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Hello everyone!

Here is the 9th episode of my vlog.

At that time I was studying in a famous university in Seoul.

So today I will tell you about the Korean

Culture Class.

We had 2 options: or choose

to go to a theatre

(therefore to see

some kind of opera)

or to go to an amusement park.

Guess what we chose! ;D

Yes, I will tell you about Everland!

which is not exactly in Seoul,

but immediately outside.

As you can see, this with the panda is the ticket.

When I went there, I paid the price ticket

as a school group. So it was

about 20 euro. Actually the normal price

for individual persons

was around 40 euro.

I went here in 2 different times :

in winter

( I think it was January or February) with the school,

and then I went there in the summer, in August.

So you will see mixed photos.

For going around, you can walk or,

like we did,

you can take the Sky Cruise, which is


for my joy

because the view was beautiful and because I liked to ride them.

Actually you can see how glas I was :)

( my best friend in the background :P).

Once you get off of your gondola,

you have to pass through this souvenirs shop

for going outside.

And here they are! My LED shoes!! XD

Should have I gone to an amusement park

not wearing my shiny shoes??

Absolutely not!! XD By the way,

the buttons pressed against the bone in my feet

so they kept changing colors and speed by themselves XD

crazy shoes XD!! But

some of the guys in an attraction (that you will see later

*Peter Pan) really liked them!

I must say that we haven't stopped at all

in this nice winter garden,

But in August

I stopped there ( and you will see that later).

Some attractions were closed, like

for example the T-Express

and this ferris wheel, which was closed

in August too. Then

I read that it would be replaced by a 4D


While I can't ride

roller coasters

because of some problems of mine, my Chinese

friend was simply afraid...

of course

the key stop is the carousel

with horses! :D

Of course.

Right before lunch time I dragged them

to a Chinese restaurant where I obviously

had my fave dish

in Chinese restaurants in Korea :

jjajjangmyeon. It was a cafeteria. So

you enter, they give you your empty tray,

you take a drink, also on taps,

there are plated side dishes,

you take them and

then you arrive at the cook

that takes your order

(so, your main course)

and puts it in you plate. You go to the cashier, and there are

other side dishes, depending on what you had

as your main dish. You pay and sit.

Honestly I have no memory of this Mystery Mansion,

so probably we didn't go XD.

As well as the gondola. there was the chairlift.

As far as you go downhill, you can do it...

but when you go uphill a little help is better ;P.

As this T-express

was closed, to the big disappointment of my best friend

who I don't know how she could have faced

that noisedive fall

that you can clearly see...

she fell back to Rolling X-train...

I and our Chinese friend

stayed "on land" XD

to look at her.

Then we passed to Zootropia where there were

several areas. There animals

of course. And obviously

all of us absolutely wanted to see pandas.

They were too much cute!! <3

Btw, when all of us gathered

at the bus for leaving

for Seoul,

one of my class-mates came up saying

that he didn't know that the red panda existed...

He didn't know that that animal

that animal that was portrayed in

the animation movie

actually was a REAL animal!

I was looking at him

totally shocked XD.

In August I did the Zootropia

areas again, and

Idk maybe we arrived right

at sleep time :D, so all the animals

were sleeping. The panda was "dead" on the tree

hanging down...tigers

kept yawning...

And here are the desert foxes and their huge ears :D!

Too cute!!

In Zootropia area there are 2 differfent


In winter I went with my two friends

on this bus that turned into

a boat, so we went into the river.

I suggest u to sit pretty much in the middle, not in the back,

and on the left side because you can

see more animals like that.

My friends wanted to go to this seal


I don't like to see

animal shows very much because I'd rather

leave them alone doing their own

business... (* but it was a nice show anyway)

As u can see, this is the European

area obviously.

In winter there was snow, so we could

have taken advantage of that.

They gave us (inflated) donuts, they checked

they type of shoes we had on...

Idk why but my shiny shoes were fine XD,

my best friend had flat boots on

but they had her take them off and

put snowboots they gave her...

We went uphill on a tapis roulant and

we launched ourselves :D.

I really liked it :). I've always had fun since I was a child

sliding down on the snow :).

Rotating House. Fantastic. First of all

you queue up

in a dark room

listening to music

like Harry Potter movies

(*but spooky), and these spooky


The Chinese girl was afraid

and she gave up before

getting to the real game's door.

Honestly I got a bit worried

when I stopped in front of

all the contraindications,

and I thought "Omg, what's this stuff?!" because

I had no clue at all of

what it was. So I was worried...

It is a small room where

they reproduced a church with all

the beautiful gothic colored windows,

and there are two benches on one side,

two benches on the other side and

a hallway in the middle

for the staff.

Yes, the benches move

up and down, but

actually it is the room that moves

at 360 degrees.

But it seems that it is YOU to rotate at 360 degrees!

So when we got out of there, we weren't very balanced! XD

But it was fun!

Here are the pictures that I took in August,

when I enjoyed

the garden and I discovered

a beautiful little house where I

would have stopped for living, I swear!

Too much beautiful.

In the summer the whole

"Water area" is open.

There is also

a Flume Ride

as you can see.. I tried.

The first fall from the back went well, but I don't know how

steep it was. At the second fall

I felt as if my face was about exploding....

So no second time for me!

As you can see, there is also a hologram cinema.

When I went there in winter there was GD show,

but I already saw it at K-Live (I will tell you about it

in a future episode). When I went there

in August I honestly can't remember

exactly what they played.

It was animation movies for children though, so I didn't go.

I had a lunch here out of curiosity :

the Venezia Pizza.

I missed Italian food a little :P...

It wasn't bad at all.

I must say that it was good.

I hope that you have found the information of this episode


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