Practice English Speaking&Listening with: STILBLY

Difficulty: 0

Barbed wire. Like an umbilical cord it connects town to town, farm to farm, you to me

If I were to remain silent

If I were to muzzle my mouth

If I were to shutter my eyes

because you don't want to hear

Will all return to normal?

Will bad just dissipate?

Will moments not become reality?

If I'm not aloud to speak?

If I could carve your name

into the corners of my heart

If I could paint, in bright white letters:

my love

Will all return to normal?

Will nothing dissipate?

Will every moment have worth again,

if I'm allowed to speak?

I write your name in water

I scratch it out in sand

I etch it out with a yellow Bic pen

into the palm of your hand

I enfold you in silence

I enfold you in me

the furthest, deepest, most beloved place

It's just me and you...

and you...

me and you...

me and you

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