I'm sorry

(Momiplier): I need to wash my eyes after this

(Mark): Okay, we can stop at any time. (Momiplier): NO. No. no.

I'm okay.. (Mark): You're tough, you're tough!

One-we'll get a good one soon right? we'll get a good one soon

(Momiplier): Hope so, I hope so.

(Mark): Bunny eating raspberry- (Momiplier): Come on, you can go here

(Squeals of horror from Momiplier)

(Momiplier): Oh no!

(Mark): She's fine, she's fine she landed

(Momiplier): Oh my god, she landed.

She landed with a- my scratch on my face (Mark): Oh you okay?? (Momiplier): Is it red?

(Mark): No, not yet. (Momiplier): Oh, it's gonna be red.

It's gonna be red. (Mark): That's what video has come to (Momiplier): wheew

(Mark): This is the trouble that my own mother is going through for your entertainment. SMASH that like button

Because of what my mom is going through. (Momiplier): I'm doing this terrible. Oh,

this horrible experience

(Mark): *creepily* You better smash that like button

All right, bunny, eating raspberry or parasites bursting out of a praying mantis, right? Oh, we've gotten three bad ones in a row

(Momiplier): *hesitantly* ...What is that?

(Mark): Apparently, it's a praying mantis bursting thing

(Momiplier): What is that? *realization* Oh...

Its dying.... (Dramatic Mark Gasp)

Its dying, it wants to get out of the hell

What is that?! (Grossed out scream)

What was that!?

Ooo, no, no, no, no! (Mark): Eurgh!

It's like a worm


How'd that thing fit in that praying mantis


Alright.. let's move on, shall we

Woman experiencing horror VR grabs wrong end of dog for solace or dead animal getting

violently torn to shreds by piranhas leaving only the bones.

Ooohh (Both Gasp)

(Momiplier): What's that..?

(Mark): Oh, it's piranhas they're munching like an on- an old skull

(Momiplier): That's a fish?

(Mark): Yeah, have you seen piran-woah!

Okay, that's actually fascinating it's morbid but that's just nature that's nature. Nature does that

Piranhas are vicious!

You've gotten a disproportionate amount of bad ones. I'm actually surprised

Okay aftermath of man mauled by bear or my cat in a blanket... (Momiplier): B!

(Dramatic music)

(Sigh of relief)

(laughter) (Mark): That's nice right? That's nice!

This game fun? game fun? Oh no, you got a little scratch. (Momiplier): Now its going red, right? (Mark): Yes

Just a li'l, li'l bump, like

Okay, you're gonna have a vicious like villian scar but that was pretty cool right

that's totally worth almost seeing all the horrible things right a brazen alien or a bird narrowly escapes death?

A Brazilian alien. I don't know what...? (Momiplier): B. (Mark): I don't know what those mean..

(Rocking Dubstep plays in video)

(Momiplier): Ohhhh, he's handicapped. Oh.

It's not alien, he's just uh, disabled. (Mark): Dog comforts baby or person cuts open their own arm (Momiplier): Of course A!

I rather see A!

(Mark): I think we all know what we'd rather see... Man cutting his arm open.

(Momiplier): That looks like a Lucy! That's my Lucy! (Mark): Awwww...

Totally worth it, right?

(Momiplier): Yeah, that makes my heart warm

(Mark): That's cute that's cute and the other ones make your heart sad and broken

You want that one? (Momiplier): OHH, no no no! (Mark): Yeah, you want that one? Chinchilla eating a Dorito or man injects poop into his penis hole? (Momiplier): Oh no...why?

It's gonna get some serious STD (Mark) : Yeah, that's the worst (Momiplier)STD (Mark) That's the worst of his concern you wanna- you wanna try that one?

(Momiplier): No! No, no.

(Mark): We're gonna try that one! (Momiplier): Nooooo!!

(Mark): ....Chinchilla? (Both): Ayyyyy!!! (Both)*Laughing*

(Momiplier): That's too adorable!

(Mark): See that's the game you can't-you can't say no to everything

(Momiplier): I see, I see.

(Mark): Okay, let's just do let's do three more and that's it. Then we're done. Okay cute puppy versus a not so cute ankle

(Momiplier): A!

