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Asks your regards.

How are you?

Nowadays, more than ever, I hope you and your daily life will be at peace.

I don't like to go out, but these days I stay home more than ever before.

Many people are anxious because they do not know when Corona 19 will disappear.

I'm very worried about depressive symptoms in our society.

When we are all calm and faithful to our daily lives,

I think we will hear good news soon.

I will do my best to keep myself and my family healthy.

It is very important that you keep your hygiene thoroughly and eat better.

Thinking positively and meditating also helps a lot.

The egg mayonnaise toast is good as it is simple and delicious.

I also eat nutrition to strengthen my immunity.

I also make smoothies with fresh vegetables and fruits.

I bought some new stainless steel kitchen utensils.

Measuring Cup, Skimmer, Cheese Greater and Mixing Ball

Stainless cookware should be cleaned of abrasive before use.

First, wipe the kitchen towel or cloth with oil and wipe off the abrasive.

Secondly, clean it with kitchen detergent.

Finally, the baking soda is boiled in water and rinsed to remove any remaining abrasive.

I boil barley tea every day and keep it warm.

I made sweet and sour radish salad to eat with grilled pork belly.

[Radish Salad Recipe Ratio] 1 cup vinegar, 3 cups water, 1 cup sugar, some red pepper powder, some salt

I used a mixture of sugar and sweeteners When using sweeteners, you should use small amounts. This recipe does not have strong acidity or sugar, so it is easy to eat.

The thickness is a little bold.

When it is aged for half a day at room temperature, it tastes better.

Be careful when using slicers.

I also make green onion salad.

Also make chopped garlic.

I grill the pork belly in a pan after setting the table.

I wish you all peace and health.

Thank you for being with me today!

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