Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures - A Staircase of Assault

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Miles: My little brother and I have a really good relationship. We're 4 years apart

but there was one time, we were standing at the top of the stairs, when he called me something

I don't know what it was (Gavin: How dare he) and at that point I was like


and I just shoved him down the stairs and he fell all the way down

He starts crying, I can hear my parents dropping things in the kitchen and coming, and I'm like

Oh no. I'm going to get in trouble for pushing my brother down the stairs.

However, I won't get in trouble if we're both injured. So I threw myself down the stairs

and then pretended to be really hurt and I was like " Oh, oh, no, momma, dada, we're both injured

there was no quarrel whatsoever we were having a great time and this accident happened now we're both

equally in pain, noooo." It didn't work he told them.

Gus: If you weren't an idiot you would've run down to the bottom of the stairs on your own, then rolled

around pretending like you were hurt. Miles: But, I'm an idiot.

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