(Momiplier Gasp) (Mark): AUGHHH!?

(Momiplier): What happened?

(Mark): They broke it

(Momiplier): Remember one time, you broke your hand

(Mark): Yeah my-my arm looked like that. (Momiplier): Remind of you

(Mark): My arm was very much like that foot except right here. *points* (Momiplier): Yeah, when he was about nine or ten

You know, when he was about nine or ten he was playing the playground, He fell to the ground and his arm was broken, Completely right?

(Mark): Yeah

I set it-I set it (Momiplier): And then he set it! (Mark): I set it myself. (Momiplier): Himself. (Mark): Myself!

(Momiplier): And I went- when I came to you know, pick you up pick you guys up from playground

you said "Mom, I fell off the monkey bar and I broke my arm, but I set it!

Heh heh heh!!" That's what you said

(Mark): Did I? Did I?

(Momiplier): I said what in the world, you did it? "Well, I didn't want to hurt my face

So I just decided to put my hand down to protect my face" you say that. (Mark): My beautiful face

Anyway, let's click away from this ankle. (Momiplier): That's nice. (Mark): That's nice.

Cute baby laughing hysterically or a dead baby preserved in jar by mother?? (Momiplier): Oh my god.. (Mark):*Gasping*


Don't know about that... Warning!! (Mark): there's a warning, there's a warning... Oh no. (Momiplier): Oh no..

Oh no!

(Horrified noises)

Oh no! That's too much!

(Mark): That's so sad!! (Momiplier): I know but why..? (Mark:)I don't know why

What's wrong with her?

(Mark): I dont know?!

(Momiplier): Why in the world she traumatize [herself] every single day of her life by looking at that? That looks so..

Sad to the point she had to mourn every single of their life, you know life happens

Okay, that's it's part of life. You have to let it go

You have to let it go. Okay? And live for the best, you know what I mean? You have to let it go

(Mark): Mm-hmm

(Momiplier): Yeah, yes, mommypliers advice for today, okay. Mm-hmm

(Mark): Spider cat which I imagine is a cat in like a costume that's real cute or a fishhook in the eye

(Momiplier): *whispers* Oh god, I don't wanna see that...

(Mark): This will be the last one if it ends on a good note you'll end it and it'll be great. (Momiplier): Spider cat...

(Mark): Yeah, yeah!


(Mark): I'm sorry..!

(Momiplier): Lucy! Hi!

Ahh, HELP!

(Mark): Maybe-maybe we could end it on- because if we pick this one again then- you remember the cute dogs on escalator weird person

With hammerhead, if we pick it again, we might get the cute dogs. (Momiplier): Okay.. (Mark): Just try it again and-

(Both): Awwww, yay!! yay!

(Mark): Alright, we'll end it there cuz that's cute (Momiplier): That's better! (Mark): So thank you everybody so much for watching. Thank you mom for going through this

I'm sorry that I have to subject you to that but gosh darn it think of the views

Anyway, thank you everybody so much. You can check out my mom's YouTube channel

In the description below

(Momiplier): What youtube channel? I don't have a youtube channel??

It'll either be- it'll either be my mom's YouTube channel or a video of a cow being eaten by piranhas

(Momiplier): Oh-

Come on!

(Momiplier Laughing) (Mark): 50/50 shot. Okay, you can either hit the like button or ring the bell

50/50 shot (Momiplier): If you hit the like button, I'm gonna show you how to make a Korean dish which is-

Bulgogi. Maybe next time (Mark): probably gonna do it anyway, but

Smash that like button, you know how it is. (Momiplier): I'll make a very simple and healthy

Yeah, you won't take a lot more than maybe your time of 10 minutes five minutes to make this. (Mark): Just ten minutes

That's it so watch out for that? Let's make some bulgogi. All right...

Thank you everybody so much for watching check out the description for more videos that I've done with my mom

And as always, we'll see you

In the next video!

(Momiplier): And Merry Christmas! (Mark): Merry Christmas! Bye-Bye! Bye!

Mom and Mark both laughing there butt off

(Outro Music)

